Free O.J.!?! O.J. Simpson: Still A Racial Hot Spot.

Updated: June 13, 2014

Inflamed with rage after being, check this  betrayed  by what they thought to be one of the few “good Negroes” of that era, not arrogant like Jim Brown, Ali, or Dwayne Thomas, White America couldn’t “squeeze” the Juice in the 1994 criminal trial – defended by a Dream-Team of legal mouthpieces,  where a jury of OJ’s momma’s peers, Afro-American women,  from my home-hood area code – the 213  defiantly “refused” to convict this delusional part-time brother for the murder of a Negro-luving Nordic coke-head princess . . .  even after Daryl Gates infamous, yes infamous  LAPD planted evidence . . .  So they begrudgingly  let the you know what  go free.

White people cried the tears-of mystification and bewilderment  . . . tears we Black folks done now today run out of . . . . O J was the first Black man to “purchase” his innocence

Remember that? Wasn’t that a bitch . . .? 

Then later in the Civil case verdict you saw the backlash wrath of White America. If we can’t hang you, then we will strip you of your riches, ban n’ bar you from the aristocratic world you’d grown accustomed to.

This is precisely what White society wants to do to Tiger Woods – he was “permitted” that Swedish Barbie Doll, and then he betrayed the trust of the country club aristocrats., bedded every snow bunny between Austin n’ Boston. Ponder this point; Jack Johnson was punished, as was Ali. Joe Louis was punished, as was Marcus Garvey and MLK. Isiah Thomas is still being punished . . . .

Mike Vick was, and still is being punished

And with the Nevada lynching you saw that the White man always get’s his Nigger . . . . “Boy you gonna pay . . . one-way or another.”

Behind the closed doors of  barber shops, sports bars and homes you’ll hear that very summation of the OJ Simpson saga – but White America turns a deaf ear to our opinions, as they always have. We are the “Invisible Negroes. . . .”

Upon weighing n’ measuring the incident . . . OJ killed her – not his son Jason nor a Cocaine cartel . . . However the LA police(Mark Furhman)  in their traditional lynch-mob-seal to see such a hifalutin’ ebony gladiator swing . . . planted evidence, which gave the jury, which did not want to reward White folks with what they so desperately wanted . . . a Nigger to see swing. It gave those South-Central LA Black women an opportunity to demonstrate to White America what we’ve felt and experienced for centuries, countless times . . . witnessing a guilty man get-away with the murder of an innocent flower.

Yes, call it a twisted dose of their own medicine.

And no, let’s play this straight; Nicole was a Negro luving bimbo, who was sleeping with Marcus Allen and  . . . . pick one “White Trash” being passed-around from Mandingo-to-Mandingo . . . . Thus n’ therefore  “real” White folks – be they trailer park trash or Beverly Hills hob-nobs had no respect nor use for Nicole – she had, dig this “ wasted herself,”  tainted n’ painted herself by sleeping with Black men.

Donald Sterling’s peers, his sect, his buddies, friends and pals see it exactly like this. So do most of my White neighbors and co-workers  . . . so does the vast majority of White Americans. No?

So this supposedly sympathetic position took by certain segments of US society is a hypocritical one at best – Nicole Simpson was a Trojan Horse angry, racist White folks could climb inside and ride to legitimacy, they didn’t care about her or that Jew boy. Just as White America understands the police’s mission is not to maintain law, order n’ justice in Black n’ Tan communities, but rather to keep the Niggers n’ Spics in their assigned place, to elicit fear and to thin the human herd. They don’t care about the 26 Negroes shot by other Negroes in Chicago and Houston this weekend – but they do want to imprison the killers . . . but not  in-the name of protecting other Blacks.

Please note; That’s Conservative icons like Billy Graham and Tricky Dick Nixon’s term-of-endearment for Jewish folk.

The Juice is being railroaded, having the book thrown-at-him by a city and state, Sin City Nevada, known for its “Conservative” (racist/sexist/elitist)  tendencies . . . If White America couldn’t make an example of him for the murder of a White woman . . . then they’d get him on something, anything and then give him the maximum amount of time behind bars, let his Black ass die  . . . behind bars. While Big George W. &  Little Dick Cheney can start a illegitimate war . . . and get-away with it!

OJ serves as a “tweet” to Black folks from “Conservatives;” “we’ll get you sooner or later . . . Nigger.”

OJ continues to be a key part of the racial litmus test Americans conduct.

Was Columbus a hero?

The 7th Calvary’s General George A. Custer or Sioux War-Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse; who’s the  homeland  freedom fighter and who’s the invading terrorist?

Was OJ Guilty? “Set-Up,” “Framed” or did he get-away with murder?

Our reactions to these type questions offer vivid, Highly Defined stark Black/White n’ Tan “selfies” of how very-divided this land of contradictions and conflicts remains.

OJ Simpson really is a political prisoner, being ramrodded for a crime a criminal court could not convict him of, but that decision is dismissed because it was just the calculations of Black women, and good lord we all know how much contempt and disdain large segments of White America has for Black women . . . the conclusions of both the civil jury and the exalted Supreme White Court of Public Opinion tragically yet predictably outweigh all else.

Free OJ!!!!



  1. vo

    June 14, 2014 at 11:28 am

    You’re a fucking ignoramus.

    • Desi Cortez

      June 15, 2014 at 2:12 pm

      Perhaps . . . but opinions, like yours, are like what? Yes, assholes. So I take it all in stride.

  2. Hector Cortez

    July 10, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Desi, you need to create a white boogie-man in order to justify your failures. It can’t be because you are not that good, it has to be the big bad whitey. I am so sick of people like you shouting, “Whitey” constantly. It makes it very hard for people to get upset when true racism rears it’s ugly head because they have heard false accusation after false accusation. Does racism exist? Of course, but it is not under every rock as you accuse, and it does exist on the other side as well. Why don’t you try to build bridges instead of falsely accusing those that would love to be your friend?

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