Even At Fort Bragg It’s The “Right” Place To stand-Up For Justice And Equality

Updated: December 28, 2014

A high school basketball tournament, held-on a military base, such as Fort Bragg California isn’t  the “right” place nor time to permit free speech. Apparently-so . . . after a high school was “dis-invited” because its players may have worn  T-shirts printed with the words “I Can’t Breathe” during warm ups and  it may have caused a stir . . .

The athletic director for Mendocino High School was informed this week that neither the boys nor girls teams would be allowed to participate in the three-day tournament hosted by Fort Bragg High starting Monday because they’ve worn “I can’t breath “ Tee-shirts previously this season in pre-tournament game warm-ups .

The boys were reinstated after all but one player agreed not to wear the shirts, while too-few girl players accepted the condition for the team to field a tournament squad.

Evidently the girls have larger testicles and  bigger brains than their male counterparts . .

Gee guys, were the 1968 Mexico Olympics the “right” place and time for Tommy Smith and John Carlos to give the “Black Power” Salute?

Questioning authority, pointing a defiant prosecutory finger at the powers-that-be. Charging Johnny Law with practicing racism, classism, brutality and homicide  . . . Well, in the eyes-of the Conservative/Confederate establishment – for which the laws were written for and by – it’s never the right-time nor place to do that.

I’d wager 75% of White America says “no” they were angry Black militants going too-far. While I’d submit 95% of Black, Red and Brown folks thought it was the idea “best” time n place. If we wait for the Right to thinks its the right time . . . gee I’d still be picking-up my dinner from the back door of Applebee’s . . . .

Were it not for civil unrest . . . and the threat of “we’ll burn this mother down . . . ” than hell . . .  Black folks would undoubtedly still find themselves using separate bathrooms n’ water fountains . . . I bet, if Mitt Romney or any Republican TEA Party candidate  wins the White House . .  they’ll burn the sheets n’ towels, gut the Presidential living-quarters after the Obama’s 8 year  staining of them. Sorry, perhaps that’s harsh and surely unverifiable but not beyond the realm of possibilities considering the “hate” percolating out-of the US Heartland, and below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Quite understandably Blacks can’t  erase the militaristic over-reaction we’ve seen after a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina, and after man-made disasters, i.e.,  the  executions of Black men at the hands of this nation’s paramilitary wing – local law enforcement.

White America proudly harbors little empathy for the plight-of Americans-of-Color, they’re intentionally disinterested, arrogantly  detached and deliberately disconnected  with “how” we got where we are. All they know is they’re on-top .. . get over it. Thus, even the mere notion-of sympathy, or complicity in this nation’s  current combustible climate will get you branded a Negro-lover by Rush’s rank n’ file Rednecks

it’s not a stretch in saying – all this Kumbaya-mixin n’ minglin’ stuff is difficult for Conservatives/Confederates to endure – which translates into – most Caucasians have had to be dragged, kickin’ screamin’ into an era of simply “token” integration and fairness  – not even real equality, just hints of it have sent Rednecks running . . . screaming something about “the sky is falling!”

Might it be the police are at wall against Americans-of-Color, while the Armed forces are at wall with mostly people of-color bot abroad and at home?

It would seem it’s always the “right” time and place to stand-up for justice and equality.

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