Updated: May 4, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-1. Do you think the Rev.Al is an FBI agent?

No. But, Dennis Rodman is ….Seriously, who else can have a two way ticket to North Korea and sing happy birth day to Kim Jongun.


 2. Why haven’t you did your cartoon this year for Black Athlete Sports Network?

Besides, not getting paid for my valuable service; I think the government has hacked into my computer.


3. Why is Tiger Woods haven’t back problems?

 Too much sex…

4. What is your opinion on the crisis in Ukraine?

Man, I don’t know “NOTHIN” about Ukraine and neither does President Obama.


5. Is Washington better with the addition of DeSean Jackson on the roster?

No. But, they are better with the Shanahan’s off the sideline.

6. Do you like the Reverend Al Sharpton?

Yeah. But, I like the old, fat Rev.Al with the tight jump suit better than the thin Rev.Al on MNBC, reading a teleprompter.


7. What do you think about Warren Buffet?

His money makes Sean “Puffy” Combs’ look poor.

8. Did you watch the NCAA Championship Tournament game between UConn and Kentucky?

Nope. I was in the bathroom, with the door locked, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazine.


9. How did you feel when the Philadelphia 76ers ended their league record tying 26 games losing streak against the Detroit Pistons?

I felt like it was the last day of school when I hugged my kindergarten teacher Ms. Pearson and said goodbye before getting promoted to the first grade.

10. Do you think Justin Beaver should go to jail.

Hell yeah. If Lil Boosie had to go to jail, Justin Beaver needs to get thrown in the slammer.


Eric D.Graham, a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio and Television, with a minor in History, with an emphasis in African-American Studies, is currently the Editor and Chief of Black Athlete Sports Network, where his articles appear daily along with his controversial cartoon character Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Graham can be reached at lbiass34@yahoo

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