You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do pt.42

Updated: August 5, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-1. Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones needs to explain why he agreed to take those ratchet pictures with those groupies that are currently circulating on the Internet? I can’t wait to hear what Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have to say about this? (You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

2. Somebody needs to explain why the United States of America always says Israel is our best friend?(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

3. Somebody needs to explain what Stephen A. Smith said that was so wrong?(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

4. Somebody needs to explain why nobody said anything when Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, was captured on camera kicking, punching, and attacking rapper Jay-Z on the elevator but, scream bloody murder against Ray Rice. Wrong is Wrong.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

jay5. The NYPD needs to explain why they killed Eric Garner….”allegedly” for selling cigarettes? Are you kidding me?(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

6. BASN’s Tony McClean needs to explain why he called Cleveland Brown’s QB Johnny Manizel-Johnny “Softball.” So mean and vicious!!(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

7. Lebron James needs to explain why he likes to stack all of his teams with all the good players.

8. Somebody needs to explain why no one wants Tim Tebow as their back-up quarterback? I am just sayin’

9. straThe Cincinnati Bengals need to explain why they gave QB Andy Dalton a $115 million deal?

10. Women need to explain why they start trippin’ when a Black man gets inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. First, it was Pilar Sanders, Deion Sanders’ ex-wife. Now, it is Nicole Murphy, Michael Strahan’s wife. It must be something about that ugly yellow coat that turns women off.(You Gotta Lotta‘Splainin To Do)

Eric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television, with a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is currently the Managing Editor of Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles appear daily along with his controversial cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at or go to

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