Hope and Alana Hall have been adorable little darlings since birth and they share a sisterly bond and love for one another that goes beyond measure.
The two have traveled with their parents to more countries in their short lives than most people have in a lifetime.
Hope possesses an uncanny knack for making consistent contact with the ball.   Alana’s strength is a powerful, lightning-fast swing.
When the girls each reached age 4, they moved to the driving range.
For the past three years, they’ve been playing with US Kids Golf in Northern Virginia, not far from their home state of Maryland.
They’ve both won tournaments as well:  Hope placed in the top 2 in tournament play with the US Kids tour, #1 in the 2013 Kids Golf International of Nigeria (KGI) and within the top 10 in the European 2013 Tour in Scotland.

Alana (pictured below) placed in the top 3 of Abuja (Nigeria) KGI 2013 and US Kids Golfing Virginia. They did very well at this year’s US Kids World Championships in Pinehurst, NC, earning 33rd in the world in their respective age groups!  Terrific accomplishments for them both—and they have fun balancing it all!

Hope and Alana Hall-2_500The success is nice, but competition isn’t what drives these girls.
It is a true appreciation for the sport.
They genuinely love the game.
They play nine holes once or twice a week throughout the month, including in their (temporary) home of Nigeria, where they play at the IBB Golf and Country Club.
When in Maryland, they play at the Tom Mitchell Golf Course in Reisterstown, where their first driving coach, Nancy Row, is based.
Now they spend most of their instruction time with Coach Holly Anderson at Woodholme Country Club.
When in Nigeria they play with the excellent pros at the IBB Golf Club in Abuja, Nigeria, to sustain their skills.


Hope and Alana Hall-10_500

Golf’s always been a part of their lives, and an inherent part of what’s fun to them.  That’s a testament to their ongoing coach, their dad, who has always used golf to bond as a family.  He creates games based around putting contests and fun excursions while the whole family is at the golf course.

When they’re not playing golf, which is rare, Hope and Alana of course attend school, where they both excel in their studies.
They also play other sports:  Hope is a tennis player and cheerleader, and Alana is a fan of soccer and a member of the swim club.
While they’re often with each other and love being with their family, Hope and Alana have different personalities.
Alana is a social child, happy and cheerful with many friends.  Hope and Alana Hall-1_500
Hope is a happy, giving child and an avid reader.
She is a particular fan of the Percy Jackson series.
Both girls are focused champions who have a strong future ahead of them, whatever they choose to do.
We’re looking forward to watching them grow.