Kyrie Irving, LeBron Invade Madison Square Garden

Updated: December 5, 2014

Knicks home malaise is becoming hard to take

NEW YORK – Kyrie Irving came home, well he’s from New Jersey, but his father is a native New Yorker and put on a show. Irving finished with 37 points (17 in the 3rd quarter) giving new meaning to the term point guard. LeBron was rather pedestrian for his lofty standards as he finished with 17 points and 12 assists.

From the human side, watching the Knicks lose and lose this way is alarming. From what were high expectations as far as structure, culture and cosmetic and personnel changes, it’s starting to look an awful lot like last year’s Knicks.

The team seems to play hardest when they’re down. But they always manage to come up short in the closing minutes. Losing at the buzzer or miscues and blown assignments gives fans a dose of heartache. Sure the players are getting paid and paid very well, but there is a personal side when it comes to fans and they’re favorite players and beloved teams. There’s a connection that is form throughout that radiates through a city.

Is head coach Derek Fisher in over his head? From his introduction as head coach this summer, one would have thought the Knicks were bringing in the second coming of Pat Riley. Fisher within five minutes had the entire press brigade mesmerized with his diction, style and poise.

One the timeout front, this time Coach Fisher didn’t take anything to chance as he walked all the way out to almost half court to make sure that he was seen by the referees. “I think they (the referees) are trying to watch the action in the game. It is something that many coaches are concerned about. They want us to not walk out there, but I don’t know you if you can get a timeout if you don’t.”

KNICK KNOTES: Knicks are on the verge of making history; but not in a good way. They are about to eclipse the team’s worse start to the season. They currently stand at 4-17.

Jerald L. Hoover

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