New England Patriots Top 3 NFL Draft Targets

Updated: May 6, 2014

The NFL draft is coming up this thursday and the New England Patriots have 7 picks for this draft. The Patriots are coming off a terrible showing against the Broncos where they got beat in every phase of the game. In my humble opinion I believe that it is time for the Patriots to start growing apart from the Gronk phase and try to use him as bait. The Patriots are lethal when they play in a two tight end set and have shown that they are unbeatable. So below are the players I believe that the Patriots should select in the 2014 NFL Draft.

1. Jace Amaro



Jace reminds me of a Gronk and thats exactly what the Patriots were missing this year. Jace is coming off a spectacular season with over 100 catches for 1352 yards and 7 TD’s. He is 6″2 and has great height an quickness and this is what the Pats have lacked since losing Gronk/Hernandez to situations. What you get in Jace is a TE that can run as fast as an RB but has the hands of an WE all wrapped in a TE. Bill Belichick can use him in the spread offense and also Tom Brady can target him in the red zone.  Jace has the ability to give you everything that the Patriots get from Gronk and on top of that he is cheaper. They can sign him to a rookie deal and see his potential and  take it from there. Nothing but good things to say about the kid because he has heart,will and hands to make a big splash on a team in need of all thee above. Below is some of Jace Amaro’s highlights

2. Kelcy Quarles


Kelcy is the type of player that can be huge for the Patriots for the now and the future. With Vince Wilfork coming off his season ending injury it will be a good thing to go after some fresh legs that can make an impact in the trenches. Kelcy’s stats didn’t exactly stand out but he was a force to be recked with as teams would run opposite side of him. He can be used in the 4-3 defense perfectly and he also can use his weight and speeds to an advantage. The Patriots lacked a pass rusher last season when Wilfork went down and I believe with Kelcy as a safety net things could look for the better. Kelcy had 9.5 sacks this season for the GameCocks and that type of energy is exactly what the Patriots will need especially with the upcoming season. Below is some highlights of Kelcy


3. Kevin Pierre-Louis

Virginia Tech v Boston College


KPL as I call him was a beast this season and could be a great pick for the Patriots in the later rounds. He had 6 sacks this season and finished with 108 tackles on the year. His energy and his presence on the field is truly needed because the Patriots need some youth and strength in the linebacker core. KPL can actually help out Mayo and the linebacker core especially with losing Spikes this offseason I think he can come right in and actually fill that void. The Patriots need work on defense and with KPL in the 4-3 defense and those blitz schemes with his quickness it could work perfectly. Below are his highlights

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