Westbrook’s Triple Double Leads OKC Past Pacers (105-92)

Updated: February 25, 2015

The Thunder are on a 7 game winning streak and they are clicking on all cylinders. With the trade coming in I would of thought they would of slipped up somewhere trying to work the new players in the rotation but that hasn’t been the case. The new players have fit right in with the Thunder squad and have been able to gel with the other players like they played together for years. Its about time that the NBA and people respect what we are seeing from Russell Westbrook. Russell has been killing the court every time he has stepped out there and has put his team on his back. Russell put on a show tonight against the Pacers having a triple double in 3 quarters. Westbrook had 20 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists and he has put the team on his back with KD out with his injury. I talked to Anthony Morrow after the game about Westbrook check out what he said.

Russell Westbrook made light of his triple double but he also let it be known that it was because of his team. Westbrook is doing everything in his power to be the leader and talked about it to the media.

CJ Miles and Rodney Stuckey commented on hwo to actually stop Russell Westbrook and they also talked about what they messed up on tonight. Both Rodney and Miles are having really good years and have been the offense that the Pacers can lean on. The Pacers haven’t got blown out in a long time and it seemed that they had no answer to the Russell Westbrook show tonight.

Dion Waiters, Perry Jones III, and Mitch McGary talked about the energy of the team and how the team chemistry has been as of late. When talking to Dion Waiters he stated that its always good to play for a team where the stars don’t mind getting in on the action with cheering on the bench. Seems like all these guys on the bench have bought into their roles. Dion Waiters and McGary have been huge off the bench since the trade deadline and have been at the right place at the right time. Mitch has been the energy boost that the players haven’t seen in years from a big man and he brings hustle and heart. Dion Waiters can be that third scorer that they miss since James Harden and with Reggie Jackson leaving he has a chance to be apart of a championship team.

The Thunder will try to keep the streak going as they play the Suns on Thursday. Russell Westbrook is going to have to be that leader and keep it going in order for the Thunder to keep this up.


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