Johnny Football; A Negro Lover – Too Black, Not White Enough For Some . . . .

Updated: May 11, 2014

Please permit me to briefly break down the phenomenon that is Johnny “Football”  Manziel the latest and perhaps the most-legitimate Great White Hope in a long-line of  “dopes.” Perhaps commencing with  Blake Bortles, Derrick Carr and  hearkening-back to Matt Linhart, Brandon Weeden, John Beck, Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Charlie Whitehurst and The “Great White Christian Soldier”  – Tim Tebow . . . these projects had a bromance with the White male dominated NFL fan-base, along with the White male dominated sports-press. Both unquestionably playing the role of cheerleaders,  pumping these Golden Boys up, speaking nor writing no evil about Great Nordic alpha males only when forced, when left undefendable statistics and losses.

However Johnny Football finds himself in a unique position . . . he’s “down” with the  Brothers, he’s a  Negro Lover. What’s undeniable – Johnny Football is far-too Black for millions of White sportsfans. His persona is not nearly “White” enough for those sportsfans who in the real world  voted for Mitt Romney or believe it’s highly plausible President Obama is an illegal undercover militant Muslim who hates America and White folks . . . .

Johnny Manziel has, according to Dion “Prime-Time” Sanders “ghetto tendencies,”  i.e., too-much flash/flavor. Too-much “hood”  in him . . . he’s too Black. His walk, talk, look, style, feel n’ flavor . . .  how he plays the gridiron game is far-too-much like Mike Vick and not nearly-enough like Tom Brady. Recall last century when  this nation’s first Black President,  Bill Clinton appeared on Arsenio Hall –  Black Ray-Bans and Sax . . . it infuriated Conservatives he played the Blue-eyed soul singer card.

In understanding who Johnny Football is,  think Bing Cosby, Elvis, Eminem, Tom Jones, Michael Bolton, The Beastie Boys, Justin Timberlake, Vanilla Ice, Justin Bieber.

Did I mention Manziel is Jewish . . . that matters to the KKK, so it must matter to the Republican TEA Party sports-fans also, no?

Let’s be honest; Brady and Peyton Manning are the WASP blueprint for the vast-majority of athletically challenged Great White Hope players, both in the way they play the game on the field and how they conduct themselves in public. You don’t see them running around with Magic Johnson or Drake. . . .

Johnny Football is blatantly defying Donald Sterling’s Book of Unspoken Redneck-Rules pertaining to associating-with and being seen-with Blacks. By doing-so Johnny places himself in a position where certain White folks, who think like Sterling – which is, hear me now, a large, significant slice of the populational pie – they  become alarmed, dismayed and disgusted with the Negro company Johnny keeps. . . . a kid of his stature associating with people considered “Beneath” him. He’s like the rich country club White boy who likes to hang out with the colored boys in the kitchen . . . .

Consider what MLB icon Tommy Lasorda said, a half-century long friend of Mr. Sterling who believes Sterling “just hurt himself by talking too-much . . . ,” i.e., speaking his mind, saying what he feels n’ believes. I’d venture to say most Americans-Of-Color have a very good idea of what most White folks think about Blacks, Latinos . . . you don’t have to “slip” for us to ascertain your true gut feelings. Remember we’ve been around you far-too long to not know you like I know my wife’s beautiful backside . . . and I know that like I know the back of my own hand.

Years ago American culture, i.e., “White culture” would simply brand Johnnie Football a “Nigger lover” – however today within US society such derogatory verbiage is frowned-upon by the Liberal half of the nation who’re “enlightened.”  So racist and sexist folks must watch their forked-tongue in public or mixed company

Nonetheless this society-wide assessment of Manziel as being too-Black begins to, partially at least explain why he was questioned and let sit till the 24th pick.

Manziel is a “Wigger” and with that being noted, the entrenched good ole boy pigskin establishment is turned-off by his flash/bling swag. His slumming with the help. Ownership, team administration, Wall Street marketing executives and TEA-Publican suburban fathers question “who” he rolls with . . . because it’s King James n’ Drake –  not Peyton Manning and Chuck Norris.

It’s almost in the same sphere as Vice President Joe Biden; Rush Limbaugh  and his minions regard Joe Biden as a Nigger-lover, someone ask Rush that, he knows he does. And Rush is a friend to more than a few of the  owners in the NFL country club.

Let’s honestly speculate – many of the league’s owners don’t like Blacks;  they tolerate them in order to gain fame n’ fortune.

To break bread with Obama, Oprah, Russell Wilson . . . they’d rather not.

So  it’s no Gumby-like stretch to conclude they also don’t like wealthy (uppity) Jewish Nigger lovers – but they will pimp n’ exploit him. This kid Manziel has smarts n’ savvy to go with his swag – he’s not economically ignorant, nor is he surrounded by financially illiterate folks – he’ll get his fair share – and good for him. But don’t miscalculate the business relationship – the NFL  will tolerate “Johnny Paycheck” because of the moo-lah he generates, but they don’t like his style.

Let’s recognize  Seattle’s Richard Sherman is right – the NFL’s round-table wouldn’t have booted Donald Sterling. See these aristocrats are really running a plantation/stable,  stocked with bronze Mandingo gladiators – they see themselves in a much more vulgar manner when it comes to power and control.  Look at Dan Snyder he refuses to change the name of his franchise despite the obvious insult it is to the American Indian. Cam Newton was asked to not put a tattoo on his body by his . . . owner and we know why.

Ain’t that a Mofo . . . If that ain’t somethin’ twisted straight out of 1857 . . . .Isn’t is scary to ponder . . . “what if White men had their way again . . .?”

That’s like a horror movie title uh?

Sambos,  Redskins, Jew-boy, China-man, Injuns, Wetbacks, Cunts and Fags . . . these are Redneck White folk’s traditional/historical “terms of endearment” for Americans-of-Color. They’re tossed- around everywhere, from trailer parks in Texas to penthouses in Manhattan. Colored folks had best better recognize that fact.

But wait, there’re layers to their disdain for  Manziel; he plays Quarterback  like a Brother . . . That does not occur very often. Perhaps every Red moon or Blue sun. Think Pistol Pete Maravich . . . with a football in his hands.

Johnny plays like the new 21st century version of  Fran Tarkenton, Rodger the “Dodger” Staubach and Steve Young did,  and that fails to “jive” with the robotic tin-man only standards for the position. The NFL gridiron base doesn’t wish to amplify and promote athletic/mobile (Black) Signal Callers . . . and lets be real here – a Johnny Football, as in a White guy who plays like a poor man’s Mike Vick – only comes around every 10 or 15 years. That just won’t do for Ford, Wranglers and the rest of corporate America which wants to utilize White Gladiators to sell radiators, underwear and Pick-up trucks to White sports-fan/consumers who yearn for Great White Hopes to glorify, emulate n’ imitate.

I refuse to sit here and pretend the distaste for Johnny Football is simply about his fragile frame or reckless game – it’s because he isn’t White enough in a country where the paranoid, insecure semi-hostile to everyone-of color Caucasian slight-majority is struggling, struggling I say,  to win on the cultural battlefield. Johnny Manziel has won the hearts and minds of US sportsfans instead of Philadelphia’s Captain Kirk Cousins. Cousins is the prototype QB for old White men like Mike Shanahan . . .

Think about it; George H. Walker Bush (42) and his . . . lovely, if I dare use that term wife Barbara rolled into Manziel’s pro-day . . . and note the Bush family, i.e., the Blue Blood GOP establishment is at war with the real Rednecks . . . the little White people who comprise the new TEA Party . . .

Football and society . . .  interesting isn’t it?



  1. Michael Headley

    July 29, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Desi, your racism is very disturbing. It is clouding any reason left in your head. Whites could not care less what color a player is. I see the Jerseys of black players outselling white players all the time. I don’t know a single white person that ever even mentions a players color. You are the only one so hateful on any player that is white. You obviously don’t believe whites should play sports, perform music, act, etc… By the way, I see the so-called Tea-Baggers supporting the Jewish people while your Democrats distancing themselves from Israel. Also, why do you need to bring race into this at all? You say Manziel is a Negro lover. Why? Why not simply say Manziel loves people? You need to see color in everything while the majority of the world is only trying to see people. Shame on you for spreading hate!

    • Desi Cortez

      July 30, 2014 at 9:10 am

      Tell me, how did the QB position stay virtually “all White” up until the almost the turn of this century? While the game itself became 75% Black.

      And I’m not going to waste my time explaining White racism is alive n’ well.

      • Michael Headley

        July 31, 2014 at 4:03 pm

        Desi, there are many factors that play into this. One simple explanation is that Black athletes simply did not want to play the quarterback position for many years. They were drawn to positions such as RB, CB, Safety, etc… I know this personally from my days playing football and from a friend who has been a High School coach for over 30 years. He has said that he tried to get many of his quality Black athletes to play QB, but they were not interested until recently.

        I think that players like Randall Cunningham, Doug Williams & the great Warren Moon (Among others) really helped to change this. The NFL is a business. A business built on winning. They look for the best athletes at every position. I and every sports fan I know could not care less if our favorite team did not include a single white player, as long as we win. We do not root for the color of the player, but the colors of our team.

        Is white racism alive? Sadly yes. However, it is much, much less prevalent that you want people to believe. You are like the boy who cried, “Wolf”. People will simply snooze when true racism rears it’s ugly head because of all the false accusations made previously.

        Your constant “White Boogie-Man” rantings do nothing to heal race relations, but instead create Black racism, and that is truly sad.

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