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Roger Goodell Is The New Uncle Bud (Selig)2013 NFL Draft


Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND,CA.-BASN The Sheriff Roger Goodell rode into town on his big black stallion, waving his powerful sword carrying the red, white, and blue National Football League shield.  IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!

Hope you remember the old spaghetti (Italian) western movies of the late 1970’s with Clint Eastwood. “THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY”.  The following articles will proceed in reverse THE UGLY, THE BAD, and last THE GOOD.

Mr. Roger Goodell may have taken classes from the former Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, doing as little as possible to placate the owners. Many have questioned the commissioner’s decisions the past nine years and the League might have to pay for those administrative decisions.


 2012 The Referee Lockoutnfl

By June 2012, the league and the NFL Referees Association had not yet come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement, thus failing to resolve a labor dispute. Accordingly, the NFL locked out the regular NFL game officials, and opened the 2012 season with replacement referees.

The replacement officials consisted of low-level college and high school officials. None were Division I college referees at the time since the league wanted to protect them from union backlash and let them continue working their scheduled games during the concurrent college football season.  In addition, many of the top Division I conferences barred their officials from becoming replacements anyway because they employed current and former NFL referees as officiating supervisors.

Despite Goodell stating during the preseason that he believed that the replacement officials will “do a credible job”, the inexperience of the replacement referees generated criticism by writers and players. Referencing Goodell’s aforementioned other actions as commissioner, the NFLPA issued a letter after Week 2 to the owners to end the dispute.

It did not end until the Monday Night Game in Green Bay when the Packers played the Seattle Seahawks. The game ended on a Russell Wilson Hail Mary pass to the end-zone to wide receiver Golden Tate. A funny thing happened at the end of this play. Tate and Green Bay defensemen Jennings fell to the ground with the ball in both players’ arms.

By rule simultaneous possession goes to the receiver. However, if the defense first secures control of the ball, the offense cannot get simultaneous possession merely by jointly possessing the ball; the offense must then fully secure it in its own right before getting a catch ruling.

It happened so quickly the part-time officials did not see it; one signaled a touchdown the other an incomplete pass. The play was reviewed upstairs with the replay official ruling a Seattle Seahawk touchdown.300px-2012_Packers_Seahawks_Final_Play

What they don’t tell you is that the betting line was affected on that play. The Packers were 3 1/2 point favorites, and would have covered the spread if it was ruled an interception. All hell broke loose in Las Vegas as millions swung the other way. We are talking 50 million dollars.

This had to end quickly.

  Commissioner Roger Goodell and his second-in-command Ray Anderson made the fatal assumption that the veteran officials were just replaceable cogs in the machinery of the NFL. Anderson admitted that the quality of the officiating would be less than the locked out officials, but it wouldn’t be much of a difference. It was rationalized that the union officials make mistakes, too.

The only thing that was decisive on this play was the league’s determination to settle the collective bargaining agreement before another game was played. Within two days a deal was reached, returning the officials to the field in less than a day.


Gambling will always be part of the NFL but there is a dark side to this and The Commissioner better keep control of it or we could be seeing more strange events on the field.


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