Vince Young: Don’t Let The Bastards Turn You ‘Round Son …

Updated: June 15, 2014

Unquestionably, undeniably  Vince Young you are branded, banned n’ barred from the NFL – and the diabolical notion was “manufactured,” created by the White sports-fans/writer fed “Court of Public Opinion”  which has an obvious, long-standing, historical “distaste” for Black Field Generals. C’mon good ol’  boys, even you guys have seen the ESPN Docs where it’s clear, CLEAR I say that the Ebony Signal Caller was blackballed by paranoid insecure White men . . . (your fathers n’ grandfathers) and that still-today the Bronze Golden Boy is under unbelievable scrutiny. . .  reportedly unable to understand complex Offenses nor decipher complicated Defenses . . . have Nolan Nowrocki tell it . .. .

Why was VY  damned?

First and foremost because he represents . . . the Black Alpha-Male, and he must be derailed, halted, deterred and hopefully turned ’round.

Now wait, apply that cultural setting to a Black man who wants to occupy one of the most, if not arguably the most exalted position in all of American sports culture, i.e., US pop-culture. Then yes Vince . . . you are from Texas, led the Lone Star Long Horns to the national title, had success in the NFL pre-Cam,   Russell Wilson, RGIII and Kapecnick – the NFL was not accepting it had no choice but to concede to the wave of Black QB’s entering the NFL.

Over-rated Jeff Fisher may have been limiting the Titans offense to your youthful abilities, but he surely wasn’t tailoring the offense to your capabilities and talents, in other words investing-in and buying-into you as the “Franchise Signal Caller. “

Fisher believed you to be a Harvest Festival Homecoming Debutante Princess . . . (a Virgin)  and the lynchmob sports press depicted you as a emotionally weak, simple-minded 6 foot 5’ child-like man-cub unfit and incapable of captaining an NFL vessel . . . and a thousand days later they’ve got you against the ropes.

Unfair, yes, all-so predictable, probable and Red-necklish like . . . . hell mofo’en yeah . . .

Vince Young and Mike Vick had targets on their backs . . ..

You and Donovan were issued death warrants when you made comments about the Black QB having to deal with a different level of second guessing,   of incessant constant doubt and over-the-goddamn-top ridicule . . .  during the Mike Vick lynching.

In the identical manner and fashion of Isiah Thomas and his comments about the greatest Great White Hope of all times . . . Larry Bird.

I’ve always contended McNabb and VY had asterisks placed next to their names after those comments, McNabb tabbed as arrogant and uppity while Young was dubbed dumb, ”-4” on his Wonderlic, didn’t know his “ABC’s” nor his 1, 2, 3’s ….

Multiplication was like Astrophysics to Vince Young  . . . and the immortal one, Dante Marino . . . aint that a bitch?

Trust me . . . I speak Red-Necklish, and additionally I can both read between the lines and decipher little White lies  . . . shu- nuf!.

Dig-in son, Black father to Black son . . . don’t, DO Not give these bastards the pleasure of turning around an All Pro Black Field General. Keep trying Vince. Keep on Keepin on. Here’s the truth you and I know – you can do it. You did it! Do it again Vince. Do it again!!

Screw the Naysayers . .  you know why they want you to quit, and you know how they will paint n’ taint your journey as a failure. Don’t give them the ammunition to do that.

I, and millions, I say millions of other Black men believe you have the tools to do it again, to prosper and grow if allowed to – one of these geniuses will give you a break, and you’ll be ready to capitalize and exploit the moment.

Don’t give up, don’t let them break you son, you’re far too close to turn around. Make them eat Black crow . . . choke on it if you will.


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