Thunder Escape The Wizards Late Run To Win (109-102)

Updated: January 3, 2015

The Thunder are coming off a big game against the Phoenix Suns that had about 7 technical fouls or more. The game was very physical and the Kevin Durant was coming off a 44 point performance that looked like he didn’t miss a step. The Thunder went into the game with the Wizards with a chip on their shoulder and that chip was simply to show the NBA that at full strength they can beat anyone at any given moment. Russell Westbrook had a tough task against John Wall coming off his ejection on the last day of the year.  Westbrook had 22 points and 6 assists vs John Wall having 14 points and 12 assists. It was the battle of two very aggressive point guards that don’t care who is in the paint when they attack to score. John Wall had the better night out of the two but Westbrook had the MVP on his team and Kevin Durant came in clutch down the stretch.

The Thunder were struggling  on offense during certain stretches in the 4th and it was up to Kevin Durant to make up for it. KD had 34 points in 31 minutes and had made some unbelievable shots that only he can make. There was a transition where KD had hit back to back 3 pointers and wasn’t to be denied. The look in his eye was one that only a sniper of caliber would make as he pointed to the bench and said “I’m Back”. Kevin Durant was guarded by Paul Pierce who looked to still be recovering from his defensive job on Lebron James in the postseason. Kevin was hitting the one legged jumper and just getting everything he wanted down the stretch on Pierce and with the length and height difference it was tough.

The Wizards battled down the stretch and made some great plays but as John Wall said “I gave them this game” meaning his big turnover that went to Westbrook was the wrong play and pass. The Wizards have proven that they are not to be played around with as they made some very good plays and also played like the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The growth of John Wall and Bradley Beal is happening before our eyes and the Thunders great players Westbrook and KD just had their night. The bench also stepped up huge and had 40 points to really help out as Reggie Jackson came in and led that charge. He came off a 4/18 performance and made sure he choose the best plays and got everyone involved.

The Thunder will take this big win tonight and hope that it carries over to another one as they hit the road for about a week before they come back to Chesapeake Arena.

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