Knicks Go Fish(er)ing with Hiring of New Coach

Updated: June 28, 2014

Melo decides to throw his bait into the water also

NEW YORK – It has been some adventure for the New York Knicks since the merciful end of the season. It was a season that cost them to miss the playoffs at the end by one dreaded game to the Atlanta Hawks. It was also a season in which this was the first time that All-star forward Carmelo Anthony missed the playoffs. It was an eye opener.
Now Melo has opted out of his contract and will become a free agent. On the surface, Phil Jackson doesn’t seem all to worried about it. Is that Phil just being cool and coy or deep down Phil doesn’t see a bright future with Melo as the lead singer? Some in the so-called ‘know’ consider both.

But the fact still remains, Melo wanted to come to NY 3 years ago and he and his camp virtually forced their way into NY. There was scuttlebutt that the reason Knicks owner James Dolan got involved was because Melo and his people threatened to take their talents to Brooklyn. Isiah Thomas then urged Dolan to bypass what then President and General Manager was preaching in the way of patience and secure Melo at all cost.

Dolan executed the deal and til this day the entire NBA world feels he was fleeced with all that he had to give up. Melo mentioned at his exit day up at the Knicks’ training facility that he knew it would be a rebuilding 3 years. Question is, why would you have wanted that when you could have waited out the 32 games left in the season and came as a free agent?


Sure it’s been said that Melo wanted to be grandfathered in with the old CBA. Okay grant it, but he still opted out after just the 3rd year. So if that’s the case, did the Knicks really benefit if Melo decides to leave?

What could Melo and his people possibly have been thinking if the Knicks had to give up all of those young trade assets? Or was he thinking only in terms of his money and his brand by being in New York? Sure Melo wants to win; he’s said such time and time again. But did he use tactful and practical thinking?

If you look at things one would look at Melo as being selfish or self centered. He’s an incredibly nice guy and he brandishes a smile worth a million dollars. But he doesn’t always see the big picture in the end result.

Another case in point, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all to a man decided to just opt out of their contracts after 3 years. That was sign as a pact. But Melo wanted his guaranteed 80 million. Can’t blame a man for wanting his money but look at what happened? They were able to get together to form a Super Team and Melo was ‘stuck’ in Denver until he had to gut the roster to move.

Meanwhile the Knicks are in process of making better moves for the sake of the franchise and its fans. The hiring of Phil Jackson also came with a package of one of his protégé’s. First Steve Kerr was in the mix but he changed his mind and went to the Golden State Warriors.

In comes Derek Fisher who if nothing else thus far, blew away all those at his press conference. One would have thought he was giving a sermon on a Sunday morning. In the end it may turn out that Fisher was the better choice in the first plays. He seems to be a bit more New York made and as a player he was gritty and tough on defense, Kerr couldn’t guard a fire hydrant.

It’s early yet, but the Knicks are looking at the glass half full and not half empty.

Jerald L. Hoover

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