Little Black Sambos, Charlie Chan, Slow-Poke Rodriguez, Jezebel and Lord Dan Snyder’s Redskins . . . .

Updated: June 20, 2014

I’ve never in all my entire life referred to a Native American as a Redskin, and I’d venture to say nor has Lord Daniel Snyder, owner of the Redskins . . . Washington  that is, the NFL – America’s game. I’d bet you Danny Boy would admit, if he call’s an American Native a Redskin . . . he’d rightfully get an earful, or get his platinum-filled  teeth knocked-down his throat. Additionally all the narrow-minded, simple-minded frat brothers who defend him –  who attempt to minimize/rationalize and alas defend the small-minded term –  same thing applies to you folks too. You wouldn’t dare say it to a Native’s face.

“Redskins, ” like OJ or Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman, The Redskins  debate is but-another question on the racial litmus test all Americans are forced to grapple with.

What’s interesting here; the question of “Why”  Lord Snyder is making this an combustible, volatile issue? “Why” is it  he’ll  not succumb to decency and 21st century logic. To beg to disagree is one thing, but to dismiss the complaint, as Lord Snyder has done is merely being an . . . asshole.

Well “why;” – because he doesn’t want-to.  Call it a vulgar, audacious super-heavy display of rich White male privilege, or perhaps more aptly phrased – “White Power.”

Ain’t this a bitch?

The term Redskins is insulting, belittling and demeaning to the few millions of American Indians remaining, who’ve survived an assault most-accurately defined as “genocide,”  but the Republican TEA Party card-carrying patriot will insist it was not mass-murder but rather  Manifest Destiny – illustrating he does not give-a-damn. This pompous mentality reflects a widespread mindset for millions upon millions, upon millions of White folks who concur with Lord Snyder.  Recognize this; Snyder is not an oddity or rarity – he’s the norm.

Here’s what I hear coming-out of the coast-to-coast Confederacy  . . . “White America;”

Why can’t we call Blacks “Niggers?”

Why can’t we call Mexicans  “Wetbacks?”

Why can’t we call full-grown  women “Gal,” little lady, sweety-pie, wench, harlot, tramp . . . cunt?

Why can’t we call little filthy rich Jew-boys  “Kikes?”

Why can’t we call you people Asians “Chinks?”

Why can’t we call  you Natives . . . ”Redskins?” What’s after that? Injunes, Red Niggers, Savages?

Translation; Why can’t we go back to “how things were back in the good ol days?”

What, 1953?

Now here’s what I can’t grasp; the apparent complexity of why these Caucasian people refuse to heed the words and wishes of other people? I’m perplexed by their disregard for others, but I expect it – this narcissism appears to be  a WASP Cultural trait.

Is it misplaced arrogance? Is it an honest ignorance of US History – or a calculated rejection of all common facts?  Or is it an insidious indifference . . . . I think the later. Nonetheless, what is it which propels most of White America to willingly, deliberately insult and offend most other people? How is it  Lord Snyder refuses to consider the obvious – Redskins is not a term-of-endearment, its a kick in the crotch.

If it’s OK to call his team the Redskins, then it’s OK for me to call Snyder a  well dressed Redneck . . . .  Why not change his pigskin franchise’s name to Rebels, adopt the Stars n’ bars of the Confederacy – the historical implications are identical.

And here’s the thing . . . all those Conservative (racist/sexist/elitist)  Right-Wing Patriots that tell you it’s “OK” and acceptable to call people whatever the hell they so-desire to call them . . . I’d venture to say they wouldn’t venture into anywhere  Darktown USA,  won’t walk-up to an Indian on a South Dakota or Arizona Reservation and call anyone anything but “sir” – yet they want to call-into AM hate radio stations across the land and call Americans-of-Color and women everything under the sun they so-desire.

Wait, wait, w-a-i-t . . . !

But now when you call White men a “creepy-ass cracker . . .”  these good ol’ boys get their Fruit of the Looms all-in-a-bunch . . . . When White boys are satirized in US pop culture – White men can’t jump, run fast, dance, sing,  make rhythmic love and are endowed with Hobbit like penises . . . whoa, these cats start crying and whining reverse discrimination.

Might I ask this; who sympathizes or pity’s today’s plight of the Conservative White Male . . .?

Nobody on the planet. The national/global animosity and apathy is predictable, no? You reap what you sow. An Empire built by any means necessary . . . gee, golly – it comes with a price my friend.

Call it  consequences and repercussions.

Sit down under my personal palm-tree, now please tell me – is this not an 8th grader’s notion of US History; Here’s a nation, “America” taken, by-force  from the Red and Brown man, an empire in-which the foundation was unquestionably created via-genocide, while the infrastructure was constructed with the blood, sweat n’ tears of chained Black people . . .  over a period of almost 300 years . . . Isn’t that it in a nutshell?!

A “stolen,” “ill-gotten” land, of which its fruits are rationed/denied to those who built it? Placed just out of reach for the “riff-raff” who must navigate a White man-made maze of obstacles placed there by, yes you guessed – White men, insuring only he wins. The noble American Indian, who fought the Imperialist bastards to the bitter end . . . are today relocated to reservations (Ghettos), strategising how to generate revenue/crumbs of the “Great White Father’s” big-ass table . . . operating casinos and drilling for Black gold, Texas Tea . . . and it was once all theirs.

Countless broken treaties and endless promises spoken with a forked-tongue . . . no exaggeration

The  political “Right” of this country (about 65% of all Whites) can easily, effortlessly diminish, defend, vindicate and yes even exonerate all of the thievery and bloodshed – by claiming the savage means their exalted forefathers utilized were legitimized by the “Utopian – City on a hill ” end –  the creation of America. . . for which we’re always reminded by self-titled “real” Americans is a  “White” nation specifically crafted-for ”only” White people.

“The Help” – we Americans-of-Color – are the folks who’re truthfully responsible for the creation of this empire . . . and the vast-majority of us remain “red-lined” as 3rd class semi-citizens.

Well slap my Black-ass and call me Rastus . . or Herman Cain, Ben Carson . . .   if that’s not the ice cold running truth . . .

As for the trademark decision against the Washington Redskins by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, little will come of it for now, but what waits on the horizon . . .  fans boycotting sponsors of the Washington franchise . . . that may bring Lord Snyder to his senses, or his knees.


  1. Michael Ingram

    June 20, 2014 at 6:21 am


  2. mlr

    June 20, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    You didn’t miss a beat except the pejorative name for Jewish people is Kike. “filthy rich jew boy” is still to civilized & polite compared to other inflammatory labels.
    Good article!

  3. Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

    June 21, 2014 at 2:25 am

    after 20 years of fighting Native Americans are finally getting the media view. That same media that knew the name was racist and continued to use it .. in fact one network reporters smiled when they said the word.. We cant call you Niggers so this is the 2nd best thing we can do.
    Some political conservatives are scared of sliding down the PC slope and who will be next… YEA YOU GOT IT as soon as the R-Word is retired we(Native Americans)are going after the Cleveland Indian Mascot Chief Wahoo

  4. Chris

    July 14, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Its funny I wasnt racist against black people until I became aware of the existence and proliferation of websites like this… hotbeds of racism filled with stupid niggers who can’t spell ranting from their keyboards about how racist white people are! The irony and hypocracy is tangible.
    I really dont like black people now that I know how they think. Im starting to understand why some white people look at them like dumb animals.

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