Melo To Shut Things Down After All-star Game

Updated: February 13, 2015

But, should he even play in this ‘meaningless’ game?

NEW YORK – The All-star game is in your home town, and you’re the star of the team and essentially that city, do you participate? Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks is the quasi host player to this year’s All-star game in New York. Melo and his Knicks at present have the worst record in the NBA. This season has been an absolute nightmare to put it mildly. No one expected this; not Phil Jackson, not Derek Fisher, not the owner James Dolan and especially not the fans.

But as one Mike Tyson once said, “everybody has a plan until they get hit.” The Knicks have been hit from every which way and direction. From the injuries; to trades gone bad; to trying to adjust to a system that no one else in the League runs anymore; to just living up to the pressure to playing in New York City; nothing has worked.

Interestingly enough, no other coach who has been under Phil has had any success running the “triangle offense”. Bill Cartwright tried it (51-100). Jim Cleamons tried it (28-70). Kurt Rambis tried it (56-145). And now Fisher is trying it (10-43). Brian Shaw even tried it in Denver his first year until he saw the writing (probably his firing) on the wall and abandoned the offense altogether (36-46). That’s a combined win verses loss record of: 181-404.

Has the League caught up to that offense or is it too hard to learn as players and rightfully adjust to? As former Knicks now Cleveland Cavalier, J.R. Smith once said, “there’s too much thinking in that offense.” Melo, however is still sold on it and still believes, “the offense can work, we just have to believe in it and give it time to work.”

Melo has sat out games here and there because of his left knee giving his trouble. But, the All-star game he will be introduced along with the other starters. A lot of naysayers and even yaysayers have stated that Melo should do the “right thing” and sit out and have the surgery instead of playing in this meaningless game.

But is it about the brand and the fans or just the honor of being selected and voted in. if the All-star game were in say, Toronto, as it will be next season, would Melo travel all the way to Canada to play only about 17 or 18 minutes?
If Melo, who probably wouldn’t exert himself but so much were to further damage his knee then yes, there will be fire and brimstone raining down like snow from the heavens. But, if he’s able to walk or even limp away without any further damage, then all could be well with Melo and his brand for playing in the All-star game and representing the Knicks.

Jerald L. Hoover

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