Most of White America Supports Ferguson Policemen Darren Wilson . . . Really!

Updated: October 9, 2014

Darren Wilson, Darren Wilson, Darren Wilson . . . !

Ring-a-ling-ling, Ding-a-ling-ling . . .  that sound you people hear,  hopefully, hopefully, for the sake of a lost-people, is the fabled 2:37, in-the-AM wake-your ass up call which will, lord willin’  wake us  Black folks from our half-century long Walt Disney –  “It’s M Small World” daydream of national colorblindness.

Here’s an honest guesstimation; Most of White America “supports”  Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson . . . most believe he deserves an award. Despite blowing an unarmed, cigar-stealing Michael Brown’s head off – they’ve got Wilson’s back.

Just as millions have George Zimmerman’s back . . .

 I tell you there’s something very redundant, reciprocal and repetitive about Black and White race relations in America. The disrespect and contempt harbored by most of White America is a constant.

Most Afro-Americans would be shocked, mortified,  horrified . . . terrified to discover their safety, and security, their future and fate may at times rest in the hands of men and women who support Darren Wilson – who, for all intent purposes executed an unarmed man-cub. Why was he killed? Because there’s unspoken 500 year-old “rules” and “givens” within White culture towards Blacks; We are the equivalent of a wild animal . . . and can be treated as-such at any time.

According-to Archie Bunker and the Republican TEA Party – Indians are savages, Mexicans are treacherous snakes, Asians are devious little monkeys, women are worthless wenches, rich people are better than poor people   . . . one gets the picture, yes?  There’s always a reason to overreact – shoot first, think later . . .  you’re dealing with quasi/semi – sub-humans. how else can one explain American history?

How many While folks are both sportsfans and Darren Wilson fans . . . well  . . . a few days ago  racial tension spilled-over from Ferguson, Mo., into nearby St. Louie on Monday night, where a handful of protesters as they hoisted signs, chanted protest slogans for Michael Brown, they were met by predominantly  White Cardinals fans who taunted them with chants about poverty, Africa and in support of the white officer in the center of the shooting.

It was all  caught on video outside of Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals took on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League playoff game. A group of protesters massed outside Gate 4, a smoking section outside the stadium, and began urging “Justice for Mike Brown!”

Sports Fan smokers clad in Cardinals jersey responded to chants with jeers of “Let’s Go Darren!” in reference to Wilson.

One fan taped over the name across the back of a Cardinals jersey and hand wrote “I am Darren Wilson.”

“If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!” yelled one elderly white man.

Cardinals fans, at various points in the video yelled at the protesters to “get a job” and “Go to Cuba.” In the middle of a “USA” chant, one fan began shouting “Africa” at the protesters. One blonde woman even approached the protesters to yell “we’re the ones who fucking gave all y’all the freedoms that you got!

Yes, these are some of  the loving, adoring sports fans Black men are “performing for” and entertaining.

I ask; If Darren Wilson attended a MLB or NFL game . . . he’d get a standing ovation from the vastly White male crowd, no? Ask that question ESPN’s Colin Cowherd,, Stephen. A. , Skip don’t bail on me on this one . . .  or Mike n’ Mike, ask that one, explore that for a couple of days or months . .  .

MSNBC commentator, Professor Michael Eric Dyson tried to make this point on the Alex Wagner Show. – Most White folks are Darren Wilson, and therefore it’s OPEN SEASON on Black Bears and Black people. That’s why the gun n’ ammo shelves are bare at Wal-Marts across the land . . .

Black folks are at-war with themselves, White folks and Ebola . . . ain’t this a bitch?

The guy who’s looking over your  kidney transplant, your kid’s math teacher, or your son’s little league football team’s head coach . . . is he, or she Darren  Wilson? How many bank loan officers, cops,  salesmen and yes even sports fans  . . . are Mr. Wilson?

Jokers to my left, clowns to my Right, here we are stuck in the flippin’ middle.

Don’t want to think about such an terrifying, yet highly probable scenario do you my middle class Black compadres? You “Color is irrelevant it’s all about your accomplishments and credentials” crowd, you simplistically micro–minded  small “a” aristocrats raised on The Cosbys, who love to ski and into Yoga . .  . wake up negro!

Somebody go get the Undisputed Truth “Smiling Faces” 45 and put it on.

Just the mere notion that you and your loved ones must, just based on simple levels of probability  – interact, everyday, with White folks, who at the end of the day . . . would pop-a-cap in your Black-ass just as soon as look at you

I’m not out-of-line nor tossing-around verbal molotov cocktails  when I say most of the White US Secret Service agents support Darren Wilson . . . that’s just a logical calculation.

With that noted; This President would be in better, more sympathetic/empathetic committed hands if Louis Farrakhan’s Fruit Of Islam were employed to escort him around . . . the rest of his life, and that of his family’s lives, good lord what did these folks sign up for?

I’d hypothesis here by stting Spike got it right year’s ago Black superstar athletes –  like Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter – they’re Black, while the rest of us are niggers, even Obama.

Black men are Public Enemy #1, have  some tell it.

So it’s understandable in White folks eyes when other White folks over-react . . to Blacks – because they don’t deem any amount of extreme maximum force as over-the-top, ‘my God man, the officer was in a battle with King Kong . . .!” Some Black Brut  with an 11-inch penis, who can jump through the roof, run through the wall, outrun a jungle cat . . . float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, make love to your snow bunny  like you never could  . . . .

If I’m lying I’m flying . . . and my feets is on God’s green earth as I pound-out these thoughts.

See, in America. circa 2014,  Herman Cain and Uncle C. Thomas are the only “enlightened,” “good” Negroes . . . who agree with the Redneck Agenda. The rest of us are, yes still merely  “niggers” in the eyes of the millions and millions of Darren Wilson’s supporters.


Alarming, no?

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