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By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter Last year African American quarterbacks reached for the stars with success. One weekend on the grid-iron ten Black quarterbacks started and garnered a 7-1 record with two injuries and two no decisions in week number seven. That was history but the American Sports media did not notice or report it. THE HISTORY CONTINUES This week’s games

New Orleans vs. Carolina-Thursday Night Game

New York Jets vs. Kansas City

Philadelphia vs. Houston

St. Louis vs. San Francisco

Oakland vs. Seattle

Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati

Tampa Bay vs. Cleveland

The Washington Football Club vs. Minnesota (PROTEST GAME)

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh -Sunday Night Game

Indianapolis vs. The New York Football Giants-Monday Night Game

* Black Quarterbacks- 8*

*1) 5-3 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks-

The Seattle Seahawks came home to the rainy northwest to host the winless Oakland Raiders. They overcame the controversy about Percy Harvin’s leaving for the Big Apple and the New York Jets. They overcame the chatter of Marshawn Lynch wanting to leave the Bird’s Nest. The Hawks just play like champions.

They just capitalized on every Oakland Raider mistake. imagessea

Running back Marshawn Lynch, (21 rushes for 67 yards and two touchdowns) led Seattle to a 24-3 lead by halftime.  Everybody thought this game was over except The Black and Silver.

The Field General, quarterback Russell Wilson (17-35 with 179 yards) does it again guiding Seattle in another close game. Wilson turned to the running game to grind down the Raider defense and take time off the clock.

The Hawks win 30-24. 


*2) 4-4 Colin Kaepernick– San Francisco 49ers-

The San Francisco 49ers were outplayed, out hustled, and just beaten by the St. Louis Rams who hung in the game with a bunch of second stringers and rookies. It never should have come down to the last drive with time running out in the fourth quarter. Kaepernick and the Niners had the ball with over two minutes to go in the game. Colin tried a quarterback sneak from the two yard-line but he never received the ball causing a fumble with two seconds left.

Question, you have one of the best running backs in the league (Gore) why not use him at least one down that close to the goal-line? Yes, I’m calling out head coach Harbaugh AGAIN!!!

This team seems to not be working together and it shows on the field

with little mistakes. Injuries have taken its toll on the offensive line and the last play is proof with a fumbled snap.

The Ram front four gave the Niners fits all day, sacking Kaepernick (22-33 with 237 yards and one touchdown) eight times. It seemed like the St. Louis Rams wanted this game more than the Cherry and Gold.  Ram Rookie quarterback Austin Davis went 13-24 for 105 yards and one touchdown and two interceptions.

The Niner bright spot was wide receiver Anquan Boldin on six receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown.

St. Louis won 13-10.  


*3) 2-5-1 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers-

Mr. Newton (24-34 with 151 yards and one touchdown and one interception) did not have fun last Thursday night as the New Orleans Saints defense showed up. Newton fumbled the ball in the first quarter leading to a Saints touchdown. He also ran for seven times for 43 yards setting up a Carolina field goal.  Then the Panthers could not get the offense going leading to another Saints touchdown and the end of this game. The ‘O’ line looked like a sieve in the second half with four sacks.

Newton did not finish this game.

New Orleans won 28-10. 


mv*4) 3-2 Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings-

Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings had to deal with the circus coming to town  The Native American Indian-CHANGE THE NAME Protest tried to change the focus of the game. The networks did not show the lines of disenchanted Native Americans.


The Viking defense shutdown Griffin the first half allowing only three points. The defense also sacked number 12 four times as the line contained the Washington quarterback most of the day.


Bridgewater (26-43 with 268 yards and one interception) gave the purple and gold gang the early lead with two long drives in the first quarter keeping the Burgundy and Gold off the field.

Vikings win 29-26.


*5) 1-7 Geno Smith- New York Jets- DID NOT PLAY


*6) 0-1 Michael Vick- New York Jets-

Mr. Vick was thrown into the Jets house on fire as Geno Smith was a healthy scratch. Head Coach Ryan wanted to see something new and wanted to go in a different direction. The Jets tried to stop the seven game losing streak, it did not happen.

Good moments for New York wide receiver Percy Harvin could make Gang Green better but the offensive line has to protect the quarterback in order to win. Vick was sacked four times and stopped two New York scoring drives.images9L2YXUB0

Currently The Kansas City Chiefs had good luck in their three game winning streak while the Jets are having buzzard luck.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith threw a pass into the end-zone that looked like it would be an incomplete pass as the Jet defender-Calvin Pace knocked it down but the ball fell into the hands of Anthony Fasano for a touchdown.

Vick ( 21-28 with 196 yards and one touchdown) looked very good in the second half moving the Jets down the field until he got his bell rung in the late third quarter. He had 18 yards rushing.

The Jets installed third string quarterback Matt Simms but he could not move the team. Vick returned in the fourth quarter and finished the game.


Kansas City wins 24-10 

*7) 2-2 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills- BYE WEEK 

*8) 0-2 Robert Griffin III– The Washington Football Club-

Karma must be watching this team because two team buses ran into each other before getting to the stadium. Everybody had bumps and bruise but nothing serious.

The Return of Robert Griffin III was full of pre game events and team anxieties. This order came from the owner Dan Snyder not from the coaches. Rumblings coming out of the locker room that many players wanted Colt McCoy to start before the bye week.

Can the League have two Jerry Jones?

The Native American Day of Protest to CHANGE THE NAME at the stadium. The time change from a late game to an early game. So in the first quarter everybody seemed out of sync.

Griffin (18-28 with 258 yards and one touchdown with one interception) showed signs of greatness with his scrambling abilities then at other times he could not find his receivers and looked rusty. He was also sacked 4 times. The Washington Football Club made a run in the fourth quarter but came up short.

The Minnesota Vikings win 29-26.

Did you notice last week in the ESPN Monday Night broadcast Jon Gruden used the R-word every chance he could while the Brother Michael Tirico did not use the R-Word. The message is being sent.

PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company stops supporting Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s team name. The corporate name of FedEx should be removed from the stadium. TOTAL 13-23-1 WEEK 2-4 Black Head Coaches- 4 6-2 Mr. Caldwell- Detroit Lions-BYE WEEK

 imagesM0WI1VQM5-2-1 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals-

The Bengals took their time getting their offense started against the Jacksonville Jaguars but once they did it was engines full steam ahead. Rookie running back Jeremy Hill made a splash this game with 154 yards rushing on 24 carries and two touchdowns in a very sloppy first half. The Bengals righted the ship late in the second half to shutdown the Jags. Andy Dalton (made the game alittle closer then it was suppose to be with a late fumble that led to a Jaguar touchdown

Bengals win 33-23

 3-5-1 Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach-

The Panther offense looked sluggish and the defense had a very difficult time containing Drew Brees (24-34 with 297 yards and one touchdown) as the Panthers fall behind the Saints in the NFC South Division.

Saints win 28-10


6-3 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers-

The Pittsburgh Steelers have found a new nasty rival and that’s the Baltimore Ravens. It was a knock down drag-out battle just like in the old days with the Oakland Raiders. These two teams just do not like each other period, just like the Black and Silver. With strong defensive teams, and great secondary’s. Both teams will be in the hunt for the playoffs in January. Big Ben does it again throwing six touchdowns as the Steelers are beginning to get on the right track. Roethlisberger (25-37 with 340 yards and six touchdowns) got Pittsburgh back into the playoff picture with their third straight win.

Pittsburgh wins 43-23   

1-7 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

This was a very sloppy game and the Bucs hung in there until the last minute of play. Interceptions and fumbles were the rule of this game as Tampa Bay gave a dig to Johnny “Football” Manziel twice scoring touchdowns as Mike Evans flashed the money sign, A Manziel antic on draft day. Where was the flag for taunting the second time?

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer played well with 21-34 for 300 yards with three touchdowns, two interceptions and three sacks.

Mike Glennon almost mirrored Hoyer 17-33 with 260 yards and two touchdowns. Glennon also had three sacks and two interceptions a very sloppy game by both quarterbacks.

Browns win 22-17

TOTAL 20-19-2 WEEK 2-2

 Black General Managers-6 5-4 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome-

The Baltimore Ravens ran into a hot quarterback and a tough defense. They also had a few players thrown out of this game in the second half and both teams got a-little chirpy in the second half.

Joe Flacco (30-45 with 303 and two touchdowns) ran for his life the first half causing four sacks and one critical interception.

This was old school football and the Purple Birds lost this one

Steelers win 43-23

6-2 Detroit Lion Martin MayhewBYE WEEK

4-5 Houston Texan Rick Smith-

The Texans ran into a hot Philadelphia Eagles as injuries are beginning to pile up on both sides. Running back Foster gets hurt again in the first period, derailing the Houston running game.

The Eagles also lost starting quarterback Nick Foles in the first half. Mark Sanchez came in and guides the green birds to victory with two touchdown passes.

Wide out Jeremy Maclin saved the day for the Eagles with two touchdowns on 6 receptions and 158 yards

Houston quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (13-27 with 203 yards and two touchdowns) did not have a great day. Ryan had two fumbles and two interceptions. The season is slowly slipping away for Texans if they don’t correct their mistakes.

Eagles win 31-21

5-3 Buffalo Bill- Doug Whaley- BYE WEEK

3-5 The New York Football Giant Jerry ReeseimagesZNUQKGXT

Michael Strahan had his number put up in the Giants ring of honor at Met Life Stadium. That would be the only bright spot of the night for Big Blue.

The night went downhill early when head coach Coughlin could not find the red Challenge Flag because he tucked it away in his sock. It was the early turning point of the game.

Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants could not handle Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The Gee men had a week off and it looked like it. Big Blue looked like they saw a ghost and ran away. Too many mistakes and the men with the blue horse shoes on their helmet kicked them to the curb. The Colts scored the first 13 points and this game was over. To many retirements, too many injuries, and a confusing new offensive system to beat this high scoring machine from the Mid-West.

Manning (27-52 with 359 yards and two touchdowns) got sacked four times and lost a fumble. The Big Blue defense never showed up at Met Life Stadium and the Colts beat up New York to keep their AFC South Division Lead.

Andrew Luck (25-46 with 354 yards and four touchdowns) made sure that Indianapolis would not lose two games in a row with a valiant passing attack that the Giants had no answer.

Colts win 43-23

0-8 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie

The losing continues for the Black and Silver but they have improved with each game. Derek Carr (21-41 with 194 yards and two touchdowns and two interceptions) brought the Raiders back from 24-3 deficit. Oakland has to get a running game to get teams to respect the play action pass. Teams do not do this and just rush the quarterback in passing situations creating havoc in the Raider backfield.

The last two games have shown promise for diehard Oakland Raider fans

Seahawks win 30-24 

TOTAL 25-28 WEEK 0-4 Black Ownership -0- This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended. Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email garyngray@blackathlete.com Norris19@Wordpress.com ©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod 

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