Knicks Lose Again and Again At Home

Updated: December 3, 2014

This time, Wade and Heat set fire to the Gotham Boys

NEW YORK – You almost wonder what Carmelo Anthony was thinking this past Sunday as his team lost, 86-79 against the LeBron James less Miami Heat. Yes that was another home loss in the month of November but it was also the same day that the Chicago Bulls played earlier in the day against the Brooklyn Nets and beat them, 102-84.

The Bulls it has been revealed are the one team that nearly had Number 7, nearly change teams. They would have had to gut out their roster a bit if Melo didn’t want to take too severe of a pay cut, however. But it seems as if the Bulls are forever a dangerous team on some level. Even without Derrick Rose, the Bulls are a potent team. Whether it is their philosophy handed down by their extraordinary head coach, Tom Thibodeau or just there’s more talent on the roster than most people give them credit for. Whatever it is, the Bulls were one wink and nod away from having Melo as their high scoring small forward.

Coach Thibodeau isn’t the only coach that is impressed by Melo and with what he does on the court. Coach Derek Fisher had this to say about Melo after he came back from missing several games with back spasms. “It was impressive to see him put together that type of performance considering he hasn’t been able to do much this week. I didn’t plan to be able to play him that many minutes. He looked surprisingly fresh and consistent.”

The Heat on the other hand were the team that Melo was indeed facing sans LeBron but with the reemergence of of Dwyane Wade. It seems as though an opponent’s past injuries just miraculously get all better when they make it to the Garden. Perhaps the Miracle on 34th Street has as much to do with the basketball court than the movie starring Jimmy Stewart.

It has to get better for the Knicks at some point this season. The fans are somewhat patient because they believe in Phil Jackson and like Fisher, but for how long would they start any type of chants is anyone’s guess.

Jerald Hoover

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