Boxcino Finals!

Updated: May 24, 2014

The Friday of the Memorial Day weekend featured the finals of the ESPN Boxcino championship.  The lightweight bout featured Petr Petrov vs. Fernando Carcamo and the Middleweight saw Brandon Adams challenging Willie Monroe, Jr.

Adams and Monroe were the first fight up. The first round saw Monroe jabbing and kept the distance against the less experienced but harder punching Adams.  This continued throughout the second round until the last thirty seconds of the round when Adams managed briefly to trap Monroe.   Both fighters had fierce exchange to end the round.


The third round saw Brandon Adams get closer to Monroe but he never seem to connect on the big punch while Monroe launched enough combinations to keep Adams off him.  Throughout the fourth and fifth round, Monroe nailed Adams with combinations and maneuver himself out of Adams’ ranch.

Adams connected on a solid right within the minute of the sixth round and for the first time, appeared to have Monroe on the ropes.  He pursued Monroe throughout the round but near the end, Monroe landed a solid combinations to end the round. In the seventh round, Monroe outworked Adams consistently as he landed combinations throughout the round as Adams threw one punch at a time.

Over the final two rounds, Monroe boxed beautifully as he avoided Adams pressure while countering effectively. Adams showed his inexperience as he often failed to jab his way into Monroe chess and this left him open to Monroe jab followed by his straight left.  Monroe won an easy decision and deservedly so.  Most of the fight, Monroe seemed to have just a little bit better than Adams and his boxing skills decided the fight as he often managed to escape Adams pressure.

In the second event, Petrov and Carcamo started the first round slow as neither fighter showed much in the first round.  In the second round, Petrov used movement to maneuver his way to land snapping left jabs followed by hooks and Carcamo looked slow on his feet as he failed to catch Petrov.  Petrov continued to out box Carcamo throughout the third round as he used his jab to set up his left hooks to the ribs while Carcamo simply couldn’t pull the trigger. When Carcamo did throw a punch, he was likely to miss as Petrov moved away and dodge Carcamo punches.

Petrov used brilliant techniques as he nailed Carcamo from a different angles; landing a variety of punches whereas Carcamo threw very few punches and landed even fewer through the fourth and fifth round. The sixth round saw Petrov continuing to dominate and by the end of the round, Carcamo looked weaker as the round progressed.    Petrov nearly stopped the fight near the end of the seventh round as a right hand send Carcamo reeling into the rope and legs weakened.  Carcamo wobbled on his back to the corner and his corner nearly stopped the fight.   Carcamo came out throwing punches at the beginning of the eighth round but this lasted fifteen seconds before the first Petrov right hit him and send him back into the rope.  The referee stopped the fight shortly after as he seen enough.  Petr Petrov won the lightweight boxcino title as he rejuvenated his career with a brilliant performance.


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