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Updated: November 13, 2014

By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter Last year African American quarterbacks reached for the stars with success. One weekend on the grid-iron ten Black quarterbacks started and garnered a 7-1 record with two injuries and two no decisions in week number seven. That was history but the American Sports media did not notice nor report it. THE HISTORY CONTINUES This week’s games

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Thursday Night Game

Kansas City vs. Buffalo

Miami vs. Detroit

San Francisco vs. New Orleans

Pittsburgh vs. New York Jets

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay

Tennessee vs. Baltimore

Denver vs. Oakland

The New York Football Giants vs. Seattle

Carolina vs. Philadelphia Monday Night Game

* Black Quarterbacks- *1) 6-3 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks-

The Seahawks had the day off playing the scrambled New York Football Giants. The Hawks ran the Giants into the ground with Marshawn Lynch (21 carries and 140 yards and four touchdowns). Seattle had two second half eight minute drives keeping New York off the field.

Russell Wilson(10-17 for 172 yards) had tough first half with interceptions but he went into locker room got his head on straight and guided Seattle to another victory. Wilson also ran for over 100 yards and that’s the third time this season. No other quarterback has done this other then Michael Vick. This was a very sloppy game on both sides, the Hawks lost three fumbles, the Giants two with two interceptions.

Seattle scores 21 points in fourth quarter while shutting down the New York Football Giants offense for this victory.

Hawks win 38-17

*2) 5-4 Colin Kaepernick– San Francisco 49ers-

The Niners went to the Super Dome where the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees never lose. Gore scored the first running touchdown since game three. Coach Harbaugh continues to insist on passing the ball to score touchdowns.

Boldin (9 catches for 95 yards and one touchdown) and Kaepernick (14-32 for 210 and one touchdown) miss connections many times. If any one of those passes were caught the Niners would have won in regulation time. Phil Dawson kicks tying field goal with 44 seconds left in regulation time. The Saints did not quit as Brees threw a 40 yard bomb to Graham in the end-zone with no time left but Graham was called for offensive interference, pushing off the Niner defenders.

The game moved to overtime with both teams having ball possession. The O.T. ended with a Drew Brees fumbling the ball on the Saints 20 yard line and a Dawson winning field goal

Niners win 27-24  

 *3) 1-7 Geno Smith- New York Jets- DID NOT PLAY images50E0LYEQ

*4) 1-1 Michael Vick- New York Jets-

The Jets break eight game losing streak, they also stop Big Ben not allowing a passing touchdown. The Steelers lose their composure at the end of the game. The New York Jets formed the victory position at the end of the game and the Pittsburgh Steelers tried to crash the party. Players on both sides started pushing and shoving. The end of this game was ugly.

Mike Vick (10-18 for 132 yards and two touchdowns) had a great game, taking care of the ball, no fumbles and no interceptions. If you give Michael time and space he can beat any team. Vick also set the record for career rushing at the quarterback position with 6,000 yards. New York also recovered three fumbles and two interceptions keeping them in the game.

Jets Win 20-13 

*5) 2-2 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills-DID NOT PLAY 

*6) 2-6-1 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers-

Cam Newton must be talking to himself as the organization traded away his best receivers over the summer. Remember Newton did not play any downs in spring season. This is costing Carolina. The only bright spot for the Black and Powder Blue Cats was Jonathan Stewart.

Too many dropped passes in the first half for the Panthers and it cost them the game.

images4P8W8II5The Carolina Panthers never had a chance. They walked into the Link Monday Night and into a nest of angry Birds. The Eagles capitalized on every Carolina mistake, eight, in the first half as Philadelphia gets a 31-7 halftime lead.

Cam Newton (25-40 for 306 yards and two touchdowns) did not look like the old Cam Newton. Number one had one fumble, three interceptions, and was sacked nine times. It seemed like he had trouble just leaving the huddle after the play was called, he had trouble running away from Eagle linemen chasing him all night long and his difficulty throwing the long bomb, the ball fell short each time. By the third quarter the Philly defense had seven sacks.

Second string Philadelphia quarterback Mark Sanchez (20-35 for 336 yards and two touchdowns) felt right at home in the Eagle offensive system. Sanchez has to finish this season due to Nick Foles injury two weeks ago. This might be his second coming like many other NFL quarterbacks. The second time could be the charm for the former (USC) Univ. of Southern California quarterback.

New York Jet fans must be crying in their stadium beer watching the new and improved Sanchez wearing another shade of green and just down Interstate 195

Eagles win 45-21

*7) 3-2 Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings-BYE WEEK

 *8) 0-2 Robert Griffin III– The Washington Football Club- BYE WEEK

PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company stops supporting Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s team name. The corporate name of FedEx should be removed from the stadium.

TOTAL 20-28-1

WEEK 3-2

Black Head Coaches- 4

3-6-1 Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach- images63IUEHAH

The Carolina Panthers have to surround Rookie All Pro quarterback Cam Newton with all star wide receivers or this team could be in trouble the rest of this year. Stating all of this they are still in the NFC South race. Newton has to get healthy in order for the baby blue and black cats to enter the 2014 playoffs in January.

Eagles win 45-21

5-3-1 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals- The Cinn. Bengals could only muster three points in the first quarter as their cross state rival Cleveland Browns came to town meaning business. The Browns defense shutdown the Bengals. The Dog pound made some loud barking noise in the Queen City as their team took over 1st place in NFC North Division. They are no longer the laughing stock of the league.

Terrence West (26 carries-94 yards and one touchdown) and the Browns ran all day.

Browns win 24-3 

6-4 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers-

It was a very bad day for the Pittsburgh Steelers too many mistakes as many stated all week that Ben Roethlisberger (30-43 for 343 yards) would score another six touchdowns on the weak New York defense. It did not happened The Jets sacked Big Ben twice stopping Steelers drives. The Steelers could not get to Michael Vick and it cost them this game. Losing the ball in your side of the field also contributed to this loss.

Jets win 20-13  

7-2 Mr. Caldwell- Detroit Lions-

The Indianapolis Colts must be kicking themselves for letting Caldwell leave Lucas Field. The Lions are having one of their best defensive seasons in the modern era. The Detroit Lions had a good defense Mr. Caldwell just made them better this year, teaching them the Tampa Two defense and to follow through on plays which the Lions never have done. The Lions also have acquired discipline on the line which Detroit lacked for many years.

Matthew Stafford, (25-40 with 280 yards and two touchdowns) is also having one of his better years. Stafford threw the winning touchdown with time running out. Calvin Johnson (7 catches for 113 yards and one touchdown) returns to the lineup and it helps the Lions offense stretching the Miami Dolphin defense.

Lions win 20-16df 

1-8 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Quarterback Josh McCown (27-40 with 301 yards and two touchdowns) who has not taken a snap since game one, came in for Glennon but the Bucs were not ready for the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan had one of his best days in 2014. Nothing seems to be going right for Tampa Bay this year with the current seven game losing streak. Michael Evens could be a star in the making with two outstanding catches, one for a Tampa Bay Touchdown.


The Bucs hung in there with a 17-17 tie in the fourth quarter, and then the Birds put the pedal to the metal with 10 points in five minutes ending this game. Atlanta had help with two Tampa Bay interceptions.

This is the second time the Falcons have beaten them.

The Buccaneers are in rebuilding mood just hoping Mr. Smith last that long.

Falcons win 27-7     

TOTAL 22-23-2 WEEK- 1-4

Black General Managers-6 5-4 Buffalo Bill- Doug Whaley-

The Buffalo Bills had the chance to win this game with two minutes left but Kyle Orton (29-48 with 259 yards and one touchdown) and the offense could not connect in the end-zone. Orton threw an interception that sealed the deal for the Bills. That was not the first time Orton threw four incomplete passes about two minutes earlier. Many Dallas Cowboy and Chicago Bear fans just smiled as if saying that’s the man, the quarterback we know.

Buffalo Wide out Chris “WHAT CHA YOU GONNA DO BROTHER?” Hogan scored and a touchdown and created a critical fumble that might have turn the tide from the Bills to the Chiefs.

The Bills defense with Williams, Hughes, and Dareus did their job keeping the team in the game with six sacks of Alex Smith. Kansas City wins 17-13.

 7-2 Detroit Lion Martin Mayhew

LOOK ABOVE Lions Win 20-16.

 4-5 Houston Texan Rick Smith-BYE WEEK

 3-6 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reeseny

Just like the New York Jets there could be some whole sell changes in Big Blue Land as the Geemen stumble and bumble their way through this game in the second half.

The Giants started out well with Eli Manning (29-44 for 268 yards and one touchdown) working with star Rookie Odell Beckham Jr. Manning also had a fumble and interception with 4 sacks, that did not help. The Giants actually had the lead at the end of the second period 17-10.

The Giant offensive linemen are not giving the quarterback the protection needed to complete plays. This broke down in the second half and the New York offense broke down too. Seattle’s cloudy, rainy, and cold weather set the mood for the Giants. That has been the season for the New York Football Giants.

Seahawks win 38-17

6-4 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome-

The Ravens started out slow as the Titians scored first and kept Baltimore off the board with tight defense. That all fell apart for Tenn. as the Ravens took advantage and scored its first touchdown on a fumble. Flacco would get his motor started with three long drives. The Purple Bird offense kept the Titians off the field the rest of the day with running back Justin Forsett carrying the Purple Birds with 20 rushes for 112 yards and two touchdowns. Tennessee’s young quarterback, Mettenberger got pressured by the strong Raven front line causing him to make critical mistakes.

Ravens win 21-7 

raiders0-9 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie

The Raiders are now officially out of the playoff picture. Actually the Black and Silver played well the first ten minutes of this game knocking down three Payton Manning passes and disrupting the Bronco offense.

Derek Carr (30-47 for 192 yards and two touchdowns) kept the Raiders in the game the first half and Oakland had the lead in the middle of the second period with Carr to Butler five yard pass for a touchdown and 10-6 lead. Carr also had two critical interceptions that gave Denver momentum.

Manning and the Broncos scored 27 unanswered points for the victory.

Broncos win 41-17

TOTAL 25-30 WEEK 2-3

Black Ownership -0-

This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended. Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email garyngray@blackathlete.com Norris19@Wordpress.com ©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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