How Far-Away Are These So-Called “United” States From Some Redneck Declaring “OPEN SEASON” On Black Folks . . . ?

Updated: August 15, 2014

As I begin to settle into my very favorite  late-summer male soap opera –  the NFL, it appears the real-world done went and exploded . . . . Burn Baby Burn!  Talk-about a “ball of confusion.” This  hot-summer has all the flammable elements to be combustible, perhaps akin-to what America went through in the turbulent mid-1960’s.

Ferguson Missouri, 20 miles down-the-road from Saint Louie is ground-zero in a battle which Huey P. Newton , Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown and the Black Panthers were fighting a half-century ago . . . Most of you won’t dig this . . .  but dig this, from the 1966 Black Panther Party for Self Defense  “10-point program . . .”


We believe that the racist and fascist government of the United States uses its domestic enforcement agencies to carry out its program of oppression against black people, other people of color and poor people inside the United States. We believe it is our right, therefore, to defend ourselves against such armed forces and that all Black and oppressed people should be armed for self defense of our homes and communities against these fascist police forces.”

What’s changed?

Not a damn-thing but you n’ I.

Here’s what happened;  two generations of Afro-Americans began to naively-believe the fairy tale hype . . . which stated Black folks, as a people had “overcome.” Many, many of us thought White folks  . .  liked us. We childishly believed they no-longer cared if Blacks sat next to their kids in schools, bought n’ lived in the house next door and dated their daughters.

Yes, for whatever the reason, Black folks believed MLK/JFK/LBJ n’ RFK had somehow legislated decency, equality, morality, fairness and brotherhood.

Ponder this point; by the late 1970’s/early 80’s Black middle-class had abandoned and rejected the “militant” mentality of Black Power – we were all about GQ and Preppy, being corporate, working in the big house, moving to a house in the suburbs . . . call it the “Era of the House-Negroes,” that’s what we’ve changed-into  – a generation of House Negroes – and events like the executions in Ferguson/LA n’  the Big Apple, along with the Trayvon Martin episodes – these insults slap us in the face and remind us . .  we’re all still, despite house or field . . . we’re all still Niggers in the eyes of, not all but most White folks.

I know how difficult it is to accept that notion for most Black folks.

The town of Ferguson represents a power-struggle, and to be brutally blunt – the lack-of Black political representation and civil participation . . . in a town 65% Afro-American – is the direct by-product of Black apathy. The political ability, the numerical/financial  power to alter the landscape exist, but the interest and desire does not. If the Black population was motivated . . . they could be mobilized to change the make-up of the city council, the school board, police force, fire dept. etc., etc., etc.

We ain’t made like that no more.

Also as Malcolm X started half-a-century ago “no man just gives up power . . .”

Obviously most of us didn’t read Malcolm, some of us saw the movie . . .  . Our intellectual and academic curiosity is at an all-time low; don’t you titled Negroes concur? Ferguson, and the hundreds of similar towns across these so-called United States reflect that fact. We don’t exercise the power we do have, leaving us to the whims of ruthless Rednecks.


Unfortunately most Black folks haven’t read much about the history of this nation and our experiences here. I’m surprised and disappointed by the percentage of Blacks, many hi-highfalutin’ big shot folks who declare they’re  ‘surprised “ and have been  “enlightened” by films like Django Unchained, The Butler, 12 years a slave and “42” . . . gee, if it weren’t for Hollywood . . . most of these lost Negroes wouldn’t know, once again, a damn thing about who they are, where they are and what their parents n’ grandparents endured. The Police brutality and White vigilantism we are witnessing ramp-up are undeniably cornerstones in the Black American experience.

How do you keep a secret from a Black person . . .? Put it in a book, they’ll never, ever, never look there. And if you’re talking “non-fiction . . .”

Nonetheless  we are “up-on” every episode of LA Hair or Power . . . .  We don’t miss an NFL/NBA game, but we can’t find CSPAN?CNN?MSNBC or even the History Channel on the TV.

Who’s fault is that?

Better yet . . . whose responsibility was it to pass the story of our past n’ present, i.e., vital information on to our children? The parents/family/church . . . ? Or White teachers? In a land as divided and combustible as this country remains . . . and Black folks “entrust’ our children’s “education” to people who had to be convinced we were human . . .

Other Ethnic groups don’t. They have “Saturday Schools” and such to enlighten their kids as to what the real deal is.

We have forgotten, while others will never forget what was done to them.

Black folks have been so-very distracted by the glitter n’ gleam of the elusive American Dream . . . that culturally we plum-forgot to detail and explain the ordeal, the 400 year-long nightmare we just endeared to our children. So, as a people, in a semi-hostile land . . .  we’ve no idea where we’ve been, and thus, we’ve no goddamn idea where we’re going as a people.

We are doomed to repeat our past mistakes.

No, instead we focus on our kids “getting theirs” – from as much as you can get from the welfare system to the middle class – obsessed with attaining the suburban home, the Land Rover/B’mer/Benz, the Iphones/tablets and 99-inch plasma screens (blue unicorn blood), along with platinum blang and titanium bling adorning our bodies . . . these are our goals and priorities within Black popular culture today.

Get rich or die trying.

Black folks today tragically idolize Steve Jobs and other fat cats – because we have adopted and embraced the “God is money/Money is God”  morals n’ values that corporate America has for American citizens/consumers/customers . . . we are useful idiots, quasi-human pawns in a power grab.

Life ain’t nothin’ but bitches n’ money . ..  

Do you know how many Black folks I’ve run across with degrees . . . and they despise labor unions? They see themselves as apart of the business class establishment – apart of the US ” investor class.” They betray everything and everyone for personal profit.

Mislead n’ lead-astray  I’m sorry, but my people mystify n’ distress me . . . and on many occasions disgust the hell out of me.

As the turmoil unfolds in Ferguson, you’ve got Black parents from LA to the Chesapeake Bay, who for the first time are realizing their Black son’s are targets of the police . . . really?

Where in the hell have you people been? What are you thinking about? How delusional and idealistic can one be? You do your child a disservice if you don’t equip them for the “real world” you know tragically exist and they can’t really ever escape.

Every action of the Ferguson law enforcement forces has had that 1959 feel to it, and the over-the- top paramilitary reaction vividly displayed the fact the Confederacy, that Bull Connor/Mayor John Daily mentality is alive n’ well in the good ol’ USA. The good ol boys are locked n’ cocked, better equipped to fight Blacks than US Marines are armed in Afghanistan

Most White People don’t like Black folks . . . we are, like Comanches, Apaches, Muslims and Palestinians – we are the enemy. And we don’t even know that. We merely see ourselves as an RN, CFO, a Yankee fan,  a Baptist or an Elk . . . nonetheless as Black people we  are Public Enemy # 1 in the guesstimation of most White Americans.

Not all Euro-Americans, but a significant slice, a chunk. they really have a hard time excepting Black folks as human . . . let-alone equal to them in status and importance. Think “Great Apes” that can talk . . . kinda. That’s how we are seen. That’s how Mike Brown was seen, no?

Prison or cemetery bound . . . .

That may be how the officer who pulls your man-cub or princess over at 9:33 in the PM sees them. And if you’ve failed as their  personal “In-life coach” to prepare them for this possibly horrific All-American  moment, failed to explain and define the characters on the stage . . .  because skin-tone is a non-factor in this country today . . . then you’ve failed your child.

Wow, talk about some wishful thinking Negroes . . . my generation surely is.

It’s OK to “Youtube” Malcolm X or Huey P Newton. It’s Ok to be Black n’ Proud, its Ok to want Black Power and seek more Power to the People. White folks will hate you whether or not you’ve got your head screwed-on straight or not.

I know, you’ve got a BS degree, or two. Maybe a Masters or folks address you as “Hey Doc.” You live in a vastly snow white enclave, company car, shop at Whole Foods,  you bike, hike n’ ski. And, like President Obama – you’re multi-lingo (sound white) . . . . You believe you’ve “overcome,” reached the mountain-top. Why sure, occasionally some Redneck may agitate or irritate you, but at the end of the day . . . it ain’t like it use to be.

But how is it?

Here’s how it is; when the lights flash in your rear-view mirror . . . you instantly, instantly remember you’re little more than a Nigger in the eye’s of Johnny Law. Maybe well-paid,  well educated or well traveled . . . nonetheless still a Nigger

That’s how very-far we’ve progressed in half-a-century.



  1. Trey

    August 17, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Yo,Bro!! Much respect to your articles. I respect what you’re saying and giving it straight with no chaser. Sometimes, I can’t believe you have the balls to say the shit you say in these posts. But, I respect and appreciate it because someone’s gotta say it.


    August 18, 2014 at 2:04 am


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