Hey Pedro! Hey Boy, You Got Your Papers . . .?

Updated: July 11, 2014

You’ve got to be, as I perpetually am, in a state-of wonderment;  Do Major League Baseball’s Latin “All-Stars” – players like Nelson Cruz, Miguel Cabrera, Ameris Ramirez – all the South of the border “Superstars”  do they have their “papers?” Because after all, in the America that Republican TEA Party card-carries wish to dwell-in, each and every baller, one n’ all . . . are “suspect.”  US Patriots . . . whose forefathers hailed from Germany, Ireland, Poland and Italy . . . you know Real Americans, they aren’t satisfied these immigrants haven’t  falsified their immigration documents.

Have the ultra-paranoid Conservative Right tell it the President himself has doctored n’ altered his birth records/passports/academic records and all – so I’d assume the Wall St. tycoons and Intercontinental aristocrats that MLB ownership is comprised-of . . . yes, they’ve the behind-the-scenes means to “fill-in-the-blanks” as they so-choose for these upper-tier sportsmen . . . because the owner’s immense financial gains, justify cheating on immigration issues.

Ask the NFL’s  New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about cheating. . .

Is it not, let us say . . . interesting how on one-hand the American sports-fan/citizen embrace and  glorify these foreign fellas, merely because they’ve mastered America’s fading pastime, but yet on the other-hand many, many, many of the so-called “Right Wing fanatics” who are too baseball fans – are demonizing and vilifying most Spanish surnamed folks across the US.

“Get out of our country . . .!”

Go Home . . .? Really

At this very moment TEA Party politicians are advocating going door-to-door, dragging 7 year-old little girls and 77 year-ol’ grandmothers out onto awaiting border-bound Greyhounds . . .

Gee America . . . goddamn!

Carlos Gomez, Salvador Perez, Felix Hernandez and the litany of Latino All-Star’s must, if they’ve family n’ loved ones in America – ponder the question;  “Are they safe from the TEA Party? Does everyone have their “papers?”

GOP  . . . or is Gestapo much more apropos?

With this grass-roots movement afoot, these  quasi/semi “Illegal Aliens,” Latin World players must, as most Americans-of Color endlessly do,  wonder  “how does America, i.e., the entrenched  “WASP” Conservative Establishment honestly “feel” about me . . . and how do I “feel” about them?

There seems to be little love lost between the two, no?

The US situation is akin to Sin City, 1957 . . . Sammy Davis Jr, Pearl Bailey, Louie Armstrong, they could perform on the stage, but they couldn’t sleep nor eat in that resort . . . please, understand how that mindset, that mentality is still prevalent throughout White America. Lawn boy n’ dishwasher is one thing,  however, construction business owner who lives next door to Tom the TEA Bagger . . . kids go to the same private Catholic school . . . well that’s the Browning of America!

Viva LaRaza!

Free Che!

Understand this; MLK, JFK n’ LBJ didn’t wave any magic wands around which altered the heart, mind, and souls of the American people. Racial animosity is woven into the very fabric of  “Ol Glory.”

You’re left no choice  but to wonder, because we all know Lady Liberty who stands in New York’s harbor . . . stands for the “Mother of Exiles” Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

New York, New York . . . so nice they named it twice . . . .

Apparently this ol’ dame is strategically turning a blind-eye, cold-shoulder n’ deaf-ear to those brown masses South of the Rio Grande . . . the original residents of these Americas. . . yearning to be free! Call them New World  OG Refugees . . .- . Fugitives fleeing from human and economic injustices. The little people – who’re simply escaping the cluster-mucked aftermath that-is Central America. A region of the Americas where European/US colonial powers have raped, pillaged, pimped and plundered the resources for centuries. And now today these 21st century imperialist want to chastise the Mexicans and other Central Americans for not getting their country in line and up-to-snuff in what can only be regarded as over-night.

The same is asked of depleted and dilapidated Africa . . . What’s wrong with you people? We gave you back the keys to your house, granted we’ve stolen you blind, de-educated the divided populace and left you the crumbs from the kitchen-fire charred table . . . .

The same arrogant and indifferent “Conquistadors” that we’ve all come-to loath, no?

ESPN, Yahoo,  SI, FOX and Bleacher Report won’t dare approach the highly flammable “Immigration Cold-War” raging across these so-called United States of America. They won’t acknowledge the potential consequences and down-the-dirt road ramifications it could have on these men. Nonetheless if angry White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Euro-Americans have their way,  professional athlete’s who hail from “alien nations” will be subjected the whims n’ wishes of Real Rednecks . . . and so will their families and loved ones.

C’mon gentlemen, grow-a-post-puberty hairy-set . . . !  Ask relevant “outside the lines” inquires, not just those approved by “in-house” conservative sportsfans like Rush Limbaugh and Dan Patrick . . . Hey Pedro! Hey Boy, you got your papers . . .? That’s a real dilemma these men face . . . and it’s generated by men like Limbaugh – who pal-around with MLB/NFL/ . . . NBA plantation owners.

Limbaugh’s Lunatics’ want to mass-deport Latinos. Mass Deport

Am I lying?!

The Grand Ol’ Tea Party position on immigration exemplifies their “only the strong survive mentality . . . ,” however it goes deeper than that compadre . . . It’s all about “I am not my brother’s keeper!”. “I got mine, you get yours!” Win! . . . by any questionable, dubious means required . . .

“Women n’ Children first!”  P-l-e-a-s-e, not if they’re Black, Tan, Red-Skinned . . . nor Yellow.

America . . . Goddamn?!

The Right harbors little, if any legitimate empathy,  sympathy, compassion, concern, understanding, affinity, nor even unwanted  pity . . . no these genuine, authentic bonafide Americans have little-love, and even-less respect for their fellow humans outside Europe . . .

What can this type of “Conservatism” be called? A form of Contemporary Neanderthalism, maybe an ice-cold indifference or merely what millions upon millions believe it is – good ole, down home  “White Supremacy.”

Who’s to say there won’t be those on the “Right” hoping to rehang the “No Dogs/No Mexicans” signs back up which use to welcome you the the Southwest.

Unquestionably they hope to resurrect the “Get outta town by sundown laws” for Blacks . . .

When some citizen screams “Hey Pedro! Hey Boy, you got your papers . . . !” I hope my brown brothers  can tell them to “go to hell, does your momma have her papers . . . ?



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