Thunder Win Streak Hits Six As They Beat The Suns (112-88)

Updated: December 14, 2014

The Thunder came into the game Sunday on a 5 game winning streak and have been clicking on all cylinders and nothing changed against the Suns. The Thunder had a team record 63 rebounds and they were able to get a lot of things done on the fast breaks. It was clear that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook coming back has been a huge help to the Thunder. The bench players were able to get back to their regular roles and the minutes they had played before both stars came back has been a big improvement. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook could not be stopped at all tonight as both combined for 55 points out of the 112 they scored. The Thunder have showed that when they are a full healthy team they are not being stopped at all. The Thunder currently have the 8th spot in the Western Conference right now in a short span of time which is crazy because last month this time people counted them out and left this team dead in the water. With the addition of their stars the Thunder are averaging over 90+ points in the 6 game span which has been very impressive especially defensively.

Oklahoma City plays Sacramento and Golden State this week coming up and there is a lot riding on these games. Rudy Gay had been quoted calling Kendrick Perkins “A Clown” and with that being said Perkins responded calling Gay ” A Virus”. With this trash talking the game coming up in SacTown should be a very physical contest and I’m sure Perkins won’t be taking their team lightly in the paint. The Thunder also play the Warriors who are on a 16 game winning streak and one of those wins came from OKC early in the season. The Thunder will try to avenge that loss on this week with KD and Westbrook playing because they didn’t play during that game against Golden State.

The Thunder improve to 11-13 on this current six game winning streak and both Russ and KD are playing like MVP’s out here which is really good for the fan base in OKC.



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