Knicks and Melo Reunite and It Feels So Good

Updated: July 16, 2014

No Phil and Fish have to put their plan to work

NEW YORK – It was an intense few weeks for New York Knicks fans. In fact, it was an intense few weeks for the entire NBA as it seemed as though two guys, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony held up the entire process of real player movement. As we all know, LeBron took his talents back to Ohio where he was born and bred. LeBron became homesick for a variety of reasons so he revealed to us but some are probably deeply embedded into his own personal consciousness.

Melo came back to the Knicks much like most thought he would. There was a love for New York as Melo called New York, “His Heart and His City,” but there was also a matter of leaving roughly 34 million on the table. Perhaps is Melo were 25 years old and felt that another huge payday was in the offing he would’ve taken the chance and took his talents to Chicago. But instead, he’s back.

Now the work begins as the highest paid contracted player. Melo must learn to lead his team. He must learn to take players under his wing and show them what to do. He must get in a players face here and there, no not to embarrass anyone but to motivate, even if it means getting on a teammates nerves. It has to be about winning. And that culture breeds its way before championships are actually born. As Phil Jackson said, “it’s a process.”

Knick Threesome

New head coach for the Knicks is Derek Fisher and he has the confidence of Melo and the rest of the team in fact. He is a personal import of Jackson which means, what Fisher says, Phil says or said already. Melo is also said to buy into the triangle offense the Knicks are expected to learn. Melo according to Phil really admired how the San Antonio Spurs played the Miami Heat in the Finals.

Coaching and system aside, it will be up the Melo and his teammates to decide how the Knicks fortunes are going to be from now on. The players have to come into camp in shape and ready to learn. They will need at least one other stud front line player to balance all of their perimeter players. Phil seems most confident that it will happen. Fisher has been on record more than a few times however stating how much faith he has in the team already: “I don’t take the same opinion as others regarding our team. We have some very talented basketball players on this roster.”

The knicks need to take a page out of the Zen Masters book, stay calm, stay cool and collect rings.

Jerald L. Hoover

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