Thurman wins a big match

Updated: March 8, 2015

Prize fighting came back on NBC primetime with two major fights.  The first fight featured Adrien Broner fighting John Molina as Broner needed a statement victory against a tough brawler in Molina.  The first round was a feeling out round as both men exhibited caution, and throughout the second round, Broner landed his jab but did not follow up with combination until near the end of the round while he avoided a big right hand from Molina.   With thirty seconds left in the third round, Molina landed a big right for his first effective punch of the fight.   Molina followed up with two wild rights but they missed and Broner countered with a quick right.    Broner jab took control of the fourth round as Molina hesitated to throw those big rights that proved effective in the previous round.

Molina connected a big left hook that forced Broner to retreat with a minute left in the fifth round and ended the round with big combination.  Throughout the sixth and seventh round, Broner used his speed to launch his combinations as Molina went back to being hesitant in throwing punches.

Broner continued throughout the eighth and ninth round landing combinations starting with the jab before hooking and landing the right to complete the combination. Even though Broner dominated most of the tenth round but Molina landed a big right with thirty seconds left but Broner landed the more effective punches.

Going into the eleventh round, Molina needed a knock out but Broner used his speed to throw combinations as Molina simply could not get off any punches and at the start of the twelfth round, Molina threw one big haymaker but it missed whereas Broner simply boxed and maneuver away from the charging Molina while landing solid combinations.   Broner won the fight easily but never really had Molina in trouble but then Molina never threw enough punches to make much of challenge.  Broner connected four times as many punches and the decision accurately reflected what happened.

Keith Thurman Robert Guerrero 465554772 copy

The second bout featured Keith Thurman facing the tough Robert Guerrero for Thurman’s WBA belt. Over the first three minutes, Thurman landed effective right hands, in particular over the last minute whereas Guerrero landed a few counters but the first round belong to Thurman.  Over the first half of the second round, Guerrero managed to counter Thurman but the second half of the round, it was Thurman who landed a powerful right to the body followed by a right to the head that staggered Guerrero briefly.  Halfway through the third round, Guerrero landed a solid left and followed up with his combination and replays showed that an accidental head butt caused a sizable bump left side of Thurman’s head.  Thurman did manage a solid right going down the stretch of the third round.

With thirty seconds left in the fourth round, Thurman walked into a Guerrero left but he immediately nailed Guerrero with a right hand followed by a tough combinations that shook Guerrero.  While Thurman tried to walk Guerrero down in the opening rounds, Thurman changed his strategy in the fifth round as he boxed and maneuver Guerrero into position for his power shots. Thurman moved in and landed combinations before moving out. Guerrero tried to push the action but he had trouble with Thurman’s speed.

Over the last thirty second of sixth round, Thurman speed and elusiveness landed several big punches that forced Guerrero to retreat.  Thurman went southpaw halfway through the seventh round but he was hardly effective so he went back to orthodox while using the ring to outbox Guerrero.

Thurman boxing style had Guerrero confuse and just as Molina seemed hesitant to move in on Broner, Guerrero seemed hesitant to move inside Thurman, whose hard punches discouraged Guerrero.

Thurman sent Guerrero down with thirty seconds left in the ninth round with a big right hand that open a cut over Guerrero’s left eye. Thurman tried to finish Guerrero off in the corner and landed two big right hands but Guerrero survived.

Guerrero played warrior as he attempted to land some big shots and halfway through the tenth round, Guerrero forced Thurman to the rope as both men exchanged sharp punches. Guerrero smothered Thurman shots but as the time ran out in the round, Thurman landed two big punches.

Guerrero continued to move forward against Thurman at the start of the eleventh as Thurman boxed away Guerrero power and countered.  Thurman used his feet to take a break from a tough tenth round.  Thurman looked fatigue for the first time in the bout over the second half of the eleventh round.

Guerrero came out of the twelfth round strong as he landed some big shots to force Thurman to rope.  Thurman attempted to move out of harms’ way but the fast feet and hands Thurman showed in previous rounds seemed gone.   The final seconds saw Guerrero trapping Thurman on the rope but he could not finish Thurman.  This was a good fight as Thurman defeated a game Robert Guerrero by wide margins on the scorecard but Guerrero showed toughness after going down in the tenth.

This evening showed Broner won by a wide margin but somehow it was one of the least impressive wide margin victory whereas Thurman showed that he is indeed one of the best Welterweight and nearly stopped Guerrero who never been stopped before.

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