Don’t Pretend To Be Shocked – The NFL Reflects An America Stuck In The Stone-Ages. . . .

Updated: September 16, 2014

How undeniable is it? America’s wide, wide world of sports reflects the quasi-prehistoric world we live-in today.

I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be surprised,  one Sunday when a player’s hit so hard   . . . his head rolls across the frozen tundra of some NFL field .  .  and sportsfans go cra-cra. See, the NFL is merely giving the people “what they want.”

Please note: Ray Rice’s jerseys being donned by women, with “pride” illustrates how men have brainwashed women,  beaten and broken them to the point some. . . believe the lies.

Those women in Rice’s Raven jersey’s are akin to Black Republicans . ..  both are  livin n’ breathin’ oxymorons, contradictions of common-sense.

Let’s go with the obvious, the NFL is home to Alpha-Males – guys who a couple of centuries ago would have volunteered to be barbarians, killed to be Vikings, stood in line to be Zulu warriors, their playing the role of  21st century American Gladiators. Recognizing that; who’s “shocked” NFL players are beating their women-folk . . . and children?  Driving their hundred-thousand dollar cars a hundred miles an hour . . . Blowin’ their own hearts out. Involved in gangland-executions, rapes and drug distribution.

Think about it; What do rich barbarians do when not at work?

Adrian Peterson’s parenting philosophy constitutes criminal stupidity,  born out of ignorance, a lack-of information, knowledge, Regardless of how right he may think he, and our ancestors where . . . they’re all dead-wrong.

Beating someone isn’t the best policy for the institutions, organization and individuals

Paddling and spanking differ from beating.

Poor Black mancubs, raised-up under harsh-ass economic conditions, broken-families, socially marginalized, sidelined by discrimination, and segregated in both life and death. . . Their stories embodying the brutality of their cutthroat, dog-eat at 2nd world environment  . . . and, this is critical – a way-of-life reflecting the customs, traditions – the culture of their great, great grand forks – where brutalism was woven-into the “Black Experience” – it is the only world our forefathers knew and that violent mentality has unquestionably been passed on n’ down.

Nonetheless there’s a segment of our society (White folks) which is aghast at the physical violence woven into Black American culture. I implore them to read a little US History and they  won’t be surprised by the impact and influence of the brutal, vicious, savage environment  White folks imposed-upon Blacks unquestionably  had. Our violent historical experience, along with individual ignorance – be it inherited or self-induced ignorance , our Southern/rural/religious background contributes to our lack of “sophistication and enlightenment” and influences  our perspectives on relationships and child rearing.

All of the Red (Confederate) states allow paddling at school and spankings at home . .  and in the grocery store.

Think Mayberry RFD,  Petticoat Junction or Beverly Hillbillies . . . dipped in chocolate.  Ricky Bobby’s momma spanked his kids, right? Think of Peterson as Jethro Bowden, raising his youngin’s like Granny raised him.

The players have facilitators,  the league’s ownership, which is home to America’s privileged aristocrats . . .  who’re as tragically indifferent to wife-beating and appearently dismissive of child beating. The owners have been  reactive, and not pro-active in all their toothless overtures. Acting reluctantly and half-halfheartedly, and only after being forced to by public opinion.  These Wall Street SOBs reflect the ruthlessness which is common in corporate America . . . but seldom discussed.

Wal Mart pays their workers more than the NFL pays its cheerleaders.

Supremely privileged, isolated from the riff-raff, insulated from pain and conflict, possessing an unchecked ego, full-of conceit and self-importance – the NFL owners embody the concept of rich White men, full-of the unbridled-arrogance we in the Black world attribute-to, in-part,  the “spare the rod spoil the extremely well-to-do-child” – by doing so you create the Dan Snyder type country club/ contemporary Plantation owner mentality being exhibited routinely.

Jerry Jones provided us with merely a “snapshot”  of what goes on behind close doors

The league is full of arrogance and anger, it’s as if some of these cats have 3 or 4 testicles . . . at least, but not even 1 brain.

Whether we want to admit it or not the league reflects and embodies all the stone-age ills n’ woes which plague our so-called most advanced form of civilization known to humankind in the history of the flippin’ world. So logically, with that hypothesis in mind –  America must reflect the league, and it does. Rape, murder and mayhem plague this nation. Sexism and racism are woven into the very fabric of Ol Glory.

In the same breath . . . and cable news cycle, can you believe it,  the family of the former Governor of America’s last frontier, Sarah Palin were involved in a all-out Alaskan backyard brawl;  father, son, daughter, mom, grandma . . . everyone auditioning for Duck Dynasty’s  Fall Special on Rednecks Gone Wild . . .

Black people are waging war on themselves, White folks are randomly attacking any n’ everyone, in schools, theaters, malls . . .  what in the hell is wrong with us? And on both sides you’ve got folks who don’t want the Brown folks to cross-the-border and screw-up our Utopia. Just as we don’t want to see Michael Sams bust slob with his male snow bunny on global TV, they threatening our sacred institution known as marriage . . . the incubator for 75% of our domestic violence cases. . . there’s a good argument to be made here that, if we’re the flagship nation on this planet, then  good lord, we really haven’t progressed much over the last couple-of thousand of years  or so,  have we?

Evolving or revolving? As MLK said a half century-ago; Guided missiles and misguided minds .

Two-steps forward, one step-back.  Women are unquestionably 2nd class within all races populating  America.

As a nation, as a people, we’ve a problem – we must address  it or it will destroy or quality of life. This nation must start manufacturing “better” people, and how do you do that? By focusing on  making people “better”  a priority – by throwing resources like time, money and manpower into  . . making better people.

Real mainstream USA is a dysfunctional small-minded, simple-minded lot. We’re fascinated with “celebrity-hood,” Twitter n’ Facebook are mostly used as a gossip grapevine of mostly irrelevant, mindless gibberish about Hollywood, Broadway, your everyday life in  LA, the Big Apple, Mobile, or Spokane,  While Pro-sports  is used to provide the dumb-downed masses with an endless male soap-operas to keep us distracted and preoccupied with . . . bs.

“Bread and circuses”  . . . a phrase metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement,  used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.

But let’s stop here with the condemnation and admit this; while we’re distracted with sports and entertainment, Wall Street is facilitating the demise of our society. There’s minimal-effort to invest in the US,  in “old America” – inner city America.  By exporting breadwinner jobs to the four-corners of the globe to appease our Investor Class, we’ve screwed the working class, i.e., most of us. These self-centered elitist have undermined the American Dream, transformed the “Iron belt” into the “Rust belt,”  taken the flour and salt out of the “heartland” and “breadbasket” regions of the US, left well over 50% of us fighting each-other over the crumbs, while these bastards are burning money like dumbass Floyd Mayweather.

Our Military/techno/industrial complex has this country standing on the verge of willingly entering yet another Vietnam, another Iraq. While we,  the little-minded people are most-interested in . . . week 3 of the NFL season.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Thank you Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Michael Ingram

    September 17, 2014 at 2:45 am

    nicely done, bro…

  2. Tony McClean

    September 20, 2014 at 5:02 am

    Nailed it — again!!!

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