Russell Wilson Has Defeated All The Great White Hopes . . . . And Still He Get’s Little Respect.

Updated: September 22, 2014

Russel Wilson’s going to have-to shove his greatness  down-the-throats of some, perhaps many before they’ll admit he’s the best “Field General” in the NFL.

Russell Wilson’s now defeated a string of  “Great White Hopes” – the entire current-day Mount Throw-more heroes  who’ve been ordained by the gridiron establishment as “saviors” of yesterday’s  game; Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees. However because the NFL is culturally where the NBA was in 1980 – overly-fearful of becoming a “too-Black” league . . . desperately looking-for Larry Birds . . . Wilson’s domination of these great-ones, along with a Superbowl Victory over Captain White Man himself,  Peyton Manning – is being deliberately,  strategically minimized if not dismissed by a vastly all-White sports-press corp.  Which honestly, at times serves as nothing-more than merely hairy cheerleaders amplifying the exploits of their  “Great White Hopes . . . .”

Can we take this one straight, no chaser; White America is constantly searching for “Captain Kirks” to be hoisted-up as “Captain America.” Inflatable poster-boys for the league to present to its highly-valued White male  fan/consumer-base of the NFL which prefers its sports-heroes be Caucasian.

See, Wilson scares-the-hell out of the NFL brain-trust and a large, aging portion of  sports-fans because it appears he contradicts all the gutter-low expectations held for a Black Signal Caller – he’s got character, brains, guts and unbridled-drive.  Wilson’s  humble and he ‘s a hard-worker – attributes most White folks seldom employ when describing Afro-Americans . . . even the Ivy League educated husband and father in the White House . . ..

Wilson has not only defeated the leagues version of The Osmonds, he has been dubbed better than the Anointed One –  Sir Andrew Luck, son of the artful dodger, Oliver of Luck . . . Understand Luck is regarded as the chosen one, not Matty Ice or The Motor-less City’s Hitman, Stafford, but Andy-Boy is the man  to take the baton from Brady and Manning, uphold the man-made myth that really, at the end of the day – only White men come equipped-with the brains, brawn and manners to make them Eagle Scouts.

But, now we’ve on the record  Denver Broncos Defensive back Chris Harris contradicting the experts, and opening this can of funky-ass worms.  Harris  battled both Luck’s Colts and Wilson’s Seahawks this season, defeating Indianapolis but losing to Seattle.

He’s the best quarterback we’ve played so far,” Harris said of Wilson. “I don’t know why they keep saying Andrew Luck is better than him. He’s not better than Russell Wilson.”

Why? Why you ask my naive Bronze gladiator?

Well, for sure it’s not because Russell is “short . . . ”  It’s mostly because he’s Black.

Now Tom Jackson and Chris Carter over at ESPN can’t say that – Prime and The Play-maker can’t even allude to the notion over at the NFL Channel –  their handlers/overseers wouldn’t permit the conversations which are carried-on in Black Barbershops everyday and the observations had in Black sportsbars every weekend to be “planted and advanced” on their airwaves.  Yet we all know there’s always a few interpretations of an incident or event – and those conclusions tend to differ based on an individuals personal perspective – which is dictated by one’s life experience.  My path, my walk-down this road called life is far-different than that of most White folks, as it is for my ebony peers – but our opinions and viewpoints are dismissed as irrelevant, bias and far-too-emotional to be heard around the campfire.

Only White guys can tell an unbiased account of events . . .

Ain’t that a  bitch?

Of course Wilson is better, i.e., more-productive than Luck, I’d argue so is Cam Newton and Kap out in San Fran . . . Just as Obama is a far-smarter man than former Presidents George W., or for that matter Bush 42’. He’s better than Ford and Nixon . . . but you n’ I know the journalistic cheerleaders manning the keyboards won’t tell that story, nor will corporate ownership  allow anyone like me a national stage to say just that.

Multi-gazillionaire  Philip Anschultz once closed-down one of his radio stations because I was on one of his mics telling the truth about Ronny “666” Ray-Gun when he died . . . that’s a badge-of-honor for me.

Look. it’s no secret – today’s Black QB’s  are a new but already  “endangered species . . . ” because they’re black, Their road is not ” laid, paved n’ well-lit” as it is for Luck . . . forgive me, but I refuse-to  dismiss these culture-war realities and tote-around some Black Republican color-blind company-line. Sorry, I can’t accommodate you people, go read somebody else.


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