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By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Last year African American quarterbacks reached for the stars with success. One weekend on the grid-iron ten Black quarterbacks started and garnered a 7-1 record with two injuries and two no decisions in week number seven. That was history but the American Sports media did not even notice nor report this accomplishment. The question should be asked why only six quarterbacks of color starting in the National Football League?
This week’s games
Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Thurs. Night
San Diego vs. Buffalo
Tennessee vs. Cincinnati
Baltimore vs. Cleveland
Green Bay vs. Detroit
Oakland vs. New England
Houston vs. New York Football Giants
San Fran. vs. Arizona
Denver vs. Seattle
Pittsburgh vs. Carolina
Chicago vs. New York Jets
* Black Quarterbacks- 6*
*1) 2-1 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills- The Bills were ambushed by Phillip Rivers and the upstart San Diego Chargers 22-10. The Chargers ran the ball on the Buffalo defense which made Mr. Rivers job easier. Manuel (23-39-for 238 yards and one touchdown) seemed to have connecting problems with his receivers all day and had to play catch up. Rookie receiver Sammy Watkins got double teamed most of the day and still managed eight passes for 117 years and one touchdown. This is a star in the making in the Northern Western New York area.  Manuel and the Bills will circle the wagons for the next game.
*2) 1-1 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers- The Pittsburgh Steelers defense had bad news for Cam “The Man” Newton. The Teflon Curtin made it difficult to pass and run all day. Newton could not get out of the pocket and it cost the Panthers with one fumble and one interception. Newton went 24-35 for 250 yards and one touchdown. Carolina loses 37-19.   
*3) 2-1 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks- There is a reason we here at BASN call Russell Wilson “The General” who went 24 for 34 with two  touchdowns and one interception. Wilson does it again making sure Payton Manning and the offensive Denver Broncos never get back on the field in overtime. Number three got pounded all day as the Denver defense sack him three times in this defensive rematch. General Wilson guided his Hawks to the winning touchdown and a 26-20 Seahawk victory. The American Sports media refuses to give Mr. Wilson credit even after he won the Super Bowl last year. 
628x471*4) 1-2 Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco 49ers- The Niners are in trouble as they keep committing senseless penalties, not protecting their quarterback in the pocket, and some questionable coaching decisions at the end of games.
The San Fran. 49ers lose to the undefeated upstart Arizona Cardinals 23-14 as Colin Kaepernick could not find receivers running into the Cardinal swarming defenders. Kap went 29-34 for 245 yards and one touchdown with one sack.
The Niners tried the five wide out position and it confused the Red Birds the first half. San Francisco did not use this play in the second half and it cost them a victory.
It’s early in the season but the cherry and gold have to find answers before the Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks run away and hide in the NFC West division.   
*5) 1-2 Geno Smith- New York Jets- Remember the song “Bennie and The Jets”, by English rock legion Sir Elton John? The New York Jets remind me of the 1980 top ten hit when they enter Met Life Field. Well Geno and the Jets struggled all through the first half and it may have cost New York the game. Two interceptions and two fumblesNew York Jets v Carolina Panthers and numerous penalties stopped Jet early drives. It seemed like Mr. Smith ran for his life all night. The New York defense kept them in the game but the Bears fourth quarter drive that ended with a 40 yard field goal killed the Jets chances for victory. Smith went 26-43 and 316 yards with one touchdown and two sacks. The Bears defense stopped Smith and the Jets on their last drive with time running out. Chicago wins 27-19. 
*6) 0-1 Robert Griffin III- The Washington Football Club- DID NOT PLAY
The Capitol city team took an early commanding lead on the run and gun Philadelphia Eagles 17-7. The Green Birds do it again letting their opponent have a double digit lead before waking up and playing football. Kurt Cousins guided the Washington Football Club with a 30-40 for 427 yards and three touchdowns. Everybody was focusing on the return of wide out DeSean Jackson to the City of Brotherly Love.
The Eagles did their thing in second half with 37-34 testy thriller. Eagle quarterback Nick Foles gets smashed by linemen Baker in the third quarter and then Baker gets disqualified from the game after 40 man scrum in the middle of the field. The officials had to separate each team before play could resume. Cant wait for the rematch later this season in Washington.
PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company extricates itself from supporting team owner Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s name. The corporate name of FedEx, should be removed from the stadium in Prince George County, Maryland.
TOTAL-7-8 WEEK 1-4
Not a good week for the brothers behind center. A few of them are glad the bye weeks are approaching
Black Head Coaches- 4
marvinlewis1.) 2-1 Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach- The Panthers never reached their groove until it was too late. Rivera and Carolina have to move on to the next game.
2.) 3-0 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals- The undefeated Halloween Cats are not playing as they smash the Tennessee Titians 33-7.  The defense wanted a shutout. Dalton and the Cats scored in many different ways including an Andy Dalton touchdown pass. This could be the year the Cats make it to the Super Bowl.
3.) 2-1 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers blow out Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers as the defense shows up for a change. Pitts win 37-19.
4.) 2-1 Jim Caldwell- Detroit Lions- There is a new movement in Motown as the Blue and Silver Cats defeat the Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers. Coach Caldwell might have the Detroit Lions believing in themselves with 19-7 victory.
5.) 0-3 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This could be the longest season in Northern Florida since the orange popsicles uniform days. With or without the Tampa Two Defense. Bucs lose big to the Atlanta Falcons and Matty “Ice” Ryan 56-14. The Falcons put in the second squad in the fourth quarter and the Bucs finally scored their 14 points. The game ended in the third quarter for all intended purpose. Lovie Smith might need to get a few bottles of Pepto Bismol because this team will struggle. 
TOTAL 9-6 WEEK 3-2
African American coaches had a better week then the quarterbacks with above 500 record
Black General Managers-6
1.) 2-1 Buffalo Bill- Doug Whaley- SEE ABOVE (E.J.Manuel)
2.) 2-1 Houston Texan Rick Smith- This team is a mystery just like the Forrest Gump Movie. The Houston Texans are like a box of chocolate, “You never know what you’re going get”. Last week the Texans beat the Oakland Raiders and looked good doing it but this week they looked like a team lost on the field. The Texans special teams lost this game with fumbles and miscues.
Quarterback Fitzpatrick threw for three interceptions, ran for a touchdown, and threw for a touchdown. Number 14 went 20-39 for 299 yards and a 30-17 defeat by the New York Football Giants.
3.) 2-1 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome- The Purple Birds slip by the Cleveland Browns as the Ray Rice domestic violence issue continue to grow. Baltimore wins on last second field goal 23-21. The Browns gift wrapped this game for the Birds with two missed field goals early and 12 penalties.
There may be some issues in the Raven front office as the season moves on. Reports have been surfacing the Ozzie Newsome and Owner Steve Biscotti wanted to keep Rice. Head coach Jim Harbaugh wanted to move Rice out of the locker room. The Birds just keep playing and winning games.
Justin Tucker’s 32 yard field goal stopped the noise at lease for another week in Baltimore. Quarterback Joe Flacco had a stable game with 19 for 32 and 217 yards with one touchdown.   
4.) 2-1 Detroit Lion Martin Mayhew- there might be a change in the field goal department as Nate Freese missed another 40 yard chance in the first half. It did not cost the Lions the game this week but it could in the future. Detroit beat The Green Bay Packers 19-7 as the Lion defense took center stage Sunday afternoon.New York Giants Practice   
5.) 1-2 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reese- The Football Giants now have a life as they defeat the hapless Houston Texans 30-17 for their first victory of the 2014 season. The Big Blue secondary snaps up three interceptions by Houston quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. New York has to find a way to keep the offensive momentum from the first half into the second half.
Eli Manning finally shows up with a solid 21 for 28 day and 234 yards. Manning had and two touchdowns with one sack. The New York Football Giants love to dig a hole for themselves before starting to play good football. This cannot happen this year with the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles and the new and improved Dallas Cowboys who seem to have righted the ship in the NFC East Division.
6.) 0-3 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie- RAIDER NATION, PRIDE AND POISE, JUST WIN BABY!!!! are distant memories just as COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE seem to be fading thoughts in the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.
The East Bay men in black played much better against the New England Patriots 17-9. The Raiders held down Captain America, Tom Brady for three quarters and only trailed America’s team 10-9 after three quarters.
Rookie Derek Carr went 21-34 for 174 yards and one critical interception. Carr tried to outduel veteran New England quarterback Tom Brady who went 24-37 for 234 yards with two sacks, one interception that should have been two interceptions. New England gets another National Football League Patriot call by the referees.
TOTAL 9-9 WEEK 3-3
The General Managers ride the 500 line with each passing week
Black Ownership -0- This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended.
Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League.
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com
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