N.F.L. No Fan League

Updated: February 4, 2015

N. F. L. – No Fan League

Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND,CA.-BASN I’m no longer a fan of the National Football League. It was a 50 year journey  it may have come to an abrupt end this past weekend especially with the final moment of Super Bowl 49. It ended with the New England Patriots beating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. It ended with one of the strangest calls in Super Bowl History. It came at a time when the league did not enforce its own league rules. Until they clean up or fix the following problems, this fan will not root for any team, spend time watching games or spend money on the National Football League products…This reporter will continue to do his job and report on games and players for the Black Athletes Sports Network.2007_09_24_CHEATING_LARGE

Fifteen years ago dropped Major League Baseball for denying their steroid problems and the continuing decline in African American participation on the diamond.

This league continues to discourage talented Black quarterback’s, there are currently six starting quarterbacks out of thirty two teams. The League continues to muffle the voices of strong Black males like running back MarShawn Lynch and defensive corner back Richard Sherman.

This happened to the point that it causes a head coach to think twice about what would have been a game ending scoring play. It was obvious Coach Pete Carroll and the NFL did not want MarShawn Lynch to be the MVP. It cost the Seahawks a Super Bowl Victory.

That call for LYNCH not to be MVP was done before the game started. They did not want to have him in a post game interview saying “I’m just here not to get fined” it would hurt the image of the shield!! Really, the shield is already damaged.

Writer and author David Zirin states thattumblr_niv63hxCra1qhyi8do1_540

The theory goes something like this. Russell Wilson is your young clean-cut God-fearing media-perfect quarterback. If one was creating a superstar face to market for the twenty-first century, chances are they would look, sound and basically be Russell Wilson. He’s Derek Jeter with a Bible, your “biracial angel” of our times. Marshawn Lynch is… Marshawn Lynch, and if you haven’t figured out what that means after the past two weeks, then you haven’t been paying attention.

The theory goes that there were major financial, public relations and football reasons for Russell Wilson and not Lynch to be the one who ends the game in glory. If he throws that touchdown for the victory, Wilson is almost certainly the Super Bowl MVP. He gets the commercial. He gets to stand with the commissioner. And oh, by the way, he also gets his new contract, one that will fasten his prime, at only 26 years old, to the Seattle franchise. Marshawn Lynch is also due a new contract. Marshawn Lynch, had he punched that ball over the goal line, would get to be the one handed the MVP trophy. Marshawn Lynch maybe gets on the mic to say Lord knows what.


The league should have punished this repeat offender from Spy gate days, Belichick and the New England Patriots should have been banned from the Super Bowl to instill the power of the NFL. The League should have done this too warn this organization that the next time you will be thrown out of the league. The League needed to bench Mr. Belichick at the least four games or put him on probation/fined and suspended indefinitely. Last the league should take a few first round draft choices as an insurance policy that this organization would never do it again.

It will not happen because of the old boy network; Mr. Robert Kraft and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are best friends.

I’m done with this league because Glendale, Arizona paid $300 million for the new Phoenix Stadium and same thing could happen to Oakland California with their problems building a new Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

The Arizona city’s debt is now four times the national median, 40% solely for sports complexes. Glendale’s budget crisis is so dire half of the city’s teachers, firefighters, and police were threatened with layoffs–however were saved by a permanent 10% sales tax. This is the Super Bowl scandal you didn’t hear about.

Watch out Santa Clara!!!! Watch out!!!! The home of the next Super Bowl.

The league discourages economically disadvantaged fans to attend their games because the tickets were out of their range. This year’s Super Bowl tickets ranged from five thousand to eight thousand dollars.

The National Football League went into gutter mood with Super Bowl 49. It went into the gutter because The United States of America cheers for a team of (alleged) cheaters. The New England Patriots should have been made to pay the consequences before this Super Bowl. The League  should make repeat offenders pay the price. The league wanted to play politics rather then football.New York Post How Cheat It Is

The NCAA and the NFL needs to stop permitting head coaches like Lane Kiffin (USC)-Oakland Raiders, Pete Carroll (USC)-Seattle Seahawks, and Chip Kelly (Oregon)-Philadelphia Eagles after they have been accused of NCAA rules violations.


DEFLATE GATE was the final straw. The New England Patriots used deflated footballs in the first half in the American Football Conference Championship with the Indianapolis Colts.

Cheaties Cereal Box 1

This team with a very shady past was involved in another controversial event at a very inopportune time-THE SUPER BOWL.


There are many other issues this league has ignored. The NFL will not address the Washington Football Club name, as an African American-Native American it pains Native Americans to watch this team on the field. The League will not address the issue of mounting player concussion syndrome. The League refuses to address the lack of Black starting quarterbacks (6 starters of 32 teams) and the lack of African American team ownership which remains at ZERO.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The first game this fan witnessed was the Baltimore Colt-New York Giant overtime NFL playoff thriller, December 28, 1958. It was a national sensation and this new fan wanted to be with the IN CROWD. As a seven year old this fan thought the game was fascinating.

Football was a hard hitting fast action game with superstars on the field.

Baltimore quarterback Johnny Unitas and the Colts beat the Giants in Yankee Stadium 23-17. America was abuzz about this new action game. It was fun because North Jersey wanted the Giants to win while South Jersey wanted the Colts to win. This fan would adopt his own team called the Philadelphia Eagles which played in old Franklin Field.

The first game this fan attended was in the freezing cold of Philly with the Eagles playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams at that time were not stellar and were at the bottom of the NFL Eastern Division. It was fun because we had a seat on the field in the end zone. It was a thrill for a thirteen year old seeing the game he loves.

The Eagles would get a new owner Jerry Wolman in 1962. The green birds would fall on hard times and last place. This fan would change teams looking west and three new teams and a new league.

The American Football League started and this fan loved the 4:00pm start on The NBC Sports Network. His new teams were The Oakland Raiders, with the white cleats with silver and black uniforms, the Los Angeles Chargers with their lightning bolts and powder blue uniforms. Those uniforms made them look cool. This fan loved this new league because they had players that looked like him unlike the National Football League.

This fan felt heart-break and joy with his teams. The Los Angeles Chargers moved to San Diego. The Oakland Raiders would move to Los Angeles right after this fan established residency in Berkeley, California. This teenage fan team the Los Angeles Rams would move to St. Louis and this fan would adopt a new team the New York Giants completing the circle.

On February 1, 2015, Black History Month, The National Football League lost a lifelong fan because the league cannot or will not control itself.

P.S. Special thanks to the New York Times, Wikipedia web sites, and David Zirin for some of this information

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