Dear Tiger . . . Do You Know Why White Sportsfans Really Hate You?

Updated: July 22, 2014

Dear Tiger,

 If I could have a moment with you . . .  if we were stuck in an LA elevator or an Squaw Valley gondola together . . .  I’d be inclined to ask  if you “fully-grasp” the hatred White America harbors for you?  Do you “get’ that the contempt and malice in the air  goes much deeper than the game of golf?

Do you understand precisely who n’ what you’re symbolic-of? Do you read the comments after your  headlines? Do you listen to sports radio? Do you’ve any real idea what vast-percentage of  White sportsfans despise you?

Would you agree the Caucasian sportsfan hates you based in-part upon the traditional red, white n’ blue racist reasons; you’re the product of a once illegal mixed-marriage – your father was an proud/uppity negro who didn’t accept his “assigned place?”  He dared mix with an alleged cunning, devious race of people to create . . . you – “the Chosen One”  who didn’t knock on the good ol boy’s aristocratic clubhouse door, no you kicked the sum-bitch down.

You destroyed that well-guarded fairy-tale that civilized, intellectual sportsmen could only be White. More-than winning Augusta . . . you dismantled their myth the Noble’s game was undecipherable by a man-of-color.

 You made them eat Tiger-crow!

Do you understand how much they hated to have to stand naked and acknowledge they only won by cheating –  deliberately excluding  prime competition.

As time went-on you took yourself a Nordic Princess, then you dirtied the sinful situation by bedding Wilt Chamberlain-like numbers (and still counting) of other, random snow bunnies . . . some maybe the daughters-of Republican TEA Party members.  And this, would you agree, sent the Redneck sportsfans over-the-top?

The sky was falling.

Now you’ve  “soiled” another Winter Festival  Prom Queen, a real snow bunny

Now wait,   you hang-out with President Obama, the most-hated and despised Black man in White America’s view? For that reason alone I can make the argument you’re the second-most hated Black cat in these so-called United States Of America.

Do you understand  Obama?

Did you catch all the “We know for sure he’s Black now” jokes which proliferated the airwaves and internet after your lust for White women was made public?

Here, check this out from  ESPN’

Mark L. Jackson ·  Top Commenter

Haven’t you noticed? ESPN is ‘all about da’ Black Man!’ If it’s not LeBron, it’s Tiger. if not them, some low life in the NBA, or NFL. And let’s not leave out Obama. ESPN would cry in it’s cereal if Obama ever turned them down. Ask yourself, when was the last time they showed any “hero worship” to a white Athlete? Even Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning don’t get this kind of fawning.

It’s disgusting.

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Once again, do you understand why they hate you? After the last few years can you now accept they see you as not Blackinese, but rather a Nigger.  Do you now see how much-of White America merely tolerates Asians, dislikes and distrust  Latinos, along with Arabs?  Tried to trivialize the attempted-genocide of Redskins and marginalized half-a-century of slavery and Jim Crow?

Can you accept you’re an scary, imposing iconic symbol of America’s Public Enemy #1 – Black men?

Regardless of Stanford, the millions and PGA Trophies . . . you’re still just a Nigger?

Tiger, you had to have seen the California State Trooper beating the defenseless Black women,  you’ve seen the Black gentlemen in New York choked to death for selling cigarettes. Surely you observed the empathy and sympathy for George Zimmerman. . .  and clearly you understand what this President is being subjected-to, the daily die-nigger-die love letters he, his wife . . .  and their children receive hourly.

A significant element of the White US population yearns to return America  to 1949, and clearly back yesteryear, when  you,  Tiger “Who” couldn’t compete,  just as Joe Louis was good enough to join the PGA . .  but the racist, elitist bastards wouldn’t let him.

I’m sure you’ve received boatloads of “die slant-eyed nigger”  luv letters yourself. . . they so- desperately want you, the President and King James to crumble, fall-apart, go quietly and sheepishly into the cold, dark night. Frustrated White sportsmen and sportsfans want to “feel good” again, falsely anoint themselves ” The Greatest,” but they can’t unless they exclude Black folks from the country’s national pastimes.

Real Americans want to make-believe they’re  champions and pretend they’re the “greatest” to ever play . . . anything. . . . hence Extreme four-square, extreme kite flying,  Marbles, tether-ball . . .

They want both their country and All-American culture back, to return it  to “All White.”

Undoubtedly Mr. Woods you understand the burnin’ yearin’ to dethrone you and replace you with . . . anyone White.  You’re demise and decline is being greatly anticipated and exaggerated – so “any,”  I say “any” White guy will do.

Rory, Tory, sorry ol Sergio, any of the country club good ol’ boys but you.

Call it wishful thinking.

Hoping n’ praying are millions of angry  Conservative/Confederate sportsfans who’ve detested you’re presence, dominance and redefining of an aristocratic endeavor.

Their quest for an “Great White Hope” to take your place never ends.

 Tiger . . . you must  hunt again.

Keep on Keepin” on baby bruh


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  1. Tim Thomas

    July 23, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Loved your story about Tiger. Telling it like it is!

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