Delvin Rodriguez and Alcine Fight to a Draw and Keep their Careers Alive

Updated: May 18, 2014


This was a battle between two fighters who tasted the elite status but now are fighting simply to keep their careers going.  Joachim Alcine had been a champion seven years ago but now at 38, he was not the fighter who won those championships.  Delvin Rodriguez has fought for junior Middleweight title against the then undefeated Austin Trout but lost a unanimous decision and in his last fight against Miguel Cotto, he was stopped within in three rounds.  ESPN Ted Atlas viewed this as the end of road bout with the loser probably thinking it is time to say good-bye.

Rodriguez used his jab to control the opening round and within the first minute of the second round, he nailed Alcine with a right hand that forced Alcine to retreat. Later in the round, it was Alcine who connected with a right hand that nailed Rodriguez.  Both men exchanged punches as the bell ranged.

The third round was a close round as neither men dominated even though Rodriguez held a slight advantage, and Alcine moved the fight in close quarters in the fourth round as he attempted to use his physicality to wear down Rodriguez.  The fifth round was a tight round even though the best punches came from Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez appeared to have the upper hands in the sixth round but he never seemed to dominate and Alcine used all his guile to keep the fight close. The seventh and eighth round saw neither fighters capable of pulling the trigger as the various wars they have fought in the past seem to catch up with them.

Rodriguez held the slight advantages over Alcine in the ninth and tenth round as he landed the more accurate punches but he never seem to be able to garner a big advantage.  The judges had it a draw but Delvin Rodriguez was the accurate puncher and deserve the victory even though he didn’t dominate.  Both fighters survived to fight another day and their career ends were postponed.

Shobox had the undefeated Joel Diaz, Jr. facing Tyler Asselstine in a battle of junior lightweight prospects.   Diaz stunned Asselstine with a straight right hand in the opening minute of the first round.  Throughout the rest of the first round and the second round, it was Diaz who had more pop in his punch as he forced Asselstine to retreat.

Diaz spent the third and fourth round walking Asselstine down as he threw big power shots that continuously forced Asseltine backwards.  At the halfway mark of the fight, Diaz had nearly double the punches of Asseltine and it was hard to give Asseltine any rounds.

Diaz simply pressed the action through the sixth and seventh round and each round were like ground hog day, with each round looking like the same as before.   Asselstine lost his mouthpiece in the seventh round for the third time and lost a point deduction from the referee.  Asseltine’s corner told their fighter that he needed a knock out going into the eighth round and in the opening two minutes, Asseltine did little to follow his corner advice but with minute left in the round, an accidental head-butt opened up with a cut over Diaz’s right eye. Asseltine finally hurt Diaz with a straight left with thirty seconds left in the round.  Diaz survived the round and Asseltine came into the ninth round with fierce determination as he rocked Diaz twice in the opening minute and Diaz spent the rest of the round retreating.

Diaz nailed Asseltine with a body shot in the opening minute of the tenth round that hurt Asseltine and Diaz continued to press the action for the rest of the round.  Diaz won an easy decision and went for the ten rounds for the first time.  Diaz took a major step forward as he stayed undefeated.

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