The Great White Quarterback; All Contrived And Concocted Dynasties Come To An End

Updated: May 1, 2014

NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson has been ‘the truth”  for the Seattle Seahawks since he was drafted in the third round  of the NFL’s 2012 draft. He’s amassed a  passer rating greater than 100 in each of his first two seasons. He’s led the Seahawks to 28 wins,  playoff victories, and the pigskin operation’s ’ first NFL championship in the history of the franchise. . . .

Since Russell Wilson’s on-field success translated into a Lombardi Trophy in February according to the the NFLPA, the young Seahawks quarterback also “dominates” the top-50 player sales list .. . . Jerseys and t-shirts, player murals, figurines, matted and framed photos, bobbleheads, drinkware, jewelry, electronic device accessories, among others. Wilson is number 1. Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Andy Luck follow behind in sales.

Wilson’s arrival signals the end of fairy tales n’ little White lies, while he is ushering in a new day in the NFL

All “good things” come to an end . . .   even the fake, fabricated, artificial, man-made make-believe monopoly White men crafted the Field General/Signal Caller position into. Gee with less than a decade of the door being forced open half-a-foot for Ebony quarterbacks, the field being somewhat fair – and its undeniable and debatable the QB slot will go the way of RB/CB and WR.

Sorry boys. We all saw how hard you tried to avoid this changing of the guard, or should I say quarterback?

It oould be impossible to get a deathbed confession from anyone . . . but it seems undeniable that the NFL has attempted to shape, craft, manipulate and orchestrate the actual game in a way that devalues the athleticism and mobility the Black gladiator has brought to the gridiron.

Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young were depicted as   freaks of nature and packaged as one in a millions . . . perhaps they are. Might it be we only see a Johnny Football once every quarter-of-century or so? However we see Black QB’s with the same skill-set and tool belt . . . . every year?

We do.

And if the NFL had more Afro-Americans in decision-making positions within the organization, like Clevelands  Roy Farmers – who recognizes Vince Young is a potential pro-bowl quarterback who’s been Blacklisted for questionable reasons. . .  then we’d see the Blackening of the field general position virtually . . . overnight, and lord knows White sportsfans couldn’t take it.

Over the last five years we saw a first – Cam Newton, RGIII and Russell Wilson. Ebony colored Golden Boys being nurtured, supported and encouraged.  But this type of “support” is new. James Harris didn’t get it coming out of Grambling in 1972 and almost to a man neither did any other Black Signal Callers. up to and including Mike Vick when he came in . . . “all right boy go on out there and run around and make some Black magic happen . . . .”

Instead the Black QB was set up to fail, expected to fail. The “hope” was within the organization he’d fail. And the fan sentiment was “ he ought to be switched to running back.”

Warren Moon was barred from the NFL and Tony Dungy, like scores of other Black collegiate Qs was compelled/forced to switch to Defensive Back to accommodate the gutter-low expectations of the league and US society.

Ain’t that a bitch?

But now . . . things are at last changing. The truth can no longer be denied. The last, finale fake bastions of White Male superiority and dominance – the QB slot in football, the Oval Office in the White House, the cockpit of space ship and the bedroom of a Blond haired n’ Blue eyed bombshell have been kicked down . . . a change done come.


White men were/are insecure in their manhood and prefer to rig the games of life to ensure their success and maintain their status as the supposed “Alpha Male.”

I’d contend that wet dream evaporated eons ago, starting with Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens and Joe Louis from the early 20th century on most people knew White men were crafting their own success by excluding Blacks and other people of color from participating in mainstream society – but given the advancements made in equality of opportunity the Great White Man myth has been exposed, end of fairytale.

Lastly; Compare n’ contrast the QB evolution with running backs – there’s been no wall erected to keep Toby Gerhart and Peyton Hillis type guys out . . . there just doesn’t seen to be any Great White Hopes who are great enough . . . isn’t that interesting and telling guys? Had the NFL?NBA and MLB been integrated from the start . . .  guys like Ty Cobb and Bart Starr might not have made the team, let-alone the Hall Of Fame.

Can we talk about that Colin Cowherd, PTI guys or MIke n’ Mike? Can we talk about that harsh reality      . . . no we can’t because White men don’t have the balls to talk about how the ball games were fixed and rigged so only they could compete . win, and get the girl . . . .

This transformation of the Quarterback position is another reason for an asterisk to be placed on all players in the NFL HOF who starred during American segregation. All sports ought make that obvious distinction instead of perpetuating, sustaining a lie, preserving a self serving lie merely to prop yourself up in a competitive world.

It ain’t right and it sends an untrue message to kids of color . . . you weren’t . . . crap. You couldn’t compete until the turn of the last century – you needed to grow, mature and evolve . . . and that’s a goddamn lie. We just needed a fair and equal field to compete on . . . and the WASP power structure deliberately and strategically denied Blacks that.

Nonetheless we endured and persevered and today. like I said a change done come. Little White boys want to grow up to be like RGIII and little White girls want to grow up to marry an RGIII . . . .


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