It’s The Russell and Enes Show As Thunder Beat T-Wolves (113-99)

Updated: March 14, 2015

Coming into Fridays game the Thunder were in 9th place in the West after falling to the Clippers 120-108 in front of the home crowd on Wednesday. The Thunder bounced back in a way that they only can do as they had Kanter and Westbrook balling out of control. The Timberwolves were short handed as Kevin Garnett and Nikola Pekovic didn’t play but they still had Wiggins and LaVine. The Thunder were clicking on all cylinders and even made some changes to their lineup as they started Waiters and McGary as Serge Ibaka was resting his sore knee. Mitch McGary had made his start and shot 6/8 from the field and brought that energy to the team that they lack sometimes. McGary brings that energy on every play and is always there for his teammates when they make big plays. McGary’s length helped them in the paint today as he complemented Enes Kanter who had a monster game. Kanter had 23 points and 15 rebounds as there was nothing that the bigs from Minnesota could do to stop that beast. The way that Kanter plays off Russell Westbrook in the pick and roll game is improving by the game. Kanter has that low post offense that the Thunder have lacked in the post season and he brings a mean hook shot with him and also a back down game that will put your big man out of bounds. Kanter had a coast to coast play where he was running the point and traveled across the court to get to the rim which he was even surprised by.

Russell Westbrook has been on a level that no one in the NBA has been able to reach or stop. Westbrook grabbed his 8th triple double of the season with 29 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds. When will he get his credit and when will he be able to get the national shine he deserves. The things that Westbrook has been able to do is very special and he was attacking the T-Wolves all night as they tried to put LaVine and Rubio on him which didn’t work at all. Westbrook was able to hit anything he put up and was able to go to the basket when he wanted too while he was able to dish to teammates.

Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins combined for 28 points and were trying to find a way to get things going against the Thunder but it didn’t work as planned. The one thing that the T-Wolves had going was Gorgui Dieng as he was able to score 21 points and grab 14 rebounds. Dieng seemed like the only T-Wolve in the paint that had came to play and was contesting everything but not even he was able to stop Russell Westbrook in the paint on drives.

The Thunder will face the Bulls on Sunday at 12 as the Bulls are banged up badly. The Bulls are without Rose,Butler, and Gibson and will try to find a way to stop Westbrook if they can as he has been the clear MVP as of late.

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