Why Do You Hate Us So Much?

Updated: May 2, 2014

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

The more things change the more they remain the same. Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling does not want Black people to come to the Staples Center to watch his Los Angeles Clippers. Wait a minute! There are nine African American players on the court wearing the red, white, and blue Clippers colors.  Furthermore, Mr. Sterling also has a BROWN girlfriend. Is there is something wrong with this picture?
Question: Is Mr. Sterling talking about his Black players too?

Sterling continues the nasty vitriol of race bating in the United States. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last time the national media will be discussing the issue of race in the United States.  The Mouse, Rat, Rodent, (ESPN) will gain fame from this kind of racial broadcasting the rest of this week.  The foul words roll off of their tongues like water and perpetuate the racial divide in this country. This week ESPN covered their tracks with specials and panels but it is still the same game.

Sterling’s racist beliefs have long been established by his history of discrimination with his housing properties.  He had several law suits filed against him for baring minorities from renting his apartments in Los Angeles. Moreover, his black General Manager, Elgin Baylor, is one of the lowest paid GM’s in the league.  So the NBA knows of this behavior but does nothing.

Sunday afternoon the offended Clipper players turn their warm-up jerseys inside out to hide their team logo. Then they wore black arm bands and socks in protest of Sterling’s comments in game four at Oracle Arena in Oakland California. The Oracle crowd supported the players by displaying posters and signs showing their disgust toward Sterling.

Sunday night the protest movement spread to Portland, Oregon with the Trailblazers hitting the floor wearing black socks in support of the players in Los Angeles as they played the Houston Rockets in game four.
Question: Will this act of civil disobedience make a difference? Forget swift action, will the National Basketball Association take ANY action against Mr. Sterling?

Where are our Black Leaders, AGAIN? Kobe, LeBron, Magic, Shaq, and Charles Barkley have spoken eloquently about it and may have influence over future NBA stars but they have little or no power over the “powers that be.” This has become an owners issue because it is one of their own.

Next Question: How many more owners feel the same way? Does Dan Gilbert ring a bell?untitleduntitleduntitleduntitled

Future Black free agents and college players are watching these events and deciding that they will not be heading to Hollywood and the Staples Center anytime soon. The Lakers are a mess and the Clippers have a racist owner.

Let’s clarify definition of RACIST:  the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Mr. Sterling certainly believes this and this attitude will not end until we get to the roots of American Racism.

The System of White supremacy in the United States continues to thrive. Sterling stated (allegedly) what many white males believe and that’s the problem because these men hold the majority of the positions of economic, social, and political power in the world. That is the mechanism for supremacy.

Question: Are we born racist?
Susan T. Fiske writes:- “While we may be hardwired to harbor prejudices against those who seem different and unfamiliar to us, it’s possible to override our worst impulses and reduce these prejudices”.

 It’s hard work to change perceptions when individuals are not willing to change and people like 80 plus year-old Sterling are not likely to change.

Until we have a national conference on race in the United States with minorities leading this conversation. Mr. Sterling’s words will be just another footnote in American history.

The only way to effectively hurt men like this is in the pocketbook.  We need to take a page out of the Civil Rights play book and boycott Sterling’s businesses.

That may have already begun. Head Coach Doc Rivers stated that he did not know whether he could coach the Los Ang. Clippers under the ownership of Sterling.

20304_dm_130625_nab_marc_stein_clippersLeBron James echoed Doc Rivers saying that he could never play for the Los Ang. Clippers. Remember James played under Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert. Current players are thinking about when their contracts are over what uniform will they be wearing?

CarMax, State Farm Insurance, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Kia Motors America, Red Bull, Yokohama Tires, and Puff Diddy’s water brand AQUAHydrate are distancing themselves from the Los Angeles Clipper organization as of Monday. This is the only way to stop people like Mr. Sterling.

When number 44 entered the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2008 President Obama’s presence in the White House sparked a backlash for some Americans to say what they feel and they have done so.



Singer and songwriter Hank Williams Jr. lost his job on Monday Night Football stating that our 44th President of the United States was like the 1939 leader of Germany. I’m still trying to find out how he came to that conclusion and why nobody questioned him.


For Ted Nugent Black people are not even humans calling the Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” Where have we heard this before? The Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan made this statement in the 1960′s. The Nugent remarks backfired on gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbot who lost to Rick Perry.

The political, social, and economic attacks on New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick for his crime five years ago is still in the minds of white America, dogs are precious. Yet young African Americans like Trayvon Martin, and Oscar Grant die every day and nobody cares. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT EVEN TREATED WITH AS MUCH REGARD AS DOGS!!!!



Race Wars?

It does not get any better because conservative Nevada farmer Clivin Bundy thinks that we should go back to America’s past where Black people were still slaves. Bundy said that African Americans were better off then, than now.

The Reverend Jessie L. Jackson got it right when he said that instead of picking cotton on the farm African Americans are now picking up basketballs on the courts. The NCAA made that clear with their recent stance on changing their policies for undergraduates playing sports in Universities and Colleges.

“JUST PLAY DON’T COMPLAIN” is the NCAA’s mantra.


Mr. Robertson continues this mindset with his rant that the pre-civil rights era was not that bad for African Americans. I guess he forgot the hundreds of African Americans who died hanging from trees, or families and congregations burned out of their homes and churches. He forgot that black men were murdered for just looking at white women, because they happened to be of a darker hue than the ruling majority. Convenient amnesia for Mr. Robertson who was not removed from his A&E network show, Duck Dynasty. After a few months vacation for his rant Robertson returned to the set as a conquering hero.


The National Baseball Association might have a problem, but America has a bigger problem. Beliefs about white supremacy in this country still exist. BUT, they don’t have to have a comfortable existence.

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, should be stripped of his team. This a battle worth fighting!


Edit Note:- Tuesday The National Basketball Association strip Mr. Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers forever

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