Updated: October 9, 2014

By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Last year African American quarterbacks reached for the stars with success. One weekend on the grid-iron ten Black quarterbacks started and garnered a 7-1 record with two injuries and two no decisions in week number seven. That was history but the American Sports media did not notice nor report it. The question should be asked why only six quarterbacks of color starting in the National Football League?


This week’s games

Minnesota vs. Green Bay- Thursday Night

Houston vs. Dallas

Buffalo vs. Detroit

Baltimore vs. Indianapolis

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans

Atlanta vs. New York Football Giants

Chicago vs. Carolina

Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville

New York Jets vs. San Diego

Kansas City vs. San Francisco

Cincinnati vs. New England- Sunday Night

Seattle vs. The Washington Football Club- Monday Night

* Black Quarterbacks- 7*

*1) 3-1 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks-

It’s not fair that teams have to find a way to stop number three, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, The Field General, Russell Wilson. The Hawks should have scored 60 points in this game. The Washington Football Club had no clue how to stop them. The Aqua Birds had over 300 yards in the first half.. Three Seattle touchdowns were called back and two Red Zone (Ball inside the 20 yard line) Seahawk possessions were called back due to offensive penalties. Wilson ran the Washington Football Club silly with over 122 yards rushing on 12 attempts, with two 20 yards run in the first half. Running back Marshawn Lynch stuffed the ball down Washington’s neck for a touchdown and 45 yards on 5 carries.

Russell Wilson (18-24 for 201 yards, ran for a touchdown and threw for two more touchdowns) guided this team to easy victory with time consuming drives in the second half.

Mr. Wilson was the forth quarterback to throw and run for over 100 yards on Monday night. Randall Cunningham- Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb-Philadelphia Eagles and Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers are the other three.marach

*2) 3-2 Colin Kaepernick– San Francisco 49ers-

This was the rematch of former teammates Kappy vs. Alex Smith, many Niner fans still argue which quarterback would lead this team to dominate the NFC West division. Kaepernick won this round 22-17. Colin went 14-26 for 201 yards and one touchdown. Mr. Cool Breeze got sacked 4 times and that’s very disturbing because Kappy got sacked 3 times last week and the question needs to be asked, What’s going on with the offensive line?

K.C. Coach Andy Reid took some risky chances that cost the Chiefs the game with fake punt and running for fourth down.

The Niners turned the tables and used the same fake punt to keep a time management drive alive in the third quarter.

The Niners took control of this game in the 2nd half keeping the ball away from Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Cherry and Gold had three drives to field goals by Dawson in the fourth quarter, keeping the ball for over 20 minutes. Frank Gore like last week kept the San Francisco running game in tact with over 100 yards rushing. Niners win 22-17.

 vick*3) 1-4 Geno Smith- New York Jets-

With each passing week Rex Ryan’s job becomes an open book and this week was no exception. Rex seems to be throwing Geno Smith to the wolves and the Jets are slowly sinking in the east.

The Jets left their mojo at The Meadowlands in North Jersey and get swamped by Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers 31-0. This game was over in the first quarter as the Bolts scored 14 points in minutes. The New York Jets defense did not show up, missing calls, missing tackles, blowing down field coverage’s. New York blitzed too many times and San Diego capitalized.. This did not help Geno Smith (4-12 for 27 yards and one interception) who struggled in the first half. Veteran Michael Vick (8-19 for 47 yards and two sacks) in the second half did not do much better because the Charger linemen were disregarding the run and collapsing the pocket. The Jets still did not score.

 *4) 2-2 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills-DID NOT PLAY

Do not know what’s going on in Northwestern New York but Manuel did not play and the Bills won 17-14. There are rumors that Manuel might be having problems picking up receivers following his progressions when he is on the run…. These are code words by the media and coaches for keeping Black quarterbacks in the pocket and throwing the ball. This is the history of the running Black quarterback, meanwhile in Carolina, San Francisco, and Seattle the brothers are working it out.

*5) 2-2 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers-

Cam Newton (19-35 for 255 yards and two touchdowns with one interception) escapes the Bear claw as the Panthers beat the Chicago Bears 31-24. The Panthers kept the ball moving using the no huddle offense in the second half. This wore out Chicago, keeping the Bear defense on the field. Carolina did not get their motor started until Bears cornerback Lance Briggs late interception in the second quarter of Cam Newton. The Cats shut the door after that and did not let the Bears score again. Ending Carolina’s two game losing streak.

 *6) 1-0 Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings-DID NOT PLAY

The Minnesota Vikings error on the side of caution on Thursday night benching Mr. Teddy Bridgewater for the Green Bay Packer game. WISE decision as the Packers scored first with quarterback Aaron Rogers and the Pack just kept scoring all night long. The Pack won its 2nd straight game with this 42-10 victory. Viking quarterback Christian Ponder ran for his life the whole game and threw two interceptions, one for a Green Bay touchdown. The Purple and Gold can’t wait for Teddy Bridgewater to return.kirk

 *7) 0-1 Robert Griffin III– The Washington Football Club- DID NOT PLAY

This team is in trouble as they could not stop the Seattle Seahawks. The only bright spot in this game would be the speed of ex Eagle wide out DeSean Jackson, who scored a 60 yard touchdown on a pass from Kurt Cousins in the second quarter.

The Washington Football Club can’t wait until Robert Griffin III returns.

PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company stops supporting Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s team name. The corporate name of FedEx should be removed from the stadium.


3-1 Black Head Coaches- 4

3-2 Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach-

The Cats escape the Bears grasp with a fourth quarter drive leading to a powder blue and black touchdown. The Cats defense led the way in this victory recovering four Chicago turnovers and closing the door in the second half. The Panthers now lead the NFC South division.  The Carolina Panthers win 31-24.

 3-1 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals-

The Bengals had a week off and the New England Patriots did not care, scoring 14 points in the first quarter. Brady and the gang must have had a lot on their minds because they were not talking to the media. They just played football Sunday Night. The Halloween Cats did not score until the second quarter too little too late. It was 20-3 by halftime.

Quarterback Andy Dalton (15-24 for 204 yards and two touchdowns) rallied Cincinnati with a touchdown pass on their first possession in the second half to Mohamed Sanu.  The game ended when Dalton was sacked for the first time this year in the first minute of the fourth quarter.

The New England Patriots win 43-17

images68AYVKUV3-2 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers-

The Steelers had a rough first half with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was the second best half for the Cats since the first half of the Philadelphia Eagle game. The half ended with Pittsburgh leading 10-6.

Coach Tomlin must have had a very loud conversation in the locker-room because the old Steel Curtin appeared on the field the second half, shutting down the Jags. The back-breaker was the interception by corner back Brice McCain for a touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger had a pedestrian day (26-36 for 273 yards and one touchdown); Big Ben hit the turf four times with four Jaguar sacks. Wide out Antonio Brown breaks NFL record with five receptions in five straight games. The Pittsburgh Steelers win 17-9

 3-2 Mr. Caldwell- Detroit Lions-

Hope the Lions don’t look back at this game at the end of the season. The Motor City Kitties had a 14-6 lead but could not score again. Ex Norte Dame Star Golden Tate (7 receptions for 176 yards and one touchdown) did his job but it was not enough for the Lions. Detroit loses 17-14 on a Buffalo Bill field goal by Dan Carpenter with seconds left in the game. Quarterback Matthew Stafford went 18-31 for 221 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Stafford was sacked six times which stopped three Lions drives that contributed to this loss.

 1-4 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Lovie Smith must be pulling his hair out, what hair he has left. This team had this game in their back pockets and let it slip out. The Bucs had control of this game the first half in fact they had the New Orleans Saints reeling in the third quarter.  The Tampa Bay roof caved in and the Saints scored 18 points in the second half to send the game into overtime. Quarterback Mike Glennon did all that he could dueling with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Glennon went 19-32 for 249 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Tampa Bay loses in overtime 37-31.

TOTAL 13-11 WEEK-2-3doung

Black General Managers-6

3-2 Buffalo Bill- Doug Whaley- The Buffalo Bills benched E.J. Manuel and put in ex-Dallas Cowboy Kyle Orton at the quarterback position . The GLC has issues with Orton. The way he left Dallas was pitiful stating that he was retired. Orton should have said he did not want to play in Dallas and should have asked to be traded. Instead he retired, sitting on the couch waiting for a phone call. The Buffalo Bills made that call.

All of the sportscasters are asking the question WHY? The Bills offense sputtered and chugged along for three quarters while the Buffalo defense kept the team in this game. The Bills circled the wagons around Orton as he threw the tying score to Chris Gregg at the nine minute mark of the fourth quarter. Bills win on a field goal by Dan Carpenter, to close out the game with four seconds left.

3-2 Detroit Lion Martin MayhewSEE ABOVE

3-2 Houston Texan Rick Smith-

Sunday was heartbreak city for the Houston Texan fan as the Dallas Cowboys defeat Houston 37-31 to win the NFL Texas championship. Houston had control of this game until late in the fourth quarter. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick did all that he could (16-25 for 154 yards and one critical interception) but it was not enough as The Boys win in overtime.

 3-2 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reese

It took some time for Big Blue to crank up their motors as the Dirty Birds of Atlanta stayed strong the first half. The Falcons took the lead at halftime with a Matt Bryant field goal with three seconds to go in the first half.

The United States Marine officer and head coach Tom Coughlin may have barked orders to the New York Football Giants because they came out in the second half taking names. Eli Manning (19-39 for 200 yards and two touchdowns) installed the no huddle offense and the team moved down the field quickly. Rookie number one draft choice Odell Beckham Jr. scores his first NFL touchdown. The GEE men beat Atlanta 30-20 for their third victory in a row. Now it’s on to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the green bird Eagles on Sunday night.

 3-2 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome-oz

The score was 13-20 but the purple birds were never in this game. Andrew Luck and the Colts dominated the first half and kept the Ravens off the field. Indianapolis make a decision to run the ball down Baltimore’s neck and it worked. This made the Raven linebackers move up a few yards open to attack by air and that’s what Mr. Luck did.

Quarterback Joe Flacco did not have a great day with six sacks and one interception. Flacco (22-38 for 238 yards and one touchdown) also was running for his life the first half and it showed on the scoreboard.

 0-4 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzieBYE WEEK

The Oakland Raiders really needed this week off to get their house in order.

RAIDER NATION, PRIDE AND POISE, and JUST WIN BABY!!!! are distant memories just as COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE seems to be a fading thought in the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. TOTAL 15-14 WEEK 2-3 Black Ownership -0- This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended. Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email garyngray@blackathlete.com Norris19@Wordpress.com ©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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