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Roger Goodell Is The New Uncle Bud (Selig)

Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter


OAKLAND,CA.-BASN The Sheriff Roger Goodell rode into town on his big black stallion, waving his powerful sword carrying the red, white, and blue National Football League shield.  IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!

Hope you remember the old spaghetti (Italian) western movies of the late 1970’s with Clint Eastwood. “THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY”.  The following articles will proceed in reverse THE UGLY, THE BAD, and last THE GOOD.

Mr. Roger Goodell may have taken classes from the former Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, doing little as possible to placate the owners. Many have questioned the commissioner’s decisions the past nine years and the League might have to pay for those administrative decisions.



 The Sheriff laid down the law in April 2007, the first year in office with the new Personal Conduct Policies. The law and order commissioner’s first player hit under the new policy was Tennessee Titian, corner, Adam “Pacman” Jones as he “made it rain” tossing money at strip girls in a Las Vegas after the 2007 NBA All Star Game.

The second, Terry “Tank” Johnson suspended for alleged weapons possession and vehicular speeding two months later.

Then came the big one that football fans took notice of the change in the league and how Mr. Goodell handed out justice. Michael Vick quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons suspension created a firestorm because the Commissioner suspended Vick without one piece of evidence. The question was not whether Vick was guilty or not. It was the new NFL policy and how it was enforced individuals questioned.

African Americans bore the brunt of this new policy, guilty or not.

When a Caucasian player committed an alleged crime Goodell and the NFL officials took their time and weighed all the evidence but when an African American committed the same alleged crime the suspension was immediate and stern. Guilty until proven innocent.

The punishment for African Americans, was severe while for white players it was a slap on the wrist.  What bothered many players was that the current commissioner was judge, jury, and executioner.

This man dispensed discipline willy-nilly with no prior criteria. All Pro defenseman Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu made it clear that Goodell had too much power and control over the disciple polices and it needed to be changed.


On September 13, 2007, Goodell disciplined the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick after New England attempted to videotape the defensive signals of the New York Jets on September 9. Belichick was fined the league maximum of $500,000 and the team itself was fined US$250,000 and the loss of their first round 2008 draft pick. Goodell came down hard on the Patriots because he felt Belichick’s authority over football operations (Belichick is effectively the Patriots’ general manager as well as head coach) was such that his decisions were “properly attributed” to the Patriots as well. Goodell said he considered suspending Belichick, but decided against it because he felt fining them and stripping them of a draft pick were “more effective” than a suspension.

This was the commissioner’s first major mistake because the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick would break the rules again nine years later.

Roger Goodell dragged his feet for the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Ron Irsay. Mr. Irsay was detained by the police for alleged DUI in Carmel, Ind. They found prescription drugs and a suitcase full of money in his automobile. It took the League and The Commissioner nine months to take any action.

This has been the Modest Operandi for this commissioner when it comes to the reprimands and suspensions of Caucasian personnel in the National Football League.

The only exception was when

The Commissioners finally laid down the law with the New Orleans Saints Bounty Gate Scandal. He should be commended because it was the first time the office stood its ground, not because of the infraction but because the Saints administration did not tell the league office the truth.colston_saints

 In New Orleans in 2012 the SHERIFF threw the book at the Saints at Head Coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  On March 21, 2012, Williams was suspended from the NFL as a result of his (admitted) involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Bounties were paid for causing injuries that would take targeted players on opponent teams out of games.


Williams was suspended indefinitely because he was messing with the product. Williams directed Saints players to hurt stars in the league and that cannot happen. Goodell threw down the hammer. It was the only time Goodell handed out lengthy suspensions to Caucasian members of the National Football League.


The Commissioner was particularly angered that those involved in the program lied about it during two separate league investigations of the program.

Riley Cooper, Damaris Johnson

Two years ago Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Riley “I will fight every N***** here” Cooper stated these words. He was trying to go backstage at a concert in Philadelphia. A Black security guard would not let him pass. The Philadelphia Eagles fined and suspended him for one game but the league did nothing.

 The League had instituted a language policy a few months earlier which was a 15 yard penalty for using the N-word.

While the League uses one of the most despicable and racist words in America when it pertains to the Washington Football Club. The Language penalty was resented.

The Sheriff never showed up.

Next Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s and Green Bay Packer Britt Favre’s alleged sexual misconduct were never addressed and both quarterbacks received light sentences. Both players were given passes while the investigations continued. Both players never received the wrath or venom that African American players received when breaking the same laws.

The racial games continued with Jacksonville wide receiver Jaguar Matt Jones On July 10, 2008 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jones was arrested at gunpoint and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

Jones and one other former Arkansas football player, Jared Hicks, were inside a vehicle that was searched by police. The police found a plastic bag filled with six grams of a white substance that tested positive as cocaine and a jar with possible marijuana residue. Officers questioned Jones and he acknowledged the white powder was in fact cocaine, the report said.

Matt’s father made a statement that Matt was not in possession of any drugs but was in the vehicle that had the drugs.

Matt Jones did not spend a day in jail.

The NFL suspended Jones for three weeks for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He was in the lineup for Week 8, pending an appeal. On December 9, 2008, the NFL upheld Jones’ three-game suspension which caused him to miss the rest of the season.

Jones played three more games while the league investigated the charges. The Double Standard raised its ugly head.

Next The Commissioner wanted to stop players leading tackles with their helmets but here again he picked and chose which player would be fined.  Goodell released a memo to every team in the league stating that, “It is clear to me that further action is required to emphasize the importance of teaching safe and controlled techniques and of playing within the rules”.

Mr. Goodell forgot one thing, RACE.  It seems that All Pro middle linebacker of the Green Bay Packers, Clay Matthews can tackle anybody in anyway. Early this season Matthews hit San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick out of bounds with a flying tackle. Matthew’s elbow hit the chin of Kaepernick causing a slight concussion. Matthews led with his helmet something The Commissioner had stressed players not to do before the season started. NO FLAG, NO DISCIPLINE.

Matthews committed the infraction again in the NFL playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson threw an interception in the second quarter and Matthews went head hunting when the Packers received the ball. When Matthews launched himself through the air to tackle Wilson, he missed!!!! AGAIN, Matthews led with his helmet. He missed because Number 3 with his baseball skills sled under Matthews avoiding a certain concussion. AGAIN NO FLAG, NO DISCIPLINE.baltimore_ravens.jpg

The breaking point for African American football fans happened was  the way the league handled or mishandled the Ray Rice- Baltimore Raven running back and Adrian Peterson-Minnesota Viking running back, abuse cases. The Commissioner threw the book at both of them but not before a second bite at the judicial apple.adrianpeterson2.jpg

The League and Goodell ignored the abuse problem until they were put on Front Street by TMZ, The Television Magazine show. Four teams had multiple cases of spousal abuse this year and the league did not say a word, the game happened to be more important than female lives.

Special thanks to Football Zebras, Wikipedia, BASN Files

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