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The Los Angeles Kings were on a mission to win their second championship in three years. The Kings hit the right track with the New York Rangers the last team standing in their way.
 The Kings started early changing the uniforms with the big L.A. on their front and with changing hockey philosophies.  The big trades set the tone with players from the Philadelphia Flyers Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and Justin Williams via the Carolina Hurricanes. The change brought speed, power, and size to the Southern California team and a winning attitude.
This team had the mental and physical strength of that old Mighty Python warrior who kept fighting losing limbs along the way, spewing streams of blood all over the place, stating “I’m not dead yet, I’m not dead yet” This could be the best description of the Los Angeles Kings. THEY DON’T QUIT!!!
This team has one of the best goalies in the league, Jonathan Quick. In game three, Quick stopped the New York Rangers almost by himself blocking 32 shots and his acrobatic moves in net. The Los Angeles defense blocked another 10 shots. They say Speed Kills and this series proved that slogan to be correct.
Quick may be trying to show New York Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist he is truly better than the man named “THE KING”.Jonathan-Quick-281x300
It’s very interesting that the American Sports Media still has a frenzy with “THE KING’, LeBron James. It will start all over again with the 4 games to one whipping the San Antoino Spurs put on the Miami Heat. Nothing is ever said about Lundqvist and his self anointment. James has two NBA Titles, Lunqvist still is searching for his first Stanley Cup Championship, but I digress as Brother Reggie Howell from WCLM 1450 Richmond, Virginia states.
The Los Angeles penalty kill team shutdown the New York Rangers power play team as the Rangers sled back into their inconsistencies on the special teams. This spelled doom for the Madison Square Garden hockey tenant.
Rick Nash, Ryan McDonald, and Mats Zuccarello did not show up or score in this playoff. Martin St. Louis from Tampa Bay played his heart out but it was not enough to bet Los Angeles. 
The Los Angeles Kings did not waste time in Gotham City as Jonathon Quick shut down the New York Rangers 3-0 to take 3-0 game lead. The first period seemed like both teams played in fast motion as the period ended in 30 minutes real time. The Rangers made too many mistakes in the 2nd and 3rd periods with silly penalties resulting in two goals.
The New York Rangers were just outmatched this year. The Kings were too big and too strong for New York. Kopitar, Carter, Williams, and Gaborik led all players in total points with Marian Gaborik scoring 14 goals.
The Rangers outshot the Kings three of the five games but it did not matter. The KING Henrik Lundqvist looked worn out.

The New York Rangers got off the floor and won game four as (THE KING) Lundqvist finally showed up stopping 40 shots. The puck never left the New York zone in the 3rd period as the Kings put sustained pressure on the Ranger defense. The Blueshirts also had luck on their side with slushy ice that stopped the puck at critical times. The Kings were not happy with the two reviewed goals.  New York wins 2-1 in game four sending the series back to Hollywood.
The Kings on the other hand went through the three best teams in the league, The San Jose Sharks, The Anaheim Ducks, and The Chicago Blackhawks which all went seven games each.   The Southern California Beach Boys went through the hockey gauntlet of the Western Conference playoffs to get to the Stanley Cup Finals. They went down three games to none to the San Jose Sharks and to last year’s Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks only to come back to take game seven on enemy ice. Then they defeated cross town rival Anaheim Ducks in a grueling seven game series in one of the toughest playoff matches in this year’s playoffs.200px-Los_Angeles_Kings_Logo_(2011)_svg
The Kings showed their class by beating the three best teams in the league.  So experience is a best teacher and the Black and Silver went to school on the New York Rangers.
The Los Angeles Kings close out the New York Rangers with a double overtime victory in game five. The KING tried his best stopping 43 shots but the question needs to be asked where the Blueshirts defense playing as Martinez scores the winning goal off of a rebound without a white clad Ranger near him with 5:35 left in second overtime … Justin Williams was the (MVP) Most Valuable Player of the series and wins the Conn Smythe Trophy.  
The New York Rangers made it somewhat easier for the California crew by committing timely errors such as boarding, high sticking, roughing, cross checking, or going off-sides on many offensive rushes.
The Blueshirts could not keep their sticks on the ice; instead they kept finding Kings faces sending them to the SIN BIN (penalty box) for two minutes. 
The Los Angeles Kings DID NOT QUIT and hosted the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship trophy Friday night sending the Southern California area into frenzy.
The only sad part of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs is that there were are no Goal Brothers (Black Players) contending on the ice for the ultimate prize. There are two Latino Brothers, New York Ranger, Raphal Diaz and Los Angeles King, Alec Martinez; Martinez will have his name on the Cup forever.
As Michael Louis Ingram states many times THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED for 2014. We will have awards article in two weeks.
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