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By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter Last year African American quarterbacks reached for the stars with success. One weekend on the grid-iron ten Black quarterbacks started and garnered a 7-1 record with two injuries and two no decisions in week number seven. That was history but the American Sports media did not notice nor report it.


Buffalo vs. Miami Thursday Night Game

San Francisco vs. The New York Football Giants

Oakland vs. San Diego

Houston vs. Cleveland

Seattle vs. Kansas City

Cincinnati vs. New Orleans

Tampa Bay vs. Washington

Atlanta vs. Carolina

Detroit vs. Arizona

Pittsburg vs. Tennessee Monday Night Game

* Black Quarterbacks- *1) 6-4 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks-© Copyright 2014 CorbisCorporation

The question being asked is, are the Hawks suffering from the Super Bowl hangover because they are losing games they should win. The Hawks did it again as the Field General Wilson (20-32 for 178 yards and two touchdowns) kept them in the game with crazy passing that connected. Wilson also got sacked twice which is very uncharacteristic for the Seattle Seahawks. The Aqua Bird offensive line was challenged all day by the Red Bird defensive line and Red beat Aqua Sunday.

The Hawk defense could not stop Jamaal Charles (20 rushes for 159 yards and two touchdowns) who ran Seattle’s secondary silly.

The Hawks fall another game behind the Arizona Cardinals with six games left.

Chiefs Win 24-20

 *2) 6-4 Colin Kaepernick– San Francisco 49ers-

Kaepernick (15-29 for 193 yards and one touchdown) and the Niners just did enough to win the game going back to old style grind it out football. The Niners gave the New York Football Giants a dose of their own medicine with the strong running of fullback Frank Gore and his 95 yards on 19 carries. Colin also ran for two critical first downs in the second half to gain the victory. Kaepernick also connected with Boldin 5 catches for 53 yards and Crabtree 3 catches for 85 yards and one touchdown to balance the Niner attack.

It looks like the Cherry and Gold offense are on the right page now. At least for this weekend.

The Niners are also getting all of their injured defensive players back. Chris Borland made Eli Manning’s life miserable all day getting into the Giant backfield multiple times.

Niners win 16-10 

*3) 3-3 Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings-

The Vikings ran into the good Jay Cutler, bad weather, and the struggling Chicago Bears. The Bears shorten the game in the second half with two long 8 minutes drives that kept Teddy Bridgewater (18-28 for 158 yards and one interception) off the field. The Purple and Gold secondary let too many receivers behind them and the GOOD Cutler found them for two touchdowns passes.

Bridgewater had one last chance with time running out to win this game. He threw the ball into the corner of the end zone and another interception instead, ending the game.

Bears win 21-13 

*4) 2-2 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills-DID NOT PLAY

*5) 2-7-1 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers-

The Baby Blue Cats ran into a hot quarterback Mattie “Ice” Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. The Birds got an early lead that the Cats could not come back from. Cam Newton (23-37 for 292 yards two touchdowns and two interceptions) returned to his normal self but it was not enough. Newton threw for two fourth quarter touchdowns to give the Cats the lead. Newton also used his body to punish defenders by running over them.

It did not last long as Matty Ice guided his Birds to a victory and a tie for the NFC (South) Sour lead with the New Orleans Saints with 4-6 record.

The Panthers had one last gasp with a 50 yard field try, it did not happen and the Birds win.

Falcons win 19-17   

*6) 1-7 Geno Smith- New York Jets- DID NOT PLAY

*7) 1-1 Michael Vick- New York Jets- BYE WEEK

 rg3*8) 0-3 Robert Griffin III– The Washington Football Club-

This team has some internal problems and Mr. Griffin is not making it any easier with his press conference outburst. The Washington Football Club could only score seven points against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Number 10 might not be in Washington too much longer as he blamed everybody but himself for the loss being sacked six times for a minus 80 yards and intercepted twice. There were a few plays that Griffin clearly blew.

It seems like Mr. Griffin has his legs back FINALLY and he is trying to run out of danger instead of integrating other players helping him at the line of scrimmage.

The Burgundy and Gold defense did not show up AGAIN making this game and this day miserable for the Washington faithful.

CHANGE THE NAME and maybe the team would start winning.

The Flames continued in our Nation’s Capitol as head coach Jay Gruden fired back at Mr. Griffin with some tough love words. Gruden is trying to quell inter- squad squabbling and infighting. This team is a train wreck and nothing can fix it this year.

Tampa Bay wins 27-7

PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company stops supporting Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s team name. The corporate name of FedEx should be removed from the stadium.

TOTAL 21-30-1

WEEK 1-4

Black Head Coaches- 4 3-7-1

Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach- SEE ABOVE

Falcons win 19-17

 6-3-1 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals-bengals

The hot and cold Halloween Cats are at it again, HOT. Andy Dalton and the Cinn. Bengals do something that has not been done in years. They beat the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome after New Orleans lost the week before. This Victory gives the Cats the AFC North Division Lead. Dalton and the Bengals come back after an ugly lost last game Dalton threw for three touchdowns and 230 yards with one interception.

The defense shut down Drew Brees and the Saint offense. The needed this victory, which put them back in first place.

Cincinnati wins 27-10

7-4 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers-

The first half it looked like the Steelers were going to lose again. The Tennessee Titians use different blitzing skims to confuse Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense. It worked because Tennessee stayed in the game.

The Steelers went into the locker-room and changed their offensive tactics. Big Ben called two plays in the huddle and if he raised his arm the play would be changed. It worked Pittsburgh pounded the Titians with running back LeVon Bell (33 rushes for 204 yards and one touchdown). It was old style football, running the ball down the opponent’s neck, it worked.

Roethlisberger (21-32 for 207 yards and one touchdown) has not lost a game against a rookie quarterback 18-0.

Steelers win 27-24 

7-3 Mr. Caldwell- Detroit Lions-

Mr. Caldwell ran into a Cardinal buzz saw and they hit the Detroit Lions hard with backup quarterback Drew Stanton. The Red Birds scored on their first two possessions with two long touchdown drives and then turned it over to the defense snapping the Silver and Baby Blue four game winning streak.

Matthew Stafford (18-30 for 183 yards and no touchdowns) once again had to pull his team from behind for the victory. It did not happen. The Lions made too many critical mistakes and the Cards capitalized on each one to lead the NFC West Division.

Arizona Wins 14-6   

tampa2-8 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

The Bucs break their five game losing streak against the Washington Football Club sacking Robert Griffin the 3rd three times and intercepting him two times creating scoring chances for Tampa Bay.

Rookie wide receiver Mike Evans (7 catches for 209 yards and 2 touchdowns), no not J.J. ‘s (Goodtimes) brother, scored touchdowns with long bombs as quarterback Josh McCown may have found a new friend.

Tampa Bay Wins 27-7

TOTAL 25-25-2 WEEK- 3-2 

Black General Managers-6 5-4 Buffalo Bill- Doug Whaley-

The Buffalo Bills had the lead in this game for three quarters it was the fourth quarter that things got out of hand. Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The Fish sailed to victory and a chance for the AFC East Title.

In the battle of the field goals the Dolphins had 10-9 lead. Kyle Orton ( 22-39 and 193 yards) reverted back to old Kyle Orton and the Bills could be in trouble. Now that the season’s over let the kid E.J. Manuel finish the season. This defeat could seal the deal for the team in northwestern New York.

Dolphins win 22-9 

7-2 Detroit Lion Martin MayhewSEE ABOVE

Cardinals win 14-6 

5-5 Houston Texan Rick Smith-

Defensive lineman J.J. Watt got a haircut and a shave before the game and it must have worked because he did everything but clean the kitchen sink. Watt scored a touchdown, blocked a kick, ran into the kicker twice, and sacked the quarterback. The Texans shutdown the Cleveland Browns.

Ryan Mallett (20-30 for 211 yards and two touchdowns with one interception) would not let Houston lose as he is just a caretaker for the quarterback position.

Texans win 23-6 

3-7 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reesecatch2

It is time to rebuild the New York Football Giants as they look like a lost team at home in Met Life Stadium. Eli Manning threw for five interceptions in a very close game. The Giants could not capitalize on a Frank Gore fumble or a successful onsides kick. The only bright light in the Big Blue Offense is rookie wide-out Odem Beckham Jr.

The New York offensive line could not hold back the San Francisco defensive front line. Next week they play the Dallas Cowboys in the role of spoiler because they cannot win the NFC East Division.

Head Coach Coughlin’s job could be in jeopardy if the Giants don’t show progress the next six weeks.

Niners win 16-10   

6-4 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome- BYE WEEK 

0-10 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie

radsThe Raiders started out on the wrong foot in San Diego. In the first Oakland possession the center snapped the ball right into Derek Carr’s chest bouncing on the ground creating a fumble recovery for the Chargers. The game went downhill from there. The Black and Silver seemed to have lost the energy they had four weeks ago and they seemed to be just mailing it in.

Derek Carr (16-34 and 174 yards) tries hard with his rookie enthusiasm while everybody else is just standing around waiting for this season to end. The offensive line has to protect this young quarterback in order for them to win. The bright star in this game would be running back Latavius Murray who ran for 43 yards in four carries and caught three passes for 16 yards at critical moments.

In the third quarter, veteran corner Charles Woodson had a chance to change the game for the Raiders but the ball managed to find its target with a great tip catch by Brandian Ross.

The Oakland Raiders have lost 16 straight games with no end in sight. Oakland could be the first team since the 2011 Indianapolis Colts which lost 16 games in one season. It’s been two years of frustration for Bay Area fans and the Silver and Black.

Chargers win 13-6

TOTAL 26-34 WEEK 1-4 Black Ownership -0- This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended. Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League. Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email garyngray@blackathlete.com Norris19@Wordpress.com ©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod 

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