Black athletes should be seen . . . but seldom heard.

Updated: December 1, 2014

Black Athletes should be seen . . . but seldom heard.

No . . .,  it wasn’t the 68 Olympics, Mexico City, Tommy Smith n’ John Carlos with their black glove-cladded Black fist hoist high to the Blue sky . . . we talkin’ ‘bout “Black Power” baby . . . ” Nevertheless  it was so-much more than what we’ve gotten from Jordan and Tiger . .. . so thank you gentlemen for having the balls to stand-up against not merely police brutality, but against White hatred and rage. Because that’s what  the 21st century lynchings of Michael Brown and Tamir &&&& really are

Don’t delude yourself, the executions of young Michael Brown and even-younger  Tamir Rice aren’t coincidental oddities, nor are they rare occurrences. Instead both young Black man-cubs are appalling examples of the well-documented anti-Black hatred and often-times ungovernable rage imbedded deep, deep, deep down within White Anglo Saxon Protestant American culture.

Above is a 1970 poster with two photographs: top-left photograph is of Jerry Lee Amie in uniform fighting in Vietnam. The centerpiece image is of Jerry Lee Amie on a morgue slab, naked, and with visible gunshot wounds. The poster reads, “What Happens To A Black Man Upon Returning From Vietnam?” Caption of the photograph reads, “Murdered!! Shot 25 Times by L.A.P.D./ It Only Takes 1 or 2 Shots To Kill A Wild Animal!/ Stop Genocide!!”

My old man, who was knee-deep in the 1960’s Black Power Movement, passed-out this poster countless times on Crenshaw Blvd., Slauson, Vermont and Western Avenues in the summer of 1970, he had I don’t know how many stacks in the trunk  of his 66 Chevy Impala.

A ”COINTELPRO” inspired and directed LAPD executed Amie in front of his home, family watching, claiming he had a gun . .  his son’s water pistol was found across the yard. . . .

Need I say more? A picture is worth thousands . . . and thousands of words, no?

The coldly-calculated reckless yet deliberate executions of Black men is an American tradition – like Corvettes, Apple Pie and Coca-Cola.  The story-of-America is replete with vivid and graphic examples of  White blind-hatred run-amok . . . camouflaged in the guise of “law and order.” The  unleashing of extreme maximum force, the employment of  over-the-top-tactics – this is the trademark of US law enforcement when it comes to Afro-Americans and other Americans-of-Color, i.e., it’s the “standard mode-of-operation . . .”

And the comical  “Cultural Sensitivity” seminars cops sleepwalk-through are little-more than meaningless  transparent window dressings and placating pacifiers. If MLK and LBJ couldn’t legislate morality and brotherhood 50 years ago . . . we,  the so-called enlightened ones can’t force White folks to like us.

And clearly gazillions of White people quite simply don’t like  Black folks. Why is that fact of American life so-very difficult for Black folks to get their arms around? We’re begging Rednecks to mix n’ mingle while obviously they’ve no desire-to.

Ever heard of “White Flight?”

Today’s Black person has long forgotten “Rosewood” and the race riots in Tulsa, Detroit and Chicago of yesteryear. Hell, most of us had to watch “42” to understand the America our grandparents grew-up in.

Nonetheless Black folks do know the cast n’ plot of LA Preachers . . .

Sadly my generational Black baby-booming peers have forgotten police across this country earned, well-earned the 1960’s tag of “the pigs.” Unquestionably the police are designed to
“serve” White America and “protect” them/their property from you n’ I. “Who” I ask doesn’t get that? Good lord, tonight when your 17 year-old son borrows the station wagon to go out . . . yes, you give him the dreaded lecture – how to act/kiss the ass of  the police if they pull you over.

Not the “good ol boy white sheeted klan, but the local police.  Do we as Black folks grasp the dysfunctional nature of that scenario?

As a Black man, I fear the cops more than I do klansmen. Hell! I don’t know if I can tell the difference today beyond the color of their uniforms.

This vintage poster says it all in HD Black n’ White. Police across this nation have operated as well-dressed klansmen for the last century-or-so. Their mission; to continue the work of the cotton plantation “overseers.” Their implicit orders – to officially enforce unofficial “Black Codes” and Jim Crow laws. To continue the legacy of Bull Connor-type over-the-top violence by“Keeping the Niggers in their place . . . .”  I know it, you know it, and more-importantly the average, everyday White person knows it. This loathing, bitter-hatred  is why politicians have equipped your local police  with enough military hardware to attack Iwo Jima or Pork Chop Hill.

However only a Hobbit’s handful will admit it.

From enforcing camouflaged 21st century Sundown Laws to orchestrating beatings and executions, American law enforcement continues-to play a significant, prominent role in pimping, oppressing, exploiting . . . terrorizing Black people. Predominantly snow-White  police forces across America, manned by far-too-many racist trigger-happy paramilitary punks and gung-ho weasels, who go-off everyday half-cocked like “Great White Hunters,” in-search-of Black folks to arrest, fine, punish – whatever penalty they can level . . . in order to overstock the private for-profit prisons they recruit-for and invest-in themselves.

Aint that a bitch . . . and ain’t that the ice-cold runnin’  truth?

The United States of America has a lengthy, indisputable legacy of treating Black folks in an inhuman, savage, ruthless, diabolical manner, and the only common-sense rational which can explain it is . . . we aren’t as human as White folks. Nor are Mexicans, Asians, American Natives . . . .

When speaking of  “Black America,” please note “White America” harbors only a minuscule amount of empathy and even less sympathy for what the world, what the United Nations rightfully perceives  as our horrific plight – being at the merciless hands of millions, upon millions of angry White folks.  Such WASP apathy and indifference to human life is the nonchalant disconnection required to do what this nation has done . . . wage genocide  upon damn-near everyone who ain’t White!

Deeper-still, I’d submit the basic collective “respect” Black folks deserve from this nation is a pipe-dream. While the “Kumbaya” brotherhood president Obama seeks isn’t a goal most White folks seek.

If virtually every single Black person went down and lined-up at the New York harbor . ..  got on ships back-to anywhere in Africa . . . you could count the White folks down on the docks waving goodbye, crying, asking us to stay . . . on one hand.

The unapologetic, non-remorseful Ferguson cop who played judge, jury and street executioner of Michael Brown – Darren Wilson, is, dig this – a folk hero. I don’t know how you change that national perspective. You can’t, it’s a WASP “cultural thing.”  The question is “how do you live with someone who hates you?” My thought – you can’t. Not without constant conflict . . . let’s give Rednecks Idaho and Montana, release the pressurized-hatred up-in here.

We’re only going to witness more-and-more victims like Jerry Lee Amie and Michael Brown as the future unfolds because, as all the polls and surveys show, the vast-majority of White folks, not all, but most honestly don’t give-a-damn.  What’s going to be enlightening; the large percentage o White sportsfans who’re going to be repulsed by Black players empathizing , sympathizing and alas aligning themselves with  . . . Black men.

White America prefers its Black athletes to behave themselves as they demanded Joe Louis do. The Jack Johnson/Arthur Ashe and Muhammad Ali type Black sportsmen are maligned and ridiculed by Redneck sports fans for not knowing their place.  I commend these men because from this moment on the White male lead sports press is going to hound them, paint n’ taint them in a negative light whenever given the opportunity to.

It’s no secret Black gladiators are to “Speak” . . . only when spoken-to.







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