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Updated: June 11, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA-(BASN)-Music provides the soundtrack to our lives. In the world of sports, it is no different, whether in victory or in defeat, music is always apart of the game. So, today in the Spin-Cycle, we tune into some of the hottest jams across the land.

1. Loyalty featuring Chris Brown Lil Wayne

While former LA Clippers Donald Sterling racist remarks were released to the media by TMZ, I heard him playing this Chris Brown’s tune in his limousine all the way to the bank to cash in his $2 billion check.

2. Good Kiss by Usher

After Missouri’s DE Michael Sam getting drafted by the St.Louis Rams this song must have been playing in his head  as he “disgustingly” kissed his boyfriend.

3. Candy Rain by Anthony Lewis  featuring Billy Bangskittles

After winning the Super Bowl and playing in Beast “Mode,” Marshawn Lynch landed a endorsement deal with Skittles as the Candy continues to reign down on the running back after scoring more touchdowns.

4. All of Me by John Legend

This song should’ve been played when Johnny “Football” Manziel finally got drafted by the Cleveland Brown in the first round of the NFL Draft at #17, especially after he endured all the criticism leading up to the draft. Why? Because, Johnny-will be a legend in the city of Cleveland.

5. Dark Horse by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J

With California Chrome losing in his effort to win the Triple Crown this Sunday, this Katy Perry hit should have been played after the race.

6. Trophies featuring Young Money featuring Drake

Despite being arrested for stealing $32.00 worth of crab legs, being accused of sexual assault, Florida State’s Jameis Winston is still holding up the BCS Championship Trophy, the ACC Conference Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy.

cooloff7. Happy by Pharrell

After confrontation with ESPN’s Skip Bayless, scaring FOX’s Erin Andrews half to death with his NFC Championship rant, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is finally “happy” after winning the Super Bowl.

8. Draft Day by DRAKE

It must be nice to have the #1 rapper in the country dedicating a song to you. Well, the newly drafted Cleveland Brown QB Johnny “Football” was that lucky.

9. Hot in Here by NELLY

This hip-hop chart buster must’ve been played in Game 1 of the NBA FINALs between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, especially when the air-conditioning unit mysteriously broke down, which left the players sweating, the fans fanning, and Lebron James cramping.sprite

10.  Twerking by Miley Cyrus

After Spain’s Garbine Muguruz  defeated No.1 Serena Williams 6-2, 6-2 in the second round of the French Open, I am pretty sure their was some bad “white-girl” twerking going on after that match.

Eric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television, with a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is currently the Managing Editor of Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles appear daily along with his controversial cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at or go to

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