Battle of the Hudson Won by Nets

Updated: December 4, 2014

Are the Knicks falling apart as they figure things out?

NEW YORK – Another home game and yet there’s another loss. The players to a man are all quoting the right things. But one wonders what they’re thinking underneath it all. Losing has a way of turning a locker room in professional sports into morgues. Not unless, you come from a losing culture where winning games are as synonymous as having a mink coat sale in Miami in the month of July.

“Every day it’s something different,” Knicks starting point guard Jose Calderon said. “Today they (Nets) got too many offensive rebounds, 21 offensive rebounds. We lose by three or four points, too many turnovers. We were right there; we just have to clean up some stuff.” Those points by Calderon are correct, but are they correct in just theory or reality? It’s always easy to say what’s missing and what’s needed in a particular situation. But having the temerity to execute in the midst of things not working right away is another point all together.

The Knicks are still in somewhat of a honeymoon phase that is due part to Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher and the newness of the triangle. There’s also belief that with the expected salary cap room looming large for the Knicks next season, there’s a Calvary type rescuer on the horizon. The problem with one of those components, Marc Gasol, the said main target currently having an MVP type season with the Memphis Grizzlies is having, yes…an MVP type season with the Memphis Grizzlies who at present are a far better team than the Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony did temper expectations of the Cross-town Rivalry by stating that his team has to win first before all of the rivalry talk can be said.

The team doesn’t appear to have given up, it’s just void of practical talent to get what’s needed when it’s needed. For one, an elite type secondary scorer or game changer is needed. If the person couldn’t score 20 points per game off the drop of a dime, then they should be most effective at something else that changes the scope of a game, ala Boston’s Rajor Rondo. Rondo would never be mistaken as a “bucket getter”, but his play-making acumen is far superior than most point guards. For what Rondo doesn’t give you in point on the board, he can give you in assists, steals and rebounds. He makes players better by having them function in their offices.

There was even some controversy on the final play of the game for the Knicks as Coach Fisher was trying to call a timeout but the refs didn’t see it. “I saw him (Derek Fisher) but the refs said he didn’t see it. I know he was trying to get the time out but I don’t know, I was in the other corner,” Calderon said.

The Knicks lost the game, 98-93 as the Nets’ Brook Lopez went for 23 point and Joe Johnson chipped in with 22. Deron Williams also had a solid game and finished with 19 points and 5 assists. Melo led the Knicks with 20 and Calderon completed his scoring night with 19 points on solid 3-point shooting.

KNICK KNOTES: J.R. Smith missed the Nets game with flu-like symptoms. Last year’s rookie sensation, Tim Hardaway Jr. shot a miserable 1 for 7 while Iman Shumpert was only 4 for 11 with 9 points. Knicks were again out-rebounded, 49-40.

Jerald L. Hoover

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