Thunder End Celtics 5 Game Win Streak After Winning (122-118)

Updated: March 19, 2015

The Boston Celtics came into Oklahoma City red hot on a 5 game winning streak. The Thunder knew that coming in and also knew that they had an advantage in the paint. Losing Serge Ibaka for 4-6 weeks is going to be a big hit to their front court but it also makes Presti look very smart for going after Kanter. Coming into the game the headlines were Marcus Smart returning to Oklahoma for the first time since attending OSU and Russell Westbrook’s amazing historical run. Marcus Smart and the Celtics kept the game as close as they could, fighting on every possession. Marcus Smart scored 25 points and was able to hit 7 3 pointers against the Thunder.

Westbrook had also showed up in the showdown as he had 36 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds against the C’s. Multiple players from the Boston Celtics admitted they couldn’t stop the big men of the Thunder. OKC was bullying the Celtics in the rebound department as the Thunder grabbed 46 rebounds to add to their average of leading the NBA.


Anthony Morrow has become Russ’s go to man and it seems that he is very comfortable with him now in pressure moments. Every time that Westbrook gets double teamed it seems as he goes to Morrow to bail him out. Morrow had 20 points tonight against the Celtics and has been in a very good groove as of late from the field. Morrow brings that toughness and passion to the team that they lacked once Perkins was shipped out of town. Morrow is finding his stride at the right time and he will be a huge weapon to use going down the stretch in the race for the playoffs.

Avery Bradley did a great job of defending Russell Westbrook in the first half as he held him to 11 points. The second half was another story as Westbrook was being super aggressive going to the basket as he had a game high 22 free throw attempts.

Westbrook has been on another level as of late and is still trying to make his bid for MVP of the NBA.  In Russell Westbrook’s last 10 games he is averaging 35 points, 10 assists and 11 rebounds per game and is making an valid case for MVP. The Thunder will have a huge test as they have the Atlanta Hawks coming into town on Friday. The Thunder had some bad news in the game against the Celtics as Kanter was shaken up and had his wrist and ankle X-Rayed. Both were negative and he said that he will receive treatment for it and see if he can go for the game on Friday.

Atlanta will be without their sharpshooter Kyle Korver as he broke his nose the other night so the Thunder will just have to try and maintain against the Spurs of the Eastern Conference. Westbrook vs Teague will be a very exciting matchup to look forward to on Friday as the Thunder try to keep ahead of the Pelicans in that 8th spot.

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