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Roger Goodell Is The New Uncle Bud (Selig)

Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter


(OAKLAND,CA)-BASN The Sheriff Roger Goodell rode into town on his big black stallion, waving his powerful sword carrying the red, white, and blue National Football League shield.  IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!

Hope you remember the old spaghetti (Italian) western movies of the late 1970’s with Clint Eastwood. “THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY”.  The following articles will proceed in reverse THE UGLY, THE BAD, and last THE GOOD.

Mr. Roger Goodell may have taken classes from the former Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, doing little as possible to placate the owners. Many have questioned the commissioner’s decisions the past nine years and the League might have to pay for those administrative decisions.

The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 on one of the most usual plays of the 2015 Super Bowl. The question the football fans need to ask, is should the New England Patriots been on the field? Also the next question, how can the commissioner of the league allow cheaters to win?

The 2014-15 Super Bowl, The American Football Conference, and  The Deflate Gate Playoffs will haunt this commissioner because football fans felt Mr. Goodell did not do enough to punish the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

This man’s motto was to protect THE SHIELD. This motto rings hollow. That was Roger Goodell’s stance when he entered the office of commissioner nine years ago.

The only difference between the two commissioners, one wants to be the Sheriff while the other commissioner just wanted to be with the good old boys and hang out in the bleachers.

Mr. Goodell moved into the office after Paul Taglibue retired on August 8, 2006. The National Football League has never been the same. It took five rounds of voting after a very contentious owners meeting in 2006 with the Oakland Raiders abstaining. (Al Davis being Al Davis AGAIN).

The National Football League may be following the path of Major League Baseball. MLB was America’s past-time and it stayed that way until 1986. The steroid area brought this great game to its knees. MLB has fallen into fourth place in the major sports behind the National Hockey League.

The National Football League may be following MLB’s footsteps demonization African American players. This could be the roadmap to disaster because there are more African American football fans than baseball fans.

THE GOOD-nflpa.jpg

The Commissioner gets brownie points for his work on the 2011 lockout. Prior to the start of the 2011 NFL season, Goodell worked with NFL owners and the (NFLPA) National Football League Players Association on settling the NFL lockout which ran from March 11 to August 5. During the lockout, at the request of some NFL teams, he held conference calls with season ticket holders where he discussed the collective bargaining agreement and conducted question-and-answer sessions on various NFL topics.

His actions taken with the New Orleans Saints Bounty gate scandal should be commended

 In New Orleans in 2012 the SHERIFF threw the book at the Saints Head Coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  On March 21, 2012, Williams was suspended from the NFL as a result of his (admitted) involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Bounties were paid for causing injuries that would take targeted players on opponent teams out of games.


Williams was suspended indefinitely because he was messing with the product. Williams directed Saints players to hurt stars in the league and that cannot happen. Goodell threw down the hammer. It was the only time Goodell handed out lengthy suspensions to Caucasian members of the National Football League.


The Commissioner was particularly angered that those involved in the program lied about it during two separate league investigations of the program.



The League has finally addressed the issues of concussions. The League and Goodell might adopt the new helmet made by Riddell in the next season.

These are a few examples how the NFL could change the culture of concussions

  •  better enforcement of rules against helmet-to-helmet contact (such as the new rule passed just this week by the NFHS banning “targeting” and hits on “defenseless players”);
  • encouraging players to strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles so as to better withstand the rotational forces that are primarily responsible for concussions;
  • taking common sense steps to reduce the number of sub-concussive hits players sustain;
  • doing more to educate players, coaches, and parents about the signs and symptoms of concussion and the dangers posed by continuing to play with symptoms;
  • working to overcome the “culture of resistance” to reporting concussions by creating a safe reporting environment;
  • ensuring that athletic trainers are on the sideline at every game and practice to identify potentially concussed athletes as quickly as possible and removing them from play for a sideline assessment and barring their return if concussion is suspected;
  • more conservative management of concussion (including a period of near-strict cognitive and physical rest in the first few days after concussion); by
  • gradually returning concussed athletes to the classroom and to sports; and
  • recommending retirement when the risks of long-term injury outweigh the benefits of continued participation.

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The company announced the release of a new football helmet called SpeedFlex. It is the latest advancement to follow major helmet releases by Riddell in the last decade – including the Revolution Speed (2008), and Riddell 360 (2012) – and is designed to reduce the impact of head-to-head collisions so dangerous in America’s favorite sport.

The ball is in Roger Goodell’s court. The Retired Players Union won a lawsuit on the grounds that concussion syndrome causes disabilities, mental problems, and early death.


With each passing year mothers are directing their young boys to play the game of futbol (soccer).


The NFL has to come to terms with these hard facts.


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