Neanderthals Run-Rampant In NFL . . . .

Updated: July 30, 2014

The conventional  argument is the   NFL has disappointed America. The league, it’s characters . . .  are disconnected to reality. Branding and baring Josh Flash Gordon for doing a little dance with Mary Jane, while simultaneously turning a deaf ear n/ blind eye to wife beaters.

Homophobic gangsters and a stone-age gentleman preacher/teacher . . . both willing to embrace  thugs yet leery of  gay guys.

The NFL’s round-table of owners, their official mouthpiece, Roger Goodell, along with Tony Dungy and Ray Rice constitute a bevy of cavemen . . . all-be-it perhaps “well-dressed” cavemen, but Neanderthals nonetheless. More alarming – they’re the American societal norm.

Ray crackin’ his wife’s jaw, and Roger’s minimization of the dastardly deed by reducing the penalty down-to a mere 2 game suspension justifies the barbarism Rice displayed.

Yes it does.

Couple that along with Dungy’s expert opinion  that he’d exclude, Blacklist  the Rainbow Rookie, Michael Sams from the league because his gayness is  a distraction, yet Dungy has no complaints about Rice being permitted to tote the pig-skinned titanium rock again this season in the NFL . . .  those reactions reflect the mainstream medieval male mindset is intact and functioning at 1654 levels.

Dungy was Blacklisted  for being a Black Signal caller, denied by the very cavemen he now stands with against Sam.

Fans aren’t distracted by a guy being a wife beater.  But now being gay will stop traffic.

Sorry, we are merely Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble living with electricity and plastics. . . .  toilet trained and able to distinguish between a knife n’ fork.

Man still can’t be trusted with fire!

Look, here it is; cold-cocking a loudmouthed woman because “she was like a 129-pound bird in my ear” is more “understandable” to the mildly enlightened sportsfan than it is to  “accept” the butt-naked guy in the shower next to you . . . likes  to run his tongue down the crack of a man’s ass, swallow his  penis and then passionately kiss him in the mouth like Cynthia Jones kissed you back in 10th grade . . .

Is that “shocking” to the enlightened masses?

Throughout the history of humans, men have slapped the snot out of women standing-up to them, daring-to question, defy our instructions, directions and demands. This is truly the first time in the story of the world that women aren’t treated like inferior spices.

Ain’t that a bastard for ya’?

Dungy and Goodell grew-up in an America where in 1959 . .  a significant percentage of US women were still subjected to the rule-of-thumb in their home. While two guys french kissing in public would get you stoned or hung.

You never ever hit a women unless it’s to protect or save a life.

Only  namby-pamby punks, cowards,  weasels, wimps,  pimps, mommas boys and sissies hit a women. If his wife was attacking Rice he could have restrained her without throwing a combination of punches  Sugar Ray would envy.

Mr Rice, you are undeniably one of those characters.

I’d hope there’s a Million-dollar bounty placed on Ray’s knees . . . but it won’t be.  Because your crime is not considered a crime in the Neanderthal filled court-of-player opinion within the NFL.

Ben Roethlisberger is a indisputable rapist . . . nonetheless he’s still allowed to play. Wait . . . he’s popular with his teammates and fans.


Because, after all most women “want it” especially when you’re a millionaire gladiator. Our society believes that thought to have validity. Poll your friends with a vagina – most women believe women ask for it; ask via their attitude and mouth to be slapped or  based upon their clothes they were either asking for it or wanted it.

The intellectuals and moralist may disagree – but the mainstream rank n’ file believe women are slick, wicked n’ cunning and there are more than a few times when a woman has violence coming to her.

Violence is inter-woven into the Red, White n’ Blue of this nation.

From Plymouth Rock on, brutalizing people via genocide and slavery constituted the American Way. It’s ingrained in our mental make-up.  We resort to war at the drop-of a dime. Our police brutalize men who get arrested for brutalizing other men n’ women, The government’s we’ve elected have sent soldiers to the four-corners of the globe . .  to brutalize folks, in the name of baby Jesus their lord and savior.


Black folks were brutalized, for 400 years, and now we brutalize one another. Over the last 40 years Bloods, Crips, Warlords and Disciples have killed more Black men than Klansmen have.

Americans, as a people with a  All American culture, we love Ultimate Fighting, the NFL, the NHL, NASCAR  . . . we like action, gore, blood n’ guts. We are violent people.  We even love fake fightin’ like pro wrestling . . .

We are vicious, aggressive, abusive  folks . . . we walk into movie theaters, malls, schools and churches . . . and just start spraying lead . . . because we are mad.

We can be savage-like . . . look at the semi-failed executions of prison inmates . . . what we do to the least amongst us. Think of how our culture dismisses  the homeless as bums n’ hobos, the poor as lazy n’ shiftless. Undeniably we believe “rich people are better than poor folks.”

In America, God is money and money is God.

Might Troglodytes be an more apropos description of who n’ what we can be on any given day?

Let’s be honest,  Tony Dungy’s global perspectives are biblical, “old testament,”  rooted in the Master’s “Good Book.” As much as I respect the man, I’m disappointed apparently he’s little-more than a  Homo Stupidus.  Dungy may be helping a man out of a physical prison, but he’s also leading them into the mental, emotional dungeon called primitive religion, which is exactly what modern-day religion is – authoritarian, dogmatic, dictatorial, oppressive, judgmental and rigid in almost all facets.

Sorry, fanatical religious extremist  alarm me.

I use to have a bumper-sticker which said “God please protect me from your followers” and goddammit I meant it.

Now let’s venture-off the sports world planet . . to Planet Hollywood; The singing caveman, Chris Brown, is a “known” women beater, a cool cat with anger management issues . . . and the ladies still defend him, still love him.

Why are these somewhat primitive people adored, embraced . . . loved? . .  Because we have family members and friends who beat women like Ray does . . . and we tolerate them just as Roger does. All of us know folks who “pray for”  gay people to be “healed,” straightened-out if you will . . . just as Tony does and we don’t question them on their ignorance.

It is who and what we are as people. This is us, the US-of-A.

We’ve not overcome our primitive thoughts and ancient ways. The NFL didn’t let us down folks, the league, it’s characters . . . simply reflect who n’ what we are as a people, as a All-American culture and and as a crumbling, divided, decadent Empire.

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