Froch Wins Big and Donaire wins small

Updated: June 1, 2014

Seven months ago, Carl Froch had to score a controversial TKO against George Groves to pull out a victory.  Over the first part of their first bout, Groves dominated much of the fight and even sent Froch to the canvas but as the fight progressed, Groves slowed down enough for Froch to catch him in the ninth.  A Froch right nailed Groves but almost everyone agreed that the referee stopped the fight too soon, especially in lieu that Groves held the advantage on the scorecard.


Their second bout was supposed to be revenge for Groves and the opening four rounds, Groves quick hands and jabs dominated the action. In the second round, Groves nailed Froch with combinations that concluded with two big right hands and a left hook sent Froch’s head spinning.

Throughout the third round, Froch fought cautious as Groves got off his combinations first and Froch merely reacted to being hit.  This continued into the fourth round before Froch trapped Groves over the last minute on the rope and ripped body shots.  The last minute of the fourth round changed the fight as those body shots slowed Groves down.

The fifth round saw Froch take control of the fight as Groves ceased to throw combinations but threw one punch at a time.  Froch became the fighter who threw combinations and he landed several vicious body shots that sapped Groves’ strength.   He added right hands and left hook to the head in exchanges.

The sixth round saw similar results as the fifth as Froch simply started to impose his will on Groves. In  the opening minutes of the seventh round, Groves used his jab to set up combinations and took the first half of the round before Froch took over the final ninety seconds.

Within the first minute, Froch trapped Groves and ripped a right hand that sent Groves to the canvas.  This time when the referee stopped the fight, no one complained.  Groves was sprawled out with his knees in a nasty position that could have been serious. The good news was that Groves’ knee were not injured as he managed to get up but there was no doubt he was hurt as he stumbled back to his corner.

Froch’s body shots proved decisive as he defended his portion of the Super Middleweight championship and showed that he was the best Super Middleweight in Great Britain.

In China, Nonito Donaire went after South African Simpiwe Yetyeka featherweight title.  The first round was uneventful except at the end of the round when a cut open up Donaire’s left eye due to an accidental head butt.  Yetyeka used his jab to win the second round and the third round was close but Donaire punches had more pop.  Going into the fourth round, Donaire’s eyes were bleeding profusely and the question was when the fight would be stopped.  With the cut due to a head butt, fight had to go four rounds and in the fourth round, Yetyeka stepped right into a Donaire left hook that sent him down.  Yetyeka got back up but Donaire’s eyes would ensure that the fight would not last much longer.

The referee and medical doctor stopped the fight and Donaire won a technical decision but no one was really satisfied including Donaire, who promised Yetyeka a rematch.  Donaire looked slower than when he was fighting at a lower weight but his power was still present.

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