Updated: November 27, 2014

By:- Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter

The Oakland Raiders finally won a football game as they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 Thursday night in Oakland, California. This team almost lost the game on a bone head play by two young players with time running out in the fourth quarter.  THIS IS CALLED DISCIPLINE or lack of disciple.

Many veterans state act like you’ve been there before. The Black and Silver have not been for 368 days and sixteen games. The Raiders continue to have problems with penalties at critical times and that kept the Chiefs in the game.

If it were not for veteran linebacker Ex-Giant Justin Tuck calling a time out, the Raiders would have been flagged for off sides. Kansas City would have gotten free five yards and a first down. The Chiefs could have won or tied the game with a score, continuing the Black and Silver losing streak.

Kansas City quarterbacks Alex Smith (20-36 for 234 yards and two touchdowns) and the Chiefs had the ball on the Raider 40 yard line with 54 seconds remaining. The Raider linemen sacked Alex Smith for an eight yard loss. The Black and Silver defenders decided to celebrate 15 to 20 yards away from the play.

The Chiefs offensive team quickly lined up and started to run their next play while the Raiders (Sio Moore and Kali Mack) danced in their backfield giving high fives to each other.  REALLY?  This kind of childish act continues to plague the Oakland Raider organization.

One bright spot Quarterback Derek Carr (18-35 for 174 yards and one touchdown) grew up Thursday night and guided the Raiders to the leading touchdown with 1:41 seconds left in the game.

If this team does not improve in the next six games Oakland Raider general manager Reggie McKenzie’s job might be in jeopardy. McKenzie draft picks and the owner, the younger Davis apparently has a little knowlage on how to build a football team. nfl_g_singletary11_576

McKenzie situation makes it more difficult for teams to hire African American General Managers because he has not produced a winning product on the field. It is a given that Black managers have to overachieve in the National Football League. The Raiders have not done this the past seven years.

Former head Coach Michael Singletary would be the ideal head coach for the Black and Silver. Singletary turned the San Francisco 49ers around five years ago, he could do likewise for the Black and Silver. The discipline needed would be instilled under a Singletary régime.

Singletary would instill PRIDE and POISE and would get players to COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE.  The motto means you are an Oakland Raider for life.

The Raider organization also has to come to a decision the issue of moving to San Antonio, to Los Angeles or staying in Oakland. Either move or stay, stop playing mind games with RAIDER NATION.

Something has to change at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in 2015.


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