Belichick, Brady, The Patriots: Why Does The American Sportsfan Embrace Cheaters? It’s A “Rocky’ Thing.

Updated: January 29, 2015


Updated: January 21, 2015

Yesteryear it was Spygate. This year it’s Deflate-a-gate. When does the fanatical Patriots fan-base stop babbling about “ coincidences”  and confess there’s a climate, a culture-of criminality which is ever-present, ingrained, perhaps woven-into the very-fabric of the red, white n’ blue?

Just as criminality is deemed inherent to Wall Street or the US Congress.

If they “walk” like cheaters, “talk” like cheaters, “look” like cheaters and “lie” like cheaters do . . . than the New England Patriots are “cheaters.”  No, truthfully  they’re recognized as outlaws. An operation convicted in a pigskin court of rules,

The”Bus”  tagged them “Known felons”  on ESPN’s  groovy “His n Hers”

I call them Gridiron criminals.

Was it not last week  this team was being questioned for tactics deemed questionable by their football peers. I’ve never seen players “reporting” to the ref they’re ineligible and then lining-up as an receiver. Sure you can do it, of course  –  it’s just that no teams been “chicken . . .  enough to pull such a slicksters  spineless punk-ass move. That’s all.

And now, for some the still sore from losing Baltimore Ravens are contending the balls were under inflated in their divisional loss to the Patriots. . . . but who can rule their contention out? Who can seriously dismiss their notion as ridiculous.

The league, the team, the referees and the players for a vast array of reasons and motivations  were well aware the Patriots team balls were under-inflated, i.e.,  easier-to catch, throw, hand-off and handle.tumblr_nilrrnqn5p1rvn2ylo1_400


New England’s players, at least the ball-handling offensive players had to know, and went-along for personal gain. The referees turned a deaf ear n’ blind eye . .  for personal gain Beli-Cheat and Lord Craft went-along for personal gain. And the NFL will minimize, rationalize the entire affair because they went along with this and god knows what else  . . . for personal gain.

The NFL is, let us say desirous of the New England/Boston Patriots being successful . .  .  for financial profitability reasons. They’re most concerned with catering-to the demands of the marketplace. The NFL’s fanbase, the folks in the stands who spend thousands of dollars to attend a game – when it’s all said, done n’ spent  . . they don’t want to see an NFL which looks and sounds like the, hang-on here . . . ghettorized, thugarized. . . . negro-lized NBA.

It’s all about the marketability of “Rocky” like Great White Hopes; Brady, “Gronk,”   Idelman,  Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker when they were in Bean-Town. Giving the US Heartland NFL fan what he wants . . . Rocky in a helmet.

The Patriots Offense is strategically,  yes by-design “as-White” as they can make it. While the defense is mindless savages controlled by “Negro-Whisperer”  Belichick, who can, like Dr. Doo-little . . . talk to the animals. The ebony gladiators are regarded  as Joe Frazier/George Foreman like “Good boys”  who know n’ accept their place as 2nd class, expendable gladiators . . . .

The league’s marketplace, predominated by Republican TEA Party sportsfans contracted and dwindled when the Packer’s “Baaad Maaan”  Aaron “ Vanilla Ice” Rodgers,  and the White stallion  he rode in on Jordy Nelson, toss-in Clay “Thor” Matthews  and “Coon” were whipped by a team hailing  from the pinko/commie/ weed-growing wild n’ wicked West coast.  A chain-gang  -which many White sportsfans n’  pundits  across the land have predictably branded as gangsters and thugs . . . (just as Obama) – lead into battle with their 21st century version of Roger “the dodger” Staubach dipped-in-chocolate – Russell Wilson, who’s  quickly, and quite unfortunately the new Black face of the NFL.

Wilson, an Officer n’ Gentleman replaces Peyton Manning,  who personified “Rocky.”

White America needs all the  Great White Hopes it can get  in the culture wars it’s losing.


What are “Cool Joe” Flacco, Matty “Ice” Ryan, Andrew “the Artful Dodger” Luck but pig-skinned versions of Rocky. White sportsmen who’ll contend for one of American culture’s most-elevated alpha-male positions – Golden Boy Superstar NFL Signal Caller; an athlete with a brain. There’re reasons why the powers-that-be would be desirous of seeing these men win-out over Wilson, Cam, Bridgewater, Geno, Winston . . .

Think back to Steele Town  – Terry Bradshaw had to win-out over Joe “Jefferson Street” Gilliam and the 1970’s La-La- Land Roman Gabriel had to start over James Harris . . . Warren Moon had to go to the Canadian Football League, Tony Dungy like dozens before him and after . . . forced and coerced to the defense.

This history leaves me to ask; Was Cam Newton’s team whittled-down purposefully by owner Jerry Richardson, you know – Rush Limbaugh’s buddy who did contractually demand Cam not look “too Black . . . . “ Perhaps Jerry got paid, was compensated by his league ownership peers to not assemble and field a quality team around Cam?

I’m just asking. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities.

The darkening of America is why i’t’s  OK and acceptable to the mainstream American sportsfans that the Patriots have cheated to win . . .?

Might it be because America is an empire created and maintained by character lacking men? Most of the world’s population contends the US “cheated” to establish their stranglehold on global power. US History 101 enlightens any and all to how this nation,  comprised of self-anointed real Americans waged genocide against the American Indian, kidnapped, imprisoned and forced  Afro-Americans  into slavery/segregation and 2nd class hood. Strong-Armed Mexico for all the Southwest.

Today’s “Conservatives” and “Confederates” defend US imperialism/Apartheid by claiming they were  ”no rules” to break.bradys

The “original”  American Patriots and today’s  New England Patriots are, in some ways one-in -the-same . . . just win baby win . . . and achieve that victory by any means necessary

Game recognizes game? Diabolical recognizes diabolical? Evil recognizes evil? Cheaters recognize Cheaters?

Belichick n’ Brady . . . why not branded and banned from the NFL?

Asterisks if nothing else! Barred from Canton.

Depending on how high the low-lives go in the Patriot’s criminal organization, the team ought be sold. And if other NFL team owners knew . . . perhaps the league should survive. . . but with  new owners and Uncle Sam overseeing these fatcats?078

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