You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To Do pt.42

Updated: August 30, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)- Missouri police officer Darren Wilson needs to explain why he shot Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old teenager six times and left his body in the street for 5 hours.(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)pol

2. KC’s running back Jamal Charles needs to explain how he injured himself while moving out of the Missouri Western dorms in St. Joseph on Thursday when he rolled his foot over a curb.

3. INDY Colts owner Jim Irsay needs to explain why he is seeking to delay his trial on two misdemeanor charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

4. Somebody needs to explain why Mo’ne Davis, the 13-year old female from Philadelphia, can throw a baseball better than rapper/actor Curtis Jackson aka 50-cent.

5. Iowa men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery needs to explain why he is not concerned about the perception of his program after several of his players were arrested.

6. Joe Nixon, Oklahoma’s top recruit, needs to explain why he allegedly knocked out a woman unconscious, with one punch, while breaking several bones in her face.

7. The Seattle Seahawks need to explain why they reportedly released Terrelle Pryor.

118. Somebody needs to explain why Tim Tebow is not a backup quarterback in the NFL.(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

9. Somebody needs to explain why we are still waiting on Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manizel to do something amazing? Plus, Manizel needs to explain why he gave the Pittsburgh Steelers town middle fingers?(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

10. USC cornerback Josh Shaw — who lied about saving his young nephew from drowning — was actually involved in an alleged domestic violence incident with his girlfriend.(You Gotta Lotta’Splainin To D0)

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