Slave Master Donald Sterling aka LA Clippers Owner In Hot Water

Updated: April 26, 2014

It’s 2014 and the NBA is at an all time high for excitement this season especially in the playoffs but Donald Sterling ruined it. When all the attention should be on the NBA Playoffs and the LA Clippers trying to get that first championship it hasn’t. The Clippers owner Donald Sterling got upset with his girlfriend who is Mexican/African American for being seen in public with Magic Johnson and taking posting pictures of the two of them on her social media. In the video below you can hear Donald saying that he doesn’t want African Americans at his games aka the Clippers games. Donald failed to realize that 10 of his 12 man roster are African Americans and 70% of the players in the NBA are African American. This truly pissed me off the fact that he is making it seem like the African Americans inside his organization are just playing or working for him and that they really don’t mean anything to him but $$$$$$. The fact that you can sit here and say that you don’t want African Americans to attend games shows that racism is still alive and well in America. Every Kia or State Farm commercial that you see CP3 or Blake Griffin in represents the NBA and the Clippers. Donald Sterling should have the Clippers organization taken away from him because if it isn’t this could lead to rallies and protests outside the Staples Center in LA.

The Clippers are in a dogfight with the Golden State Warriors and the last thing they need is to get distracted by this foolishness by their dumb owner. The players have a lot of guts to not boycott because if I played for his organization I would not play. Just imagine if the Clippers win the championship they will be winning a title for a man that doesn’t want African Americans in the arena. The players will say that they are playing for the city of LA and the fans but this one is a tough one to swallow.  This is a huge discussion and new commissioner Adam Silver will have his first big decision to make as the man in charge and will address this matter tonight at 8pm on NBA TV. Like I said I’m disgusted with Donald Sterling and I would be highly upset if I was apart of the organization. Its a shame that racism still exists and Donald Sterling should be lynched by the NAACP and I know that they will roast his ass ASAP. Check out what others had to say about the racist there is DONALD STERLING.







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