The Boston Celtics End Up With The 6th Pick In The 2014 NBA Draft

Updated: May 20, 2014

Celtics Co-Owner Stephen Pagliuca Speaking To Media About The 6th Pick In The NBA Draftt


The Boston Celtics came into tonights Draft Lottery knowing that they are the 5th worst team in the NBA. One magic bounce of a ping pong ball may change the way things were in Boston. So what exactly do the Celtics need for this upcoming draft. It’s plain and simple Celtics need a big man and a nice shooting guard that can come in as a combo guard alongside Rondo. The ping pong balls were drawn and the Celtics got the 6th pick in the NBA Draft  . The Celtics had a 10.30% chance of getting the 1st overall pick in this draft and they were rumored to pick between 5-9. So now what do the Celtics do with the 6th pick and how will they apply it to the team we already have of Rondo,Green,Sully,Bass,Bradley and etc.


The Celtics will be working out NBA prospects before making their selection on June 26th in New York at the Barclay Center. Coming into the NBA Draft Lottery only two teams from 2007-Present have been the 5th worst team and picked in the top 3. The Washington Wizards were 5th worst in 2010 and landed the number 1 pick which was later to be John Wall and Seattle Supersonics who were 5th worst and got the 2nd pick and landed Kevin Durant. The Celtics are happy where they landed on tuesday night and hope to use this pick as a building block which may even lean toward a trading bait too.


Celtics fans will love the 6th pick in the draft but what if you could use this pick to grab the attention of the Timberwolves and Kevin Love. Love to Boston will have to come with more than the 6th pick in the draft. We would have to try to get rid of a maximum contract like Jeff Green or Gerald Wallace. The Celtics are a team that always wants to win now and don’t take a no for an answer.  The Celtics are a team that is not used to being in the Draft Lottery and missing the NBA Playoffs so the organization will have to move fast and quick.


Celtics’ Chances Of Receiving Each Possible Pick by Pick Probability

1. 10.3%

2. 11.1%

3. 12.0%

4. 0%

5. 23.7%

6. 34.2%

7. 8.2%

8. 0.3%


The Boston Celtics will have a crazy offseason and we will have to see who they ask to workout for them in order to get a feel for the player they will select at number 6.  The Celtics have been known to make draft day changes for the better of the organization so we will have to wait and see what they exactly do. Hopefully at number 6 the Celtics could get Dante Exum who I think is one of the top 3 players in this draft off of pure talent.


Below is a highlight tape of Dante Exum









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